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Senior Graduation Trip 2014

What did you do after graduating from high school?

A2A I'm still in high school, but I think I can still give good advice. 1. Please seriously consider college. There are plenty of scholarships if you have need. The wage gap between high school and college graduates is ridiculous high. A diploma makes you a ton more money which equals a more secure life.If you don't quite know what you want to do you might think about taking a gap year. Warning! If you take a gap year apply to college now and get accepted then tell the college you would like to take a gap year. Waiting till the next admissions round causes issues. During this gap year get a job. Try and go to work at a higher level than just McDonald's. Since you're free you can take on a full time job. So, you could be a secretary at a law firm, you could be a research assistant, you could work at the newspaper. What I'm saying here is that you should try and get a job where you can learn something!!! 2. Get a job. Follow my advice above and get a job where you will learn something. 3. Go to community college and take classes.4. Apply to travel abroad on a mission tripFinal advice: take control of your life. Don't wait for something to fall in your lap, go what you want. Best of luck.

What year will my son graduate his senior year of high school? He is starting kindergarten this year (2013).?

My son is going into kindergarten August 2013, and I am wondering (providing everything goes smoothly with no being left back a year or some other unforeseen event) what would be his graduating year from high school? I'm not sure of my math, but I think it would be Spring 2026. Am I wrong?

K 2013-2014
1 2014-2015
2 2015-2016
3 2016-2017
4 2017-2018
5 2018-2019
6 2019-2020
7 2020-2021
8 2021-2022
9 2022-2023
10 2023-2024
11 2024-2025
12 2025-2026

I'm in the graduating class of 2015, what year was it when I was in 3rd grade?


05-06 3rd grade
06-07 4th grade
07-08 5th grade
08-09 6th grade
09-10 7th grade
10-11 8th grade
11-12 Freshman
12-13 Sophmore
13-14 Junior
14-15 Senior

P.S. David's the idiot. Don't listen to him. He probably didn't graduate at all, that's why he thinks it was 2008... 8 years ago.

On average in the US, how many seniors graduate high-school every year in comparison to how many open spots there are at four year colleges?

Great question.This took a little bit of research.There are 3.3 to 3.4 million U.S high school graduates per year. 3.47 million is the estimate for the year 2013. [1]The total number of first-time freshmen grew from 2.4 million in 2000 to 3.3 million in 2009, an increase of 37%. The number fell to a little over 3 million in 2012, almost 7% fewer freshmen than in 2009.[2] This is counting two and four-year universities, which isn’t exactly the number you are looking for.The percentage of students enrolling in college in the fall immediately following high school completion was 68.4 percent in 2014.[3]Another interesting, probably relevant statistic: Of students who begin college directly after high school, only 58.6% of them finished their college degrees after six years of time.[4] Because this study takes time, the statistic above is based on the Freshman College class of 2009, of whom 58.6% had obtained college degrees by 2015, and 41.4% had not yet done so.Hope these tidbits help you to answer your question.Footnotes[1] High school graduates to drop in number and be increasingly diverse[2] STEM Education Data and Trends[3] Fast Facts[4] Just Over Half of All College Students Actually Graduate, Report Finds

What year would you graduate if you were born in 1995?

If you were born towards the beginning of 1995, like I was (I was born in May), then you would be in the ninth grade and graduating in 2013.

But, if you were born in late 1995, then yes, you would graduate in 2014 and be in the eighth grade.

If I was born in 1996 then what year do I graduate high school?

Graduating from high school isn't determined by your age. It is determined by when you meet the requirements for high school graduation. You can determine if that is sooner or later or at the same time as your classmates.

My graduation date is 2014 in public school but my flvs says 2015?

FLVS is a public school. It is not legally homeschooling. That is something different.

My guess is that FLVS took a look at your school records and realized there is no way you can complete Florida's high school graduation requirements before 2015. Here are the requirements:

have luck.

What age did you graduate from High School?

I graduated at age 14 I was turning 15 on August 30th. I'm from the uk.

If you are in the 9th grade, what year would you graduate from high school?

Ohh a math problemCurrent grade = 9Grade to graduate = 12Current year+ Grade to graduate - Current grade+ (if current month is July thru December add 1)(because you graduate in June which may not be the current month)so 12–9 = 3 (grade to graduate - current grade)You need to add 3 years to the current year.Plus 1 because it’s the first half of the school year.So we need to and 4 to the current year2018+4 = 2022So June of 2022 (and not just 2021).

How can I travel around the world after I graduate from high school?

I am a high school graduate who is taking a gap year now. I would have to say most of my funding for travel comes from my parents (we're not rich, but we have enough - and I determine to pay it back later). But I believe there is a bunch of things you can do to make a small budget before travelling. List all the things you can do and start researching for jobs. Even online jobs, like Try to develop your specific skills to a certain extent. For me I probably regret that I didn't focus on developing things that I'm good at earlier.Research your destination(s). For me the key word was "low cost volunteer in Africa". You may want to check out Couchsurfing, people from all over the world would offer you a place in their house in exchange for some certain labor, sometimes nothing at all. You just need to do research.You may want to start alone, or search for a travelmate. I did it alone, because you would meet great people on the way anyway. But if you're interested you can check out travelmate.comDo not assume that if you want to go somewhere you have to think about "flight". A bunch of other exciting transportation out there. Train,bus, horse, cargo ship  (exciting but a little expensive though - I'm thinking about finding some that offer a place in exchange for labor),... There are trains from countries to countries in Europe. There are some in Africa. Also many in Asia. The longest train in the world I think is from Beijing to Moscow. Check out some articles about trains on the internet.Save. Save. Save. You can continue do some online jobs during your travel, or find some jobs along the way - which I haven't had any experience so I wouldn't suggest anything.So, briefly, yes your dream is realistic enough. You just need to do research. A lot.