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Should I Go To The Fair With Her

Is the fair a good first date?

You bet ask her out keep it friendly and have a good time Make her comfortable laugh and enjoy her company and for God's sake don't come off like a bull in heat remember first date, Ride the merry-go -round- Ferris wheel. . Be young at heart.

so I was wondering if I should do it there? What is going thru your mind?

How do I ask a girl to the fair..?

I dont know her that well but shes in 2 of my classes, after class would it be weird if i walked up to her and asked if she was going ajd if shed wanna go with me?
Since we arent that close would it be weird

Is it weird for me to go to the fair alone?

I went yesterday with my cousin, and it was so much fun! I look forward to it every year. I've gone there on a date last summer, and before with several family members, and my cousin's a girl so I've now done it as a family outing, as a date, and as a girl thing. I want to go again today because Bill Engvall's gonna be there, but I don't have enough money to pay for another person. My boyfriend can't take me because he's working there. I'll be walking around and probably going on rides for like 4 hours before the show starts. So do you think it's unusual for a 17 year old to have fun by herself at a carnival?

Going to the fair with my crush. What should i do?

Wear your hair down
and unless its super crazy dont flat iron it
guys dig long hair on girls so down

your choice of simple makeup (not too much face stuff u dont wanna look cakey)

dont wear heels or tall wedges its a fair wear cute tennis shoes if you want but for me i wear flats pretty much everywhere cute sandels are also an option since its hot

i like solid nails

yes to the hands

id wear a cute summery dress

but remember do what you want and wear the kind of stuff you normally wear just a little flirty

Can you ride rides at a fair if your pregnant?

ok i kno this sounds a lil stupied but my friend is 7 weeks pregnant and we are all goin this weekend to a couple of fair she will be 8 weeks this sunday is it ok for her to ride the rides i mean will it hurt the baby i mean the baby still is small so wut do you guys think BAD idea or 1 or 2 ok..please dont answer if you have a rude comment i never when toa fair when i was pregnant and kno one really ever tlks about it

Can you go on fair rides if your pregnant?

Oftentimes there will be signs at the entrance of a ride advising those who are pregnant, have heart problems or such things not to go on the ride. At six months, I doubt that there are many rides that would be safe for you to ride on, but you could always ask your doctor what he/she thinks.

Is it fair to not want my wife to go to nightclubs?

Your question strikes me as profoundly strange. It brings to the fore several significant questions I would ask if I was standing in front of you.Why don’t you want her to go?Why does she want to go?What do you mean by “nightclubs”?How in the blazes does someone measure “fair”?Handling these one at a time.Why don’t you want her to go It seems a perfectly sensible concern under several conditions most prevalent depends on what is meant by “nightclub”. First, the common concern would be one of risk of infidelity. If you are concerned about her being unfaithful it doesn’t take a nightclub for that. You need to take a look at your relationship, in particular your estimation of the character of the person you married. Another curiosity I have around your question has to do with whether or not she is going out alone. If she is heading out by herself that would give me serious pause about her intentions. If she is heading out with a group and they are people you know then you have to judge the intent from there. You can sort this out fairly easily by asking if you can come along.Why does she want to go Are you included just choosing not to go for whatever reason? What does she get from this outing that she cannot get in some other way? Getting the answer to these questions may reveal things you need to address within your relationship.What do you mean by nightclubs it is one thing if the place she is going is a local hangout of people from the neighborhood and quite another if it is some cosmopolitan “meat market.” Is the intended club appropriate to her age and social position.How do you measure “fair” the most overused and incomplete measurement that is tossed around with abandon. There is no standard for “fair”. The closest definition that would seem to apply is “if it seems equitable to ones self.” In this context it is a question with its own answer. If it was “fair” you wouldn’t have a question about it therefore you would not have asked.It sounds like the real question is “My wife is 30 wants to go out to nightclubs down by the college and I don’t think she should. Do you think I am being reasonable?” or “My wife wants to go out to bars like we used to and I don’t want to. Am I being reasonable?”

Would it be fair on my part to go and settle abroad and leave my parents behind?

The answer can either be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’I would suggest you to take the decision yourself and take a very firm decision which you will never regret in future. The compromises you bear for both the choices are going to affect you for the entire life.If you decide to settle abroad leaving your parents behind then you may never get inner happiness and satisfaction as you will always be feeling that this was not your intention. Some of the days you may get the news about their not feeling well as they are not going to live forever. You may kick all the opportunities for your professional success. You may listen about your friends & mates earning huge bucks of money and you may be here regretting about the decision you made not to go abroad.If we talk about the other way round, you will be getting the immense pleasure of staying with your parents in their last years of life. They will always be cherished and happy staying with you. Always remember they are never interested in your money. The only thing that matters for them is your happiness. It’s not that you will not earn here in India and being with the people who spent their entire life for you will always keep you positive and without any regret.It should ultimately be your call on this decision.If you decide to go abroad, don’t listen to the stories society makes up for proving you an ineligible child because it’s the ultimate work of our society to find the bad in everything.If you decide to stay here, your parents will always be thankful to you for being with them in their old age even if they would never express their feelings openly.

Can pregnant women go to the state fair and ride rides?

My fiance is a month pregnant and we had planned to go to the florida state fair prior to finding out shes having my can she still go and not hurt the baby?