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Should I Keep My Doctors Appointment For Next Week

First prenatal doctor appointment at 6 weeks?!?

I think my first appointment was right before 6 weeks also.... They did an ultrasound (which barely showed anything) and gave me a bunch of info about pregnancy. I was pretty disappointed at my appointment because I thought I was going to hear the heartbeat and see more of the baby... But I just saw this little blob of nothing, so I got all worried and nervous that there was something wrong. But of course, I went back in two weeks and was able to see a lot more and hear the heart beat.. Its surprising at how much of a different a few days will make in the growth of a little baby!

Pregnant and First Doctors Appointment?

The first appointment is usually no big deal, although it usually occurs when one is around 10 weeks pregnant. They will weigh you, take your blood pressure, do a health history questionnaire, maybe schedule you for some blood work, ask whether you have any questions, and they may do a pap if it's been more than a year since your last one. OH, and the best part - you get to hear the baby's heart beat!!!

As far as the bikini line goes - I kept mine shaved - hairs sticking out of that area gross me out, but it's completely a personal preference.

Congratulations on the baby!!

How late can a patient be for a doctor's appointment?

It’s hypocritical to penalize patients for arriving late, but the doctor can run late with no penalty at all. If I were always perfectly on time, I would have a policy that I couldn’t see you if you were late. But I’m not.If you arrive late to my office, we’ll check to see if there is an open appointment coming up. If not, you are welcome to wait and see if there is a “no show.” Or I’ll try to squeeze you in, a quick five minutes to take care of something that can’t wait, for which you would be charged full price.If I do not see you that day, it would count as a “no show.” If you reschedule, it would count as a “no show.” But don’t worry, I don’t charge for “no shows.” A patient who has three “no shows” is told to find another doctor.

Im 17 can I go to my doctors appointment alone or ask for a person to leave the room?

Yes, you can call the doctor's office in advance and ask that they keep your mother out of the room. They have to deal with this all the time. Or frankly, you figure out how to get to your doctor's appointments without your mother, and then don't tell her when they next appointment is. If she knows when the appointment is, call the office and see if you can reschedule, and then don't tell her the new time.

Plan to move out the day you turn 18.

You can also try to talk to your mother and say, "Mom, I appreciate everything you've done for me, and I love you. However, this is my pregnancy and my baby. You are NOT going to raise it. I am NOT going to give it to you. I hope you can accept that. Please know that you raised me right and I'm capable of doing this myself."

Then see what she says. Try to keep calm.

Once you do this, any time she brings it up, you say, "Mom, we talked about this. I'm not going to keep talking about it." Then if she continues, leave the room. However, when she's behaving, give her your attention. So, bad behavior equals no attention, and good behavior gets your attention. This is good practice for when you have a toddler.

Make a plan now to get out. How will you live? Where will you live? How will you take care of this child?

Oh, and look up Narcissism and "Borderline Personality Disorder" and see if the description fits your mother.

Is it legal for an employer to make you cancel a doctors appointment on your day off?

My supervisor called me today and wants me to work next week on my day off. I explained that I had a doctors appointment and they told me that i could either cancel it or find a new job. They also told me that i need to avoid scheduling doctors appointments on my day off, Because i am "on-call" (with no extra pay) she said that I could occasionally leave a bit early (so that it cuts into my hours) but I could not do this very often. I cancelled my appointment and rescheduled it but thinking now it sounds illegal. Is this illegal?

Ultrasound appointment tomorrow(8.3 weeks pregnant) and doc said to have?

I had an U/S around the same time in my pregnancy, and my midwife told me to drink 3 cups of water and be done 30mins before my appointment. I was able to see everything that i needed to. She also said that the U/S wont work if there is no fluid, so in order to see your cervix you have to have a full bladder. I should hurt tho, I hardly felt like i had to go until after my U/S was done. Have fun, it is so amazing. I get to have my 18 week one soon :) Also my U/S was through my belly not the vagina.

I'm Pregnant and my boyfriend miss our doctor's appointment am i over reacting?

i'm 14 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend missed our last two appointment where he would have gotten to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. he's a mechanic and the first time he was tied up with work and this second time he tried to make it but was late my appointment was at 3:40 and he couldn't leave work until 4 he didn't get there until 4:30. I'm really disappointed and hurt i want us to share every exciting moment and milestone of this baby together. should I let this go ? I know he's trying but i don't want him to keep missing everything because of work.

How can I get an appointment with a specialist doctor who is fully booked for the next few months?

Thanks for A2A. Luckily it's pretty simple ... to get an appointment with a Specialist who is fully booked for the next few months you ring up their receptionist today and ask for an appointment in a few months. You then wait a few months and turn up on the day of your appointment. On that day you will indeed have the opportunity to make good your offer to pay.By the way ... DO NOT wait for a few months before you call - hoping that by then their schedule will have cleared and they'll be able to see you any time you want. The problem is not that they are on a three month holiday. The problem is that there are a lot of other new patients who have been waiting a few months for an appointment, current patients who need to be seen regularly and maybe even some appointments set aside in case an emergency arises.Now, there are times where a particular case requires jumping the queue in front of all these people who have been waiting for an appointment for several months. One reason would be that you have a serious and acute medical issue that will not see you survive the time until your appointment. If this is applicable to your case then you should return to your Primary Care doctor and explain the waiting time. The Primary Care doctor may decide your problem is indeed urgent and phone to see if the Specialist has any appointments set aside for such an eventuation. Or they may choose to make use of an alternate Specialist who does have an emergency appointment available or can see you sooner. Or, if it your issue is truly an emergency, they may call you an ambulance and send you to hospital.If the issue is simply that you have a chronic health condition, but are impatient and don't want to wait for several months, then the only polite way to go about it is to call the Specialist's rooms and inform the receptionist that you would be keen to make use of an unused appointment, and can get to the rooms promptly, should anyone cancel at late notice. That said, you also will not be the only person on that list.