Serious Dream Interpreters Only I Had A Dream That A 9 Year Old Girl Was Hit By A Train On Some

What does it mean to dream a dead person is dying again?

I assume you are saying that someone who has already physically died has appeared in your dreams and, in the dream, they died. Is that right?Without other details that may affect the interpretation, the first response would be to say that this means the dead person’s influence over you is fading, you have moved on.If, for example, the person dying in the dream was your already deceased father, then until this dream, you were still “the child” but such a dream indicates you are now ‘grown up” and independent, your own person living by your own values and not merely those you ‘received” .The same may apply to a dead friend or anyone and what they represent in your life. They are past and gone physically, but now they no longer inform you (psychologically) or your character. The qualities or activities that were the basis of your relationship with them that affected who you were are now past for you. You, now, are real and vital, independently validated.

I dreamed that my 1.5-year-old son died. What does it mean?

I used to dream quite frequently that my youngest son did not live to adulthood. Sometimes he died as a young child and in one dream my brother in law accidentally ran over him and he died. But mostly it was about him not living to adulthood because of some disease or something. I would sometimes become so overwhelmed with sadness that when I woke up the sadness was so intense. These dreams started when he was about 6 or 7 and stopped when he was about 10. I don't know why I dreamt this so often and I don't know why you dreamed about your son dying. But I will say this, my son is now 39 years old and very healthy. As upsetting as these dreams are, the fact is, they're only dreams and sad as they are don't have any meaning. Don't worry about it.

What does a dream about losing a child mean?

You don't give the complete dream nor do you give the genders of the dream figures. The complete dream is always necessary to get a more complete answer.Because you didn't give the complete dream I can only give a broad general answer.A child in a dream especially a young child (giving the age of the child is important) is generally symbolic of a new potential. In addition a child is open to life. They represent spontaneity, joy, fun, for they are open to life. A child has not yet been educated out of being receptive to new experiences. A child has not yet been educated with how one is supposed to behave and what to believe.Therefore, in a dream to lose a child is to lose what the child represents. To lose what the child represents can be related to living life in a less than open way even living life in a more ridged dogmatic way.It's in your best interest to reflect on how you are living your life. To live life perhaps in a more ridged or dogmatic way can lead to missing other opportunities including missing other ways of being and living.Best wishes.

Dream about setting dolls on fire?

The piano is also interesting. Do you play? Do you like playing? Does your family or someone special have a piano?

What do you think about how you treated the boys in the past? Were you abrupt with them and dumped them suddenly? Did you try to "put them on a shelf" and play with them when you felt like it?

Not knowing the above clues, here are my thoughts on your dream.

The piano is an old source of fun and merriment, but is not never played anymore, and just sits around and does nothing.

The dolls don't get played with anymore either, and don't want you to just forget about them like the boys you have forgotten about and "quit playing with".

Frightened of this kind of insight, you want to shut these dolls up from talking about you like that, but, there is power in their words that slows you down.

Finally you start burning them, and the fire nearly gets out of control, probably attracting attention (to yourself).

Again, just my take on what the dream may mean. Hope you find some of this helpful! :-)

Do soldiers get scared when they fight in a war? Please tell me the truth?

Please i dont want to hear no bravado, patriotic nonsense or bull.

Just the truth please. Do soldiers get scared when they go into battle?

when all them bullets and flak and bombs are flying around them everywhere?

I mean i dont have no experience of war, i only played this new Call of Duty game from the comfort of my room, i could restart whenever, pause the game and sip some coffee etc...

But in real life you dont get a chance to restart a level do you?

I mean only one bullet out of no where or a hidden bomb can end your life or worse still maim you forever? (have you seen the men coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan? Young boys 18, 19 yrs old crippled forever, legs blown away, disfigured)

Dont soldiers get scared? How do they do it? Also how do soldiers have the stomach to get up and close to a man and knife or rifle butt him? Does that really happen in war?

Playing this game I mean i would NEVER GO TO A WAR, because i think i would just get way too scared. If the enemy came i would just ride out the storm or flee.

The Vietcong i hear used to put POW's in Pig sludge and in case raped men, tortured and humiliated them. The same with the Taliban and Saddams army they would severely beat the soldiers and insert things inside them (EVIL S.O.B's)

So how do soldiers train and become a monster capable of bayoneting and impaling an enemy at the end of their rifle without flinching or getting scared?

What does it mean to dream of holding a baby and accidentally dropping it several times?

A baby in the dream represents someone vulnerable and for whom the dreamer is responsible. It could be a child, parents or grandparents. Or perhaps a patient or a client for whom the dreamer is caring.Accidentally dropping the baby then stands for falling short of carrying out that responsibility, though unintentionally. Perhaps it is a feeling of residual guilt, regret or remorse about something that has already happened. Or it could be caused by the dreamer being anxious, apprehensive or fearful of something terrible thar might happen to someone for whom he/she is responsible.

What does it mean to dream about a guy you've never met?

There are so many analyses and meanings in dreams for all kinds of reasons, I will focus on two:The mental/emotional or psychological aspect that we experience in our day to day lives, which is projected in our dreams because, as humans, we were not able to process it with our conscious ability.The spiritual side, where our souls do wander about when our body (the vessel) is on safe mode. Sometimes the spirit is still awake but the body cannot keep up with it - hence why when we hold on to something (tissue/paper) for too long, our hand will release it involuntarily without our knowledge.Seeing a guy in your dream could be that:You see a lot of people in your daily life, so your eyes might have swiftly looked at someone -even if it was for a matter for 20 milliseconds- your subconscious has the power to record every little detail, which it then releases when the conscious is not active. Therefore, it could actually be that you actually met that person but he completely slipped from your memory.You meet a lot of people, with all sorts of characteristics and personality traits that you may hate or like. You probably felt lonely at one point and wished to have a buddy or brother-like friend, and therefore you idealised that personality and appearance, which appeared in your dream.Finally, if your soul has actually wandered around and actually met that person in a real dimension since that person’s soul has also travelled and met you.In the end, you can only decipher which one fits closely with your dream, if you understand your inner self at a deeper level.

I had a dream that my crush married someone else?

In my dream last night The guy i like and i can't seem to get over was marrying a thin ginger girl and i recognised her but i didn't know her and for some reason it was in the papers and there was alot of buzz about it .
In real life He previously was going out with a girl who was not the most attractive and she was ginger and i was thinking why would he go out with all these girls who are just not in his league . I know its mean but i just can't get over him and i really want to just move on with my life .
but whats worrying me is if i dreamt about him he must have been thinking about marrying that girl in my dream !!!
i tell myself i don't care but i do i don't want to care but part of me does i just want this to STOP !!

what does this dream mean i just remember the key parts of this dream

ginger girl , skinny and tall , she was 18 he was going to marry her and a big deal was made out of him marrying her because she was 18 and he is in his late 20's , he was in a tuxedo talking his other friends in a tuxedo , london , papparazzi , train station , bus stop !!!

Im alot younger than him btw by like 9 years and im not 18 yet
i just can't GET OVER THIS
i have never been more obsessd with a guy in my life MAKE IT STOP!

what does this all mean ??

Falling dreams: If you don't wake up before you hit the ground will you actually die?

That is a myth. If it was true how would anybody know what they dreamed? A dead person can't tell you. You can actually train yourself to participate and change the imagery or outcome of your dream. This is known as Lucid Dreaming. It can be a benefit in solving problems. Anyway with this technique you can hit the ground, get on your feet, and do it all over again!

I've recently dreamed about rabbits, snakes and ducks. What does it mean?

In one dream a red rat snake was wrapped around 2 baby ducks and about to swallow them. I beat the snake and got the baby ducks and "straightened" them out (he had crushed them) and the ducks were okay. And in my other dream I was sitting outside near some woods and I had a soft brown rabbit in my lap. I could feel her fur and see how her coat was lighter colored on the bottom of her feet and belly. The dreams were very vivid and every detail of the animals was perfect. Me and my fiancé are trying to conceive an I start a fertility drug in 2 weeks. I thought that maybe I'm just having vivid dreams because of that? Anyone know what these animals represent in dream lore?