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Should I Be Honest To My Mommy

How honest should I be to my mom about my depression?

In my humble opinion, you may, but only if you also tell her you want to start psychological/psychiatric treatment.It’s not that people with mental illness are a burden. It’s just that those around them sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vehement expression of their symptoms. A plan for treatment will give her some hope.Surely some people will be against my opinion, but, if you don’t intend to be treated, you shouldn’t tell her, or you could tell her without going into details, so that any future events don’t catch her “off guard”. If you don’t want to be treated, it would be something like saying “Lately I’ve been vomiting blood, but I don’t want to go to the doctor, I’m fine.”Having said that, you must be treated. Your symptoms are serious. If you’re a minor, probably the only way to get treatment is with your parent’s permission. If you want to get better, they won’t oppose.Greetings.

I wrote a hurtful - but HONEST - letter to my Mom. should i send it?

I think you should take out the mean parts but still send the honest parts. Your mom needs to know how you feel and in the end it could save your relationship with her.

My mom just found a condom in my wallet :( can i get her to beleive its not mine????!!?

She is a typical brown parent and is very strict on waiting to have sex until marriage...if she continues to beleive im sexually active then my life is pretty much over. I denied the whole thing and said I found the do i convince her to beleive me?? does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone been in a similar situation?

Should I be honest with my husband about how terrible my mother-in-law's cooking is? He grew up with it and I don't know if it will offend him.

You know, taste could be acquired with habits. Liking or disliking certain foods remains personal, even within the same family. Now, your personal taste finds your mother-in-law’s cooking terrible. That doesn’t mean it is to them and to others.The questions you ought to ask yourself are: What would be my purpose in sharing that offensive thought with my husband? What do I gain honestly in hurting his feelings and his mom’s? Because see, that won’t make your life better, nor your marriage neither her cooking preference and style. Would it? So why saying it?My mother-in-law was what you call a terrible cook, and she insisted to cook for us with every visit and insisted we all eat. Not my best meal moments. I never liked her cuisine and I always ate respectfully, not only because of her and the efforts she put in cooking for us but because it is Food; a precious blessing too many lacks in the world whether tasty or not, whether edible or not.I never mentioned to her son my dislike of her mother’s food. I didn’t need to. He always knew the difference obviously, and always loved mine too much. With the years, he started making jokes about her cooking. We always kept it light.And no one ever got hurt or offended about it, and everybody was happy in that regards.

Withdrawing money without my mom knowing?

basically I want to order something off Amazon without my mom knowing about it. I plan on buying a gift card to do it since I'm only 17 and don't have my own credit card, but I need excuse to withdraw cash from bank account to buy it with. I have a job and I have the money, but my mom and I have a connected bank account. are there any suggestions as to what I can tell her I need the money for?

How can I convince my mom to let me shave?

I'm 13 years old and my mom still hasn't let me shave. Since 6th grade girls have been shaving. My mom allows me to nair my legs and wax, but I grow hair back really fast nad I can't nair or wax everyday. I feel very insecure and I hate going to gym class because I have to wear shorts. Summer is soon and I want to convince her before spring ends. Any tips?

My mom found out that i ditched school twice like just now what do i do ?

for the person who told me that i need to learn how to spell , well excuse me but i am like shaking and writing u instead of you and plz instead of please just means that i don't feel like writing the entire word . and i felt bad the entire time not just when my mom found out i felt so bad before then and right now. ifyouaren't goingto help then plz don't answerjust to get 2points normally i would not care but i am realy very upset right now and u have no idea what is going on in my life rightnow ok .: (