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Should I Still Talk To My Brother

Is it wrong to talk to your ex's brother?

If you like him strictly as just a friend, then maybe you should let your ex's brother know. Maybe his brother likes you. By the way, who broke off the relationship? If it was your ex, then he has no right to care about who you socialize with, and should mind his own business. There's no harm in just talking, so don't worry about it.

My brother talks in his sleep?

onetime when i'm still awake i had a normal conversation with him
while he was asleep

he said suddenly

bro:Where is the ball?
me: its your toy chest
bro:where i can't see it
me:i said its there

then he didn't respond when i woke him up he doesn't remember of our conversation

i'm confused
is it best to just wake him up while he is still sleep talking?

How can I talk to my big brother about..?

He's just doing that because he loves you. You should listen to him and not break your punishment. And no 16 isn't a normal age, you have to be 18 to smoke.

My brother talks about me behind my back?

Siblings seem to be good at this. My sister did the same thing to me. Once she got married, she got a little better. Then her husband joined the AirForce and she lived in Texas, California, Maryland, and now back in Mississippi. She is a lot nicer to me now. We hang out with each other, she doesn't make fun of me anymore, talk bad about me or anything like that. Maybe when they realize that family is the most important priority in your life, they understand that they should not do this to their siblings. I don't know the reason honestly but it just happens. Do not let your brother's comments bother your self-esteem. Ignore whatever things he is saying about you. After all, the only comments that matter is yours. A little advice: I have an older brother and he would do things just to make me upset. This worked until I learned to catch on to his plan. I ignore it all. He doesn't bother me now that he knows I don't care what he says. Your brother will do the same. Act like it doesn't even bother you. Say I don't care what you say about me anymore because the only person who knows the truth about me is me so just keep on with your crap. It doesn't bother me one bit if you want to be an donkeybutt! but seriously don't let your brother's stupid words affect what you do. If you let it bother you too much you will miss out on a lot of good stuff. So stay focused more on life then what your brother says. Good Luck and hope my advice helps you out a little. I tried. I do understand how you are feeling. I have two older siblings that did this to me. They grew out of it. Became more mature. As the youngest child in my family, I was picked on alot. well talked about!

My little brother is 4 years old and he still doesn't talk. Should I be concerned?

I’m happy and glad as a elder sibling you are concern of your younger one. To answer your question, yes you should be concerned as it could affect your sibling in social way, friendship n relationship plus he could have low IQ cause of this and being lacked in academic too.A suggestion would be to go find a doctor for children, called children specialist. The specialist there would be able to assess your sibling on the academic, iq level.I have a son who is now 7 years old in April. When he was 3 years old, he cant speak normally like kids his age. At 3.5 years old, he is being assess in a normal GP for his yearly checkup. They referred him to a Child Development Unit for his delay in speech. Now he is able to speak and sing. But he is now being assess for Dsylexia..So do find help in a local hospital for your sibling. He/she needs the help now. Do not delay.

My brother talks to himself alot.How do I get him to be quiet?


My brother just turned 4 and he still can't talk! Help?

Take your brother to a qualified Pediatric Developmental Specialist or a Speech Therapist. There are other reasons for speech delay and gibberish besides Autism. Apraxia is a major cause of the symptoms you describe. It is not very well known outside of such specialists and Neurologists, despite how common it is as it's often paired with other disorders, such as Autism. The reason for the pairing is unknown.

The Pediatric Developmental Specialist or Speech Therapist will be able to determine if it's Apraxia, Autism, both, or neither but something else entirely. They will also be able to set your brother up with proper therapies both with them at their offices and for you to do with him at home.

Also, Autism has a very wide range of severity, from very high functioning (often misdiagnosed as ADHD or antisocial behavior disorders) to the more severe type, like what is in your mind when you hear the word. My son is a high functioning Autistic but he also has Apraxia so I know about both.

EDIT: The excercises Karabooo lists are excellant ones. Please heed them and put them into action. These excercises are some of the ones I did with my son before he was diagnosed at 4 1/2.

We started at 2 as we knew something was wrong but everyone told us to just wait. We also taught him sign language for words like milk, train, please, sorry, hungry, bear, cookie, time, etc so he could communicate without frustration on all of us. The therapists, upon his diagnosis, said what we did by instinct is exactly what they tell their patients to do.

These excercises continue to be part of his treatment today.

EDIT2: Once your brother is diagnosed, you can register him for the Early Childhood Program at your local elementary school. This is a public educational service and he cannot be denied with that doctor note in your hand. My son started at 4 1/2, immediately after his official diagnosis. They start with children as early as 3. The local school system was fabulous. He received additional Speech Therapy in school.

We had the same problem as you with not being able to find a preschool. One actually told us "We don't want his kind here."

How do I talk to my brother whom I haven't spoken with in 2 years?

Fist of all, why are you doing this? Was there a problem that caused the 2 year hiatus? Maybe you’re both better off not talking if the issue is unresolved. But, if there is no good reason for you two not to talk, call him. Or go visit, announced. You have the same parent(s), DNA, traditions, backgrounds, family/relatives, life experiences and blood pulsing through your veins. Why wouldn’t you stay in touch?Usually these problems are over money, hurt feelings, or a term that comes from many sociological and psychological studies, called “family shit”. Life is short. Clean up your side of the street. If your brother doesn’t want to make nice after you extend an olive branch, move on. Just because you’re family doesn’t mean you have to be best buddies. You can be fine while he lives in hurt or resentment. The key is to do your part to make the relationship right. Do the best you can do, and remember——you can’t do better than the best you can do.