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Should I Still Be Friends With Her

How can I get over a girl I'm still friends with?

Actually, i too am going through the same phase as the OP. We broke up 5 months ago, but we still occasionally talk on social media. In fact, We even went out on a ‘Friendly Date’, few weeks back. But i’m completely over her by now. Even when First few months were really tough, i managed to hold myself together. Following are the measures i took to get over her, while still remaining friends. I suggest you to follow these as well.Avoid much interaction with her in first place.Don’t let the emotions overwhelm you.Delete/throwaway every little things that reminds you of her.Don’t share any of your personal feelings with her anymore.Find a rebound (Another girl, who would help you get over her. But choose your new Girl wisely as you wouldn’t want to break her heart. Don’t just use her! Be responsible and learn from the past mistakes.)Always keep yourself occupied by doing things of your interest. Never let your mind perch on any Emotional thoughts.Surround yourself with positive friends, and start spending more time with them rather than clinging to your ex.Start hanging out with other girl-friends more often (This will help you reduce the emotional stress)Always remember, Life is too short to be spent with just one boring person.Take it rather as an opportunity, and explore the versatility in women kind. You definitely will find a better person than her. Good luck!

Should I still be friends with my ex's family?

Depends if you were good friends with her before the breakup. If you never really hung out I would not bother meeting her, but if you liked her and want to spend time with her, why not. If you are worried she will report back, wait until you are strong enough not to cry in front of her, see if she brings him up in conversation or asks you lots of questions about what you are up to etc. You can never have too many friends. Remember time is a great healer and although you feel really bad now in time you wont even remember this boys name,

Should I still be her friend?

my friend did the exact same thing.

i was still her friend but in 7th grade i didn't want to be her friend anymore since she did the same thing again and i reminded her about the past and i told her off and i told her how much im tired of her lies and sick of looking at her face. then she said she was sorry she just wanted to do that for fun and i said "how the fxxxing hell would you call that fun? what if i did that to you to some nerd or someone who you hate?!"
and so on i told her off how she lied excerteral.

after not being her friend anymore i hung out with people unlike her she was the girly type idk how i became her friend i guess is was because she was the only person brave enough to occur me since everyone was scared of me since 4th grade because i was diff from them i was like an emo but i was myself. putting that aside i hung out and became friends with people who were like me. life was alot better without her.
my ex friend: we became friends in 4th grade.

so then i did the same behind her back and guess what? she now knows how it feels like. serves her right.

lawl sorry i think this is more about me than you sooooorrrrrrrry but i hope this helps? eheehee.

Should I stop being friends with him if I still have feelings?

Are you strong enough to handle the friendship, despite the negative things that might arise, due to your unrequited love?Pain of rejection? Jealousy?Is this friend so important and irreplaceable, or you are just sub-conciously just using this label “friend” to be close to this person?It’s not a bad thing per se, unless it backfires and you get hurt in the end. Just be honest with yourself, nothing more and nothing less.Keep in mind also that just having feelings for somebody will never hurt you, only your own expectations will.In all frankness, it’s a very thin line to walk. I tried it once and the mental pressure can be hard to deal with.Using rationality to keep yourself grounded from doing something that feels very natural, such as dreaming and fantasizing about this person. Stopping yourself from making plans for the future, how you would do things together, in a very different way than you are doing now. More intimate and deeper developments that you must be craving for, that are bottled up inside you.Your imagination is creating the expectations, nobody else.On the other hand, this person could be totally unaware of your feelings and both of you could end up being hurt, for different reasons.Reflect all of these questions in front of the mirror. Be completely honest, ask yourself the hard questions, before making a decison.You might also find bravery in yourself to confess how you really feel to this person. Which could be the best option, in a way.If they don’t feel the same (this is also a potential scenario), the worst thing that can happen is you get your response. Maybe they don’t want you like you want them.Then, after some time passes, you’ll be able to move on.Only then, somebody else that will feel the same for you as you for them, can land in your orbit.That’s wouldn’t be such a bad thing, I would say.As you’d get to keep your friend and have a more suitable partner in another person.

I hate my friend's attitude. Should I still keep her as my friend?

I'm in my fourth year of high school and I have this friend.
Since, I'm a quiet type of person she is only the person that I usually get along with since I'd transferred on a new school. At first, she was not like this but as months pass by, I'm noticing that her personality changes. Every time I buy some food, she always asks me to treat her. Treating her is fine for me but it happens everyday. And not to mention, when her old friends come to our room, she always leaves me alone and she will come back if she needs something from me. And every time we go home with her friends I'm always the person that's leaving behind and they act like I don't exists. She also keeps borrowing money from me promising that she'll pay it but even right now, she still not giving it to me. I'm a understanding kind of person so I'm always getting along with this and I don't want to be alone to school, again. But the time has come that she's forcing me to buy her a present since it's her birthday. I told her that I don't have enough money since it's summer vacation. But still she's forcing me to buy and she even chose what should I give to her. I'm already tired to get along with her attitude and my patience is already gone. But I also feel bad to leave her, so what should I do?