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Should I Be Friends With Them Anymore

How do I tell a friend I don't like her anymore?

You must know in your mind the real reason why you don't like her. Is it because she msy have changed? Or maybe you have changed in your sensibilities. Something else to keep in mind is she might be going through personal situations affecting personality or her behaviour towards others.I'd be hesitant to directly tell her "I don't like you", but would talk the about about her is causing your distaste. Theres no need to make a blunt decision where you could later regret losing a good friend. Then subtlety go your own way, spend less time around her if you can't resolve your bad feelings.

This girl says we can't be friends anymore?

Hmm I can relate to your story completely, but in my case she moved on with a boyfriend. The thing is once you confessed to her, most probably the girl starts thinking where did I go wrong for making him feel like that. Girls are pretty complicated about these things. They care for you and treat you so nicely that you do end up with feelings for her.

In my case, the girl gave me 'I miss you' messages and I thought she was liking me. When asked, she said she was just being nice. When I confessed to her, she said she doesn't like me like that. I didn't contact her for a while and I tried to get myself back together. Its difficult and it hurts, because we had ended things with a fight and said mean things to each other. She was angry at me a lot. I cried alone for destroying our friendship. I was hurt but she did not know or acted like that and continued giving me the cold treatment.

I apologized several times and with that I lost my pride. Every time a part of my self-respect was getting destroyed. She said she can't help me remove my guilt. After a while, I told her "Why are you being so cruel to me? All I can do is apologize and I have even asked you being friends with me but if still remain angry at me for my confession against all good times we had, I am done." That day she did not respond but I felt bad saying that to her. Next day I texted her "Sorry. What I said yesterday was a bit too harsh.I just having mood swings and sorry for hurting you. Goodbye and take care :)". After a while, she apologized and finally agreed to be friends. But now I don't feel like even being next to her and haven't contacted her.

Take my advice and back-off unless you want to hurt yourself the way I have. Its bad I know. Its tough. She is trying to distance herself from you to ensure you don't like her that way and she doesn't want to be friends with you because she is doubtful that you have gotten over her. She is doing this to ensure that you too move on. Thats the way she is showing her caring nature for you.

If she even agrees to be friends with you, things would never be the same way. They NEVER will because she would be alert and not let you get to comfort-zone.

I don't want/need friends anymore?

so I'll try to make this short. I've never really had a lot of friends, just a few close ones. as I got older and into HS I started losing them, then it was down to 1. we were friends for a couple years, we recently started slipping. nothing major happened, no argument or anything. we just sort of stopped talking. I started to realize stuff after we stopped talking. she wasn't the greatest friend to have. I'm not gonna get into that. but yeah. anyways, while we were friends there were times that I just wanted to be alone. for some reason this always happens, I just want to be alone. I'm not sad, mad, etc.. I'd just rather be alone.
Recently, I started feeling like I just don't need any friends. I think it started after I left public school to go to independent studies. I just don't want any friends. well, friends would be nice I guess but I just feel like I don't NEED them. especially not the ones I had before. if anything I want to meet new people that are actually into what I like(acting, modeling, making youtube videos, not partying every weekend, etc.) is there a reason I'm like this? Does anyone else feel like this?
No rude answers please ...

How do I tell a guy over a text that we can’t be friends anymore?

I have just done that few days back. I got irritated by my ex-friend nagging me on Whatsapp all the time and also manipulating me sometimes, so to get out of this.. I stopped answering him and ignored in the way he would notice then after a day I just told him “My problem is that I don’t like feeling obligated to answer you every time. The closeness you expect from me, I am not comfortable with it. I have not been brought up like that and I need my space and freedom of not being obligated to anybody.” And after a while I msged “sorry”. And guess what it worked!..we still meet at some groupings and greet eachother but we aren't close anymore..we don't chat anymore!

How do I tell my friend we can't be friends anymore?

Coming from someone who is currently a teenager, and who has most definitely gone through my fair share of "best friends," I know what you're going through. What it's important for you to realize, is that the label "best friend" means NOTHING. Right now you are considering throwing away a perfectly good friendship because you don't think your friend fits into your idea of a "best friend" anymore. From my experience, life gets much much happier when you let go of this ridiculous social construct. Who cares how your friendship is defined? Stop defining friends as "best friends" and just be friends. Do you enjoy hanging out with her? Is she good company? Does she support you when you need her? If so, then don't tell her you can't be friends anymore. Just do whatever you enjoy - if you enjoy being her friend, then be her friend! If you meet someone new and you like hanging out with them, then hang out with them! Focus and doing what makes you happy, and don't let the idea of a "best friend" hold you back from making new friends.However, if you still want to tell her that you can't be her friend anymore, i'd suggest you just let your friendship slowly fade. It's not really necessary for you to go up to her and blatantly say that you do not wish to be her best friend anymore - eventually you guys will just drift farther apart.

How can i tell him that i can't be friends with him anymore ?

Hi hon. Just tell him exactly what you said in your post. You can say:

"Listen "X", I need to express how I feel about our relationship. I know we've decided to maintain a friendship though we are not dating anymore. And at first I was okay with it, because I value you and the friendship that we have. However, it has reached a point where I need to step back. Not because I don't want to continue being friends, but because I realized that I never allowed myself to heal from our breakup. And I know if this continues it can get messy especially if you decide to start seeing someone else or vice versa. I value what we have too much to have it destroyed because we didn't give each other our necessary space. Im not saying that I wont ever talk to you, but I need to limit the amount of time we interact with each other for right now. Though it doesn't appear so, what we are doing is unhealthy for our friendship. I want us to be able to have a good relationship down the road. Understand that I'm doing this to save what we have. I'm sorry if this confuses you, as it confuses me as well. But I feel strongly that this is something I need to do. And I sincerely ask that you respect my decision."

Or something along those lines. Good luck.

How do you know if you don't want to be friends with someone anymore?

Deciding that you don’t want to be friends with someone anymore can be surprisingly hard. Issues like loyalty and history (she knew your mother, who is no longer alive, and remembers things that no one else in your life remembers) can make it difficult to end a friendship with someone who has been in your life for a long time, but who has gone in a very different direction than you have (like, for instance, you have really different political beliefs!). Also, sometimes your wish to end a friendship has something to do with a thorny difficulty that has arisen between the two of you, something you really don’t want to deal with, so it’s just easier to let the friendship die.In general, I think that talking about things, even hard things, is really useful, so you might try to see if you can talk out what’s bothering you with your friend. Even if it’s a political disagreement, it can be useful to try to sort out with her or him how you might handle your differences. something like, “Can we be friends and just agree that this is an area where we’re really different?” can sometimes be enough to moving forward. And sometimes, it can be the path to ending the friendship — as when one of you decides you really can’t tolerate the fact that the other believes something that seems wrong to you.But sometimes talking doesn’t work, or it’s not the right moment for it. In that case, it’s often helpful just to slow down a little and let time take a hand in the decision-making. Maybe you don’t see one another so often, or talk so often. Maybe that’s okay for right now. You can explain it that you’re busy with other things, but ultimately, if the friend asks why you’re so distant, you might have to explain. Try to think about what you would say. I have a whole chapter on this subject in my book on women’s friendships, but here are a couple of examples: “I’m just feeling like we’re going in different directions” or “I feel like you’re not interested in what I have to say anymore.” The goal, whether you talk or not, is not to hurt the other person, but to find a way to talk enough to figure out whether or not you want to stay in the relationship. But sometimes you can figure it out without talking. And that’s okay too.

How do i tell my friend that i dont think we should be friends anymore?

Plan out tactically what's best for both of you. If you are certain you can't be friends with her anymore kindly tell her where you stand, just don't do it in a way that leaves her with one more reason to think she's better than you. Do it in a way that you know is right, kind, and appropriate. It may take time for you to know just how to do go ahead and take what ever time you need.
On the other hand, maybe what she really needs from you is to remain distant friends so that you can remain a good influence on her, even if that influence is her you care by doing what's right either way.
Best wishes....Scott