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Should I Ask My Sugar Daddy To Work At His Business

How can i get a gay sugar daddy?

I really want to study English in the USA, but it is very expensive to me right, I friend of mine told me about being a sugar baby, I’ve thinking about and I want, in order to see my dream come true. So do you know about any single sugar daddy? How can I get one?

What should you ask when dating a sugar daddy?

Ask about his likes and dislikes. Avoid questions about his family or business! Ask questions about what makes him happy, ask about his sexual desires (without committing yourself). Ask about his childhood and his college experiences. Just generic conversation basically.

How much a month should I ask for from my Sugar Daddy?

Depends on how hot you are. Put an ad on Craig's list with a pic and see what the fair market value is in your area.

Sugar daddy scam?

Hi im a new sugar baby and im really worried right now. I was told that i was going to be getting an allowance of $400 weekly and that he needed my bank info for him to deposit the money. He needed my card number, login pw and username for the banking app and routing number. I gave it to him thinking it was okay. He told me the funds he was giving me was also going to have some of his own money added which wasnt for me and that i needed to give a portion of it back to him with itunes giftcards?? how does that even work. He ended up putting in $2k in my card. Im worried somethings going to happen? Is this normal? I asked for paypal and he said no so thats why we did the online transaction. What do i do with him?? and what do i do with the money??..

Is it legal to be a sugar daddy?

I met an extremely hot and fun 20yr old on line who wants to meet so I can buy her stuff..then we'll get frisky. I know she might be playing me - but I also wonder if she could be a cop? Is being a sugar daddy illegal, do cops look for it on the Internet?

Can I deposit my sugar daddy gift money?

This is either a straight gift or income. There are tax implications for both of you. The government will know about it if you deposit that much monthly. If he is really that rich then he should have someone who knows the best method to handle this.