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Should I Change My Odd Names

Is my name ugly? Should I change it?

I don't like my name and I'm thinking about changing it someday. I'm wondering about other people's opinions on my name, do you like it? Please be honest =]
I'm a girl and my name is "Kinga."

Is my name ugly? Stupid? Should I change it?

no i like it my name is lydia its different but people love my name because of it

Do you ever wish to change your name? Why or why not?

Personally, I won't change my name because It was given by my parents and it has beautiful meaning. I realized when I grew up my name represents myself and my personality a lot.It belives that name is wishes of the parents. So, it's so important for parents to give good names to their babies.However, not all people happy with their names, and I know some people who have changed their names due to some reasons, like they think that their names are chessy and not cool for them, or they used to get sick easily and according to the local beliefs, they had to change their names because they thought the name bring illness for them.But I know a guy who has inspired many of his juniors in his high school through his story about changing his name.His real name is “Natim”, and he was my senior in high school. He doesn't have family name and middle name neither, he only has 1 given name “Natim”, and this name is way too old fashioned at all, it doesn't sound cool and sounds like he is completely a villager man and lives in rural area.All of his friends in the city mocked his given name, and always made it as a material of their jokes. Some of his friends even suggested him to change his name. He was embarrassed and yes, he wanted to change his name so badly.He was looking for some edgy new names for himself. He was thinking to change his name to be “Martin” or something like that. And one day he asked his parents why they named him “Natim”.His parents only said to him that when he was born, all of the family wished that he would be a great man and make his family proud in the future.He was in dilemma about changing his name to make it sounds cooler so his friends could stop making joke of him or sticking with his birth name.Finally, after thinking it so many times, he decided to change his name became“Natim Forever”Which means, he is proud to be “Natim” and he will never ever change his (“Natim”) name forever!And actually it works! his name became cooler than before, because he put English word “forever” on his name and it sounds like quirky-western name. Even It makes everybody ask him about his “Forever” name.Since then, all of his friends and juniors call him “Natim Forever”.

Should I change my name to Lemon?

Gwynneth Paltrow (Apple Blythe Alison Martin) and Bob Geldof (Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof) aside, English-speaking parents do not normally name their children after fruit. Thirteen years later, Apple is still mentioned as an example of how celebrities give their children ���weird” names. If you choose to change your name to Lemon, you will be escaping the unwanted associations of your current name by adopting a new name that may lead to some less than desirable assumptions.Having said that, I have known a few people with Lemon as a last name. Also there are a few famous Lemons. There's baseball hall of famer, Bob Lemon, Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon, and actor Jack Lemmon. So although Lemon might seem odd to most as a first name, it's not unheard of as a last name. It could also work as a middle name, or a nickname. But I'd be leery of using it as a first name.

Is it weird to want to change your first name?

lol I have a friend called Jessica :)
I want to change my name aswell. Not becuase it's common though as my name is not that popular but becuase i think its boring. If i am gonna change my name i would do it after i leave school becuase when you go to college or uni and stuff no one there will know what your previous name was. (most people anyway.) Also, maybe you dont have to legally change your name yet, you could just start calling yourself a different name and saying thats your name when you meet people. and legally change your name later on. also be sure that you REALLY do like the name you choose becuase sometimes when you like a name you start to hate it after a while, cause LOL theres no turining back once you've told someone your name. imagine that...when you meet ur like "hey im betty and then like a month later ur like "Hey my names mary" (those where just example names btw not suggestions haha :D )
So yeah, i think you should think hard becuase a name is with you for the rest of your life. It may just be easier to accept the name u were born with lol xx

Should I change my name if it isn't easy to pronounce?

If that’s your only reason for changing it? Nah.My first name is unusual. I know it’s my turn whenever I’m in any sort of waiting room because there’s the pause, the squint at the paper, and then the Good Attempt. If it’s close enough that it’s obviously me (and usually with surname attached), I’ll just say ‘Yep’ and head over. If it’s uncertain, I’ll ask if they meant me, spelling my name for them. I don’t make people feel bad for not getting it right, it may well be the first time they ever saw it. ‘Hippie parents,’ I say. ‘It was the Sixties. Could have been a lot worse.’ There’s usually a smile back, and the next time that person sees me, they remember how to say my name and that we had a laugh together.I’ve had literally thousands of conversations about my name over the years. Instead of ‘odd weather we’re having’, I get ‘gosh, that’s the first time I’ve seen that name’. It fills the same conversational niche, but it gives me a chance to talk to that person about their name, and how they got it, and very soon we know bits about each other’s families and we’ve told a few jokes, and there is a basis for connection.Now, if your name is one that has terrible connotations, it’s up to you. I genuinely can’t tell you what I would have done if I’d been a boy in the 1940s and my name had been Adolf. Half of me would have wanted to work for a Nobel Peace Prize and the other half would have been ‘Andre. Andre sounds great!’But if it’s just a name that people aren’t familiar with, then I say hold onto it unless it makes you miserable in other ways. Anyone who refuses to make an effort to pronounce an unusual name is probably not a very interesting person (those who simply can’t get it right after a sincere effort are OK, some people are the equivalent of tone deaf when it comes to pronunciation). For the most part, it will give you a chance to make stronger and better connections with other people, and you’ll hold onto a part of your identity that may end up being very important to you.

My names jennifer, i want to change it to Nifer. ?

No. It sounds horrible. Sorry.

Your name doesn't define you. You can be an individualist in other ways. And by changing it you are actually joining another trend which is the trend to strive to have an unusual name.

If you feel you must change it how about Jenna? Jane? Jade? Or do you have a cute middle name?

Nifer sounds like "knifer" aka a murderer. Plus nobody would no how to spell or pronounce it.

Would it be weird to legally change my name because it has religious meaning and I am not religious whatsoever?

If you were born after the known prophets have arrived (Jesus, Mohammad, among others), in so-called post-Christian time, then your name has some religious connotation.I personally draw a line at the name Dolores, which means "sorrow" (Meaning, origin and history of the name Dolores). You could have some other limits.So, what to do with the name that has a highly religious connotation/meaning, all the while not representing you at all? Well, you have two paths: either ignore it and live your life, or blame your parents (mother mostly) for being overly religious.If you are an adult, then you can legally change your name to something more suitable.The funny thing with names is that they are permanent, so if tomorrow - and you simply never know what tomorrow would bring - you become that religious person, and you would like to have that earlier name back, it's another name changing process for you.I am on your side, and I do believe that the name is something of a calling card that tells others of your arrival, so you do make a statement with it. Yet, the wording of your question makes me believe that you are not ready for this change. Here's why:if you are an adult (of legal age), and you feel very strongly about the name change, you would have done it alreadyif you were serious about the name change, you would have asked instead what name to pick or how to narrow down the name searchand adding "weird" to a life-changing name adjustment brings it all to the level of a 12-year-old. You are basically seeking validation from others, which means you are not an independent and self-driven person, so you are susceptible to opinions of those who are not required to be on your side. Yes, think about that possibility.If or when you are serious, you will know what to do; until then, you are under the care of your parents and they are unlikely to approve that name change given that you have no valid reason for it.

I Hate My Name!?!?

Is it normal to hate your name as much as I do? I want to change it so bad but I feel like my parents would get upset because they like how creative it was. My name is Prentiss. Everyone says I look like a Sarah, and that Prentiss is not a name they have ever heard before. Prentiss came from my parents brains (and possibly stupidity). I am one of nine kids, (the sixth child) and my siblings all have normal names like Chase, Ryan, Katie, Kylie, Peter, Olivia, Zachary, and Nicole. Then there's me. Prentiss. My mom and dad were going to name me Alyssa, but my mom and dad saw this idea online to name their kid the first thing they saw, and my mom liked it a lot. My dad was more unsure of the idea, but he went with it to make my mom happy I guess. I think he just didn't want my name to be "hospital bed" or something crazy like that. When I was born, the TV was on, and my m om looked up and saw the show Celebrity Apprentice was on. They didn't want to name me Apprentice, but they just shortened it, to Prentiss. Then they had the rest of my siblings and they all have normal names, so I kinda feel like I was a failed experiment for names. I HATE at school when people call me Princess or Prensylvania or anything like that. It's so annoying when teachers read role call too. I literally want to change my name so bad, but I'm not old enough yet and by the time I am, people will already have known me as Prentiss my whole life. Does my name suck as much as I think it does?

My name is fanny and i want to change my name, please help!?

Thanks everyone for your help! I have thought of the names Frances, Tiffany and Stephanie before, but unluckily there are friends and relatives around me who have these names... I googled and found some names such as : Fanette, Fanianne and Theophanie... but it seems like not many people can even pronounce these names... Can anyone give me some advice on this?? thanks!!