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Should I Wear A Propeller Beanie To School

Can you wear Beanies in Middle School?

Depends on your school dress code. At my school a beanie was considered a hat so it wasn't allowed

How do you make propeller beanie hat?

Excellent question. I remember when I was a kid, I owned a propeller beanie and was the coolest kid in the neighborhood. That was until, one windy day it blew it off my head, into the local river and I never saw it again. So I made my own, I went and bought a cheap hat and stuck a pinwheel in it like Pat C suggested. It was not the same, but made due until I could afford another one.

George Puzo | This is exactly what I need to have in my living room. I am not the most athletic and watch a lot of television so this would be perfect for me. I should have a couple of lists, like this, posted around the couch and television. I can already feel the burn and I am sitting down. I cannot wait to get my swimsuit body back.

George Puzo |

If I choose to wear a tin foil hat or a propeller beanie for my birthday?

The propeller beanie....
use two more for the bra!
That would be awesome...
If you do send me pics!
UMMMM......did not you answer one of my ? that you did not like a lot of attention?

Would it be appropriate to wear a beanie on the first day of school?

nah that'd be cute. I wish we could wear beanies to school.

if you have about boob length hair (haha), I think beanies look good with hair being pin straight

but if it's longer I'd go with natural looking curls :)

Is it appropriate to wear a beanie in the pouring rain?

It's pouring really hard and there is thunder... I really wanted to wear a beanie tomorrow... It's not supposed to let up while I'm at school at all. Is it ok to wear it under a hood and an umbrella or something? Or will it just get soaked when I don't whip my umbrella out? (for short walks going inside and outside I really don't want to use my umbrella for a short walk between passing periods)

Is there anything hotter than a chick wearing a propeller beanie?

FOr you? i could think of plenty warm. we could discover out. I have been given my propeller beanie and zamboni in storage for a particular occassion. could desire to I come bare or in bikini? i'm going to circulate away The Cat at living house, he likes to bat around propellers too plenty.

The practical use for hats is to protect the head from the weather or the sun. There is no snow, sleet, rain or intense sun coming down on one's head inside a building. Therefore, the only reason to wear a hat indoors is because of an individual’s desire not a need. The school has no incentive to cater to the numerous personal desires of individual students. Logically, there is no good reason to permit hats being worn indoors. It is simply one more thing outside of the academics that can distract a student.

Can wearing a beanie lock-in moisture to your scalp?

Head and Shoulders or Apple-Cider Vinegar might work better :)

Please help I'm afraid of wearing hats to school!?

Lol I love how you’re too insecure to wear a hat and you’re afraid to wear them because the “scrawny and dorky kids” are wearing them. They’re many times the man you are because they don’t give a **** what people think. Do what you want, and be aloof about what people think, unless you want to remain a servant to societal norms.

Besides, wearing a hat isn’t breaking any societal norms. Chicks dig guys in beanies.