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Should I Reach Out To Him Or Not

Should I reach out to a leo ex?

Okay, so this story is complicated. Me and a leo fell head over heels for each other. Im an aquarius. He is 26 very shy guy, well not shy in personality, but in picking up girls. I pretty much made all the hints being the more experienced one. Anyways, I showed him plenty of new things in that aspect.

We broke up 2 months ago, he dumped me out of no where - it was horrible but I feel that I know why he dumped me. For the first month of the break up I was begging to get back together - I was definitely and shock - and he said we need to move on and he can't be near me. Flash forward to last week, were cordial now I would say, but I had to go pick up my stuff from his house and I left him a sweet note - letting him know I've accepted the breakup - will cherish the memories and also stated that if he needs someone to escape to I'm here. That same day I ran into him at a work event. HE WAS SO NERVOUS it was cute. I could tell from that he wasn't over me, as much as he tried. I know i affected him more than he would say out loud. Anyways - he texted me the next morning saying, thanks the letter, you look great and seem to be harnessing the positive energy around you... so i replied saying thanks and some other sweet things and that was it.

Heres my dilemma, he is a shy guy (in person) over text he's more blunt. But I don't know if he would have the balls to reach out to me and ask to hang out even if he wanted to because he did break my heart, and i know apart of him wants to

Guys, should I reach out to him?

This guy hasn't texted me in over two weeks I just don't understand what happened when we went on five amazing dates. He even volunteered the fact that had a great time on the last one. He said he's not seeing anyone else and wants to continue to see me. I know he has been going through some stress at work, but surely he could have taken a minute to at least let me know if he was going to be busy.

My mind is debating over whether I should reach out. On one hand, I feel like it will come across as desperate if I text him after my last one went unanswered (not that I asked any questions, but he still could have followed up)t. I want to be missed, too.

But on the other hand, I'm driving myself crazy. It's like I just want to know if he still wants to go out once and for all, and I really don't want to be getting my hopes up that I'll hear from him someday when I might not. On top of it, I've been avoiding my family and friends because I know they'll inevitably ask how things are going with him, and I would feel stupid telling them that I got ghosted by this guy that I claimed treated me well. I also don't want them to hate on him in case he comes back.

I know, I know. Why would I want to give the time of day to someone who would act like that? Inherently, it makes sense, but when you like a person, it's not as easy to let go.

How do you reach out to your ex after not contacting them for 6 weeks? He broke up with me so is it even worth it?

Firstly, it is not a matter of time. 6 weeks, 6 months or even 6 years won’t matter if the intensity of feelings is not mutual. Waiting is never an option, I believe. If you have spent the past 6 weeks simply waiting for a good time to text him hoping he would come to realization and take you back if you give him enough space to miss you, you are missing the point. I don’t know for how long you guys were together but I do know the value of love. Love is not something that goes back and forth, it doesn’t need breaks or time offs to get stronger. NO, love is a constant feeling that is just there, it doesn’t need to be chased.It is evident that you love him and you want things to work out between you two but I suggest you take some time off ( If you haven’t already ) to look at things from a different perspective; from a girl’s perspective, not a girlfriend’s perspective, because only then you’ll understand if you really want a person like him in your life. Imagine your best friend in this situation, what advice would you give? Tell yourself the same and act on it. Love often makes us forget what we deserve and pushes us to settle for what we want and it is totally normal because when you love someone, you love them unconditionally which means you look past their flaws. This creates an image of perfection in your mind and often pushes you to act a certain way even after the person has hurt you. All i’m trying to say is, try being honest with yourself, it’ll help you make better decisions. You deserve to be loved but love doesn’t have to be so hard all the time. You can’t be the only one trying/loving/caring/feeling all the time. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and tell yourself it’s okay to feel this way about him and it’s perfectly okay to not do anything about it. You don’t need to act on it.Whatever you choose to do, make sure you don’t regret it because that’s the worst thing you can do to yourself after everything you have been through. If you really think it’s a good idea to contact him, go ahead do it. His response will either make you his or set you free. If he’s lucky, he’ll find his way back to you. If he isn’t, you’ll know you are lucky to have lost someone who wasn’t afraid of losing you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. So, sit back and relax. Do what your heart says and avoid worrying about the outcome.Thanks for reading.

Should I reach out to my father? Again?

My father has been absent from my life ever since I could remember. Actually, everything I can remember starts with my mother and her mother.

A little over a year ago was the last time we spoke, and I told him that I don't want to talk to him anymore because when I tried talking to him earlier, he brought up the past and said that I only call him when I need something.

The last time I saw my father is when I was in the 4th grade. I am now in the 11th grade.

I feel like every time I try to have a relationship with him, he brings up the past when I'm trying to move forward in life.

Is it worth me calling him this christmas? I honestly don't even know if he celebrates christmas with him being from the islands. I know nothing about my other family, and ut hurts.

Anyway, should I reach out even though I'm the child?

Should I reach out first or wait for him to reach out?

What language are you using where *reach out* is useful here, please?If you reached out - not tried to; reached out - on Friday but never got a reply then why not *reach out* again? Alternatively yes, why not leave it up to him, have as good a time as you like and if he eventually does *reach out* then take it from there?Meanwhile *this guy… had an amazing dinner date with me* is an amazing way of putting it. In all my 60 years of listening I’ve never once heard anyone talk about *with me*… only ever *I had an amazing date with him/her…*Why does it surprise you anyone *got super weird* faced with reports like *I got a call from his female friend after telling him don’t be so lame, just go out with us*? Could you re-phrase that at least two or three different ways, so it makes sense in English?*I got a call from his female friend* is clear but *after* queers the pitch entirely. Is that *after* the amazing date or *after* one of you telling him *don’t be so lame* or both or what, please?*… just go out with us* means what? Which person should go out with which couple?

Should I reach out to my boyfriend after a fight?

I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and yesterday I got emotional about all the things that have been bothering me with the relationship and told him on the phone. 3 major things have been bother me.

1) I'm normal weight,but he constantly asks if I'm eating healthy and losing weight. He also says he won't go to a water park till we can both fit into bathing suits nicely. He says all this in a motivating way and not a jerk way but it still makes me feel like he thinks i'm ugly... He replied that I'm taking it way too seriously and that he doesn't think im fat even though i feel it's implied.

2) he keeps shopping around for investment houses to rent out but several times now he has said he is thinking of just moving there....all these houses are 1.5 hours away from where i live. I asked how can he think of moving without discussing how it'll affect us. He called me crazy and said that he was never looking for anything besides to rent out. That's a lie, but he won't admit it and says i heard wrong - i didn't!

3) I asked why after a year of dating he has yet to say "I love you" He replied that he's shy in that way but that i'm crazy if i can't see it in the way he spends all his free time with me, holds me, looks at me etc... i agreed, but said it still hurts he hasn't directly said "i love you"

He seemed really mad and said i was making big deals out of nothing and starting drama. I talked cool and collectively and told him that it has just been on my mind. He is especially mad that i still seem to think he doesn't take me serious.

we haven't talked since yesterday evening and i'm wondering if i should reach out to him with a call or text. Or if i should let things settle for a few days?

Should i reach out to him, or just leave him alone?

so a friend of mine for 12 years shut me out, because a birthday gift i made him was "too weird" for him. (he was going through a huge depression, so i took pictures of things that made him happy and sent him a book of them for his birthday, he freaked and said it was "too much of a girlfriend gift" which wasn't my intention at all. he told his aunt it was "creepy" of me to put a picture of his dog in there, when I've never met his dog. (even though he sent me pictures of her all the time.)

I backed away for about 2 years, i figured he needed his space and to get over himself. ( i told him how he acted hurt my feelings, and all he said was "understandable")

I attempted to reach out the following year, asking him if we could be friends again (he kicked me off fb, and stopped responding to texts/emails/calls) I told him that the book was my intention to make him feel better and nothing more, and i missed my best friend. He read it, but never responded. That was about a year ago. Since then I actually moved to the state he's in for a job. (and I've always wanted to move there) I've been here 3 months, and I havent reached out to him. I have dinner with his aunt, (who is a very good friend of mine) and he's all she talks about, so when i told her, he wont speak to me, she was shocked. My family says i should reach out, and at least let him know I'm here. (it would of been nice to have a friend my age upon moving here.) But I dont know what to say..

Could my ex be waiting for me to reach out first? He was the one that ended it.

Okay first.You should focus on yourself instead of asking this type of question. If he ended it, then he ended it.To be truthfully honest with you, he is not worried about you right now. He is in this phase where he is freshly out of a relationship so he can do whatever thing he wasn't able to do when in a relationship like spend more time with his friends and or having more time to himself.Do not stress about him, focus on yourself and self love. A lot of women, including myself never gave ourselves time to just figure and find out our true selves without a relationship.Give yourself space and relax.

Should i reach out to depressed ex or wait for him to contact me?

My ex and father of my son ended our relationship 2 months ago, he gave me excuses on why he ended it but i knew it was because he was becoming depressed, he didnt want to admit it at the time however has now admitted he is depressed, he is not sleeping, not eating loss lost of weight, drinking more, has said negative things such as the world is against him and he hasnt the strength to keep fighting, also that the depression is literally killing him.
He has refused so far to get professional help and he refuses to allow his mates know he is depressed as they have the stupid idea its all in your head or an excuse, males dont get depressed etc so pretending he is ok is even more pressure on him.
I am worried about him and want to reach out to him but dont want him to see it as me pressuring him and he starys to withdraw again.
Yes his my ex and i want him back so i dont want to ruin my chance.
Advise how to deal with this

Should I reach out to the guy that went silent for a few weeks?

Sounds like an affair, Wrong either way, ignoring that, don’t reach out to him, you are doing your part by letting him know that you want him to call you, that its okay for him to call you, a relationship, yes even an affair consists of at least 2 people and with that it means that you both need to put your part, your energy into the relationship, you’ve already given your part into it, now you can fall back if he wants more he will reach out to you, don’t make yourself desperate.