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Should I Try To Convince His Mom

How do I convince my mom to move with me to US?

I would encourage your mother to recognize the tough and growing tougher economic and political situations that the USA is struggling with.  I can't imagine transit or relocating being shut down between our beloved territory of Puerto Rico and USA, but I can imagine many other things happening that could impact all sorts of resettling options.   Recently President Obama committed to accepting the relocation of 3,000 refuges from the criminal violence that is being committed in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras by October 2016. This will lead to more competition to services designed to both protect and help people (as well as another 85,000 from all over the world, including 10,000 from Syria).   As managing our population gets more complicated, all it takes is a few disasters for the government to ramp up certain population control measures... tell your mom NOW is the time to come, not later, before too many others are competing for the resources that she deserves, as an American!   Just tell her, she can ALWAYS return to Puerto Rico, such a beautiful place. I can't help but ask, if you all are followers of Jesus (?), if so, you may have heard of a special little church called the House of Restoration and Mercy?  If you have not heard of it there are two videos I recommend, one from 2010 modestly done, and then one in 2012 done by a lady named Patricia King who hosts a show called The Extreme Prophetic.  If you go, could you please ask that very humble group to pray for me and my son to get my son and his brother out of Africa to us to his new home as soon as possible.  PLEASE.  Thank you.  Just so you know, at least as of a couple years ago, the little church in Puerto Rico is very humble and focuses on worship.  There, God's Angels come and hang out, heavenly oil pours out of the ceiling, walls and pulpit and is squeezed out of the bible; BIG Angels leave footprints made of diamond dust and more than 1,800 gems have fallen by a couple years ago.  Just sayin... if you're there, you might as well stop in... no?  May get the prayers you need to get your mom over her fear of change... May you and your smarts and insight and talents and faith move you and your mom all the way to the States SOON!  Thank you for your A2A.  Please re-ask if other info is needed along the way and I will try.

How do i convince mom i didnt have sex?

Well at like one in the morning i got mad and upsett at a friend, so i told my mom i was gonna leave to my friends house,(which is a boy)and hes coming right now to pick me up, and im not coming home till later! she thinks i left to his house to have sex, bcuzz she knew his parents were out of town, but i didnt, i just went there bcuzz hes a really good friend of mine, and i was upset, and needed someone to talk to, how do i convice her i didnt leave for sex? thx

How do I convince my mother to divorce?

I'm 16, and my dad isn't very supportive to this family... He doesn't trust my mother and I, and even tells that straight to our faces. He doesn't believe anything I tell him either. He even warns my mum that I will one day turn my back on them and run away with their money (WTF, right?)

We don't have any joint bank account for the family. His account is his and my mum and I share one. We don't know how much money is in his either... Not a clue. My mum doesn't even know his salary! They've been married for over 20 years, and this is still going on.

My parents argue often, usually it's my dad accusing my mum. When my mum denies it (she's telling the truth) my dad tells her over and over again 'i know you're lying'. He then insults her real bad, and even tells her that he's afraid that I'll grow up to be like her.

According to my mum this has gone on for 20 years now. My dad and I are arguing more often nowadays, he says that I'm not worth it and when I ask him for stuff, like money that i need to pay to the school, he refuses, saying he knows I'm cheating his money. My dad is never happy with my accomplishments, he tells me that I'm wasting my time.

I'm tired of this, and so is my mum. We've had our happy times, that's for sure, but i realised I'm happier without him. My mum isn't confident, she says that if she divorces she can't find a job- she has no qualifications. But we can't let this go on, now all he does is drink and spends his money on gym memberships and expensive watches while my mum is scrimping and saving on the small amount of money he gives to her.

I don't think I can let this go on... It hurts me to see my mum cry. I think we're all better off alone, but how can I tell her that? She thinks she needs to rely on a man, but she's a strong woman, she is more capable than she thinks. How should I convince her?

How do you convince your parents to let you sleepover your boyfriends house?

First of all, saying that you won't be having sex, only oral, is not exactly a brilliant argument on your part. Every parent in America just screamed when they read that.

The only way that this will ever happen is if his mother or father calls your mother or father, and tells them that when bedtime comes, the two of you will be sleeping on opposite ends of the house, and a big guy with a shotgun will be posted outside your door.

How do you convince your parents to let you go to your boyfriend's house?

Couple of options... First, sneaky or legit?

Sneaky... say your going to the movies, but head over to his place.

Say you are going to the library. meet up, go to his place.

Rent a motel, meet there.

Legit... let her know the parents will be there. open up lines of communication between them, aka get his parents to talk to your mom. then she will not be worried.

Have him over first. she can get to know him, and may trust him. either way, you could always invite him over while mom is gone. just be careful

Try a kid swap. you live with his parents for a week, he lives with yours. longer, but the parents will get a chance to clear him.

Bedding- your parents roll you both up really tightly in sheets, put you on the bed next to each other, and you talk. boring, but it works!

Go there with some kind of device that will set off an alarm if it gets to close to another one, and have one strapped to you, the other to him.

Otherwise... threaten to strip for all the boys in the neighborhood if the won't let you. if they still won't, threaten to masturbate publicly. you will get arrested, but your point will be made. Or they will never let you out of your room again. So probably don't use this... even as a last resort.

Begging might work.

Offering to do extra chores.

Set up a punishment if sex happens.

Hope that helps!

How do I convince my parents to let me get a bmx bike?

I've been wanting to get a bmx bike to do tricks on, and I have the money to pay for it, but my mom thinks I'll waste my money and not even ride it, and my dad thinks I'll get hurt on it. My mom is normally not a problem, but once my dad makes up his mind its hard to get him to change it. What do I do?

How do you convince your parents to let you do sports?

I've been trying to get into high-school basketball or baseball since I knew where to meet, but my parents won't even let me NEAR the place! I don't get it! They think I completely lack the skills (SO WRONG! I'm awesome during P.E., plus how do they know if they never let me try??) I'm usually a good guy (Exception: once or twice forgot to turn in homework. That's it.), and they let me do pretty much anything else. What am I doing wrong? At least a dozen of my friends have said that I should sign up, but Mom and Dad just don't agree. They also might be worried about me hurting myself "Like that one time you got a skateboard" (Not my fault the axle broke! I'm not that fat, am I? I barely stepped on it!)

So, what should I try? I don't think it's time to give up yet, but yet... I can't convince them to even let me try! (I carefully plan it so I don't bring it up more than twice a month, so they don't think I nag about it.)