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Should We Applaud The Federal Court Of Appeals Court For Giving The Green Light To States Making

Sally Yates, the acting attorney general of the United States, has been fired for rejecting Trump's travel ban. Thoughts?

Sally Yates took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. trump ‘s ban is most likely unconstitutional. She did NOT take oath to support trump as he tries to undo the government of this country. trump has openly stated he would dismantle the Constitution.trump is bringing in the worst, anti-American people he can find to stock his swamp. bannon is an avowed White Supremist, (about whom, David Duke, leader of the KKK, said, “At last, we have one of our own in power”) who has stated he admires Stalin, Hilter, and Satan for being strong and powerful, and that it’s good when liberals don’t know what is being done without their knowledge. kellyanne conway and sean spicer, under trump’s orders, have lied repeatedly about facts easily verified and proven. Yet they continue to repeat these lies. Does that sound like the United States to you?It is my THEORY that this action is a plan to create even more hate and momentum against the United States by angering ISIS and anti-U.S. countries. Any attacks will give trump the opportunity to declare war against those countries. trump actually thinks he can win, (probably making money, because war is good for business) and then feel justified in taking action to control the oil resources in those countries. What else could be the reason behind his actions? Why are ALL the counties trump did NOT ban countries in which he has business, but also are countries which have responsibilities for the deaths of Americans? Why did he NOT ban those countries? Money.

Is it possible to change a Trump supporter's mind? And if so, how?

Why would you want to?A supporter is in fact a supporter because they suspect anyone who isn’t one. They see attacks on Trump as biased, unfounded, and irrational - so if you approach one, rest assured they will first see you as biased, unfounded, and irrational. Whatever argument you make to them, expect them to be prepared to tear it down with facts.The facts you present them will be from liberal news sources which are renowned for under/over-reporting from a narrative - a built-in bias against all-things-conservative. I don’t suppose it would be too much trouble for you to get some alternative points of view from conservative outlets where you will find more elements to the facts that you were unaware of.This is what irks the supporter - the out-of-balance approach to facts. Kelly Ann Conway joked about using “alternative facts” - which to a supporter means “the real truth” - the facts which include all the elements of the issue not just the cherry-picked elements promulgated in the mainstream media.So if you approach a supporter to change their mind, they will see you coming a mile away - they are tired - plain tired and put-out - of being treated like chumps all these prior decades so are highly unlikely to accept what you have to say without a fight.Moreover - just because Trump calls such outlets “fake news” is not why the supporters believe they are fake news. The supporters have believed it for decades - now Trump is coming out as a POTUS and a candidate with a name and moniker to the pre-existing condition - fake news. You will find this is true of a lot of the things he calls out.Lastly a supporter isn’t a supporter because of Trump. It’s not about Trump and never has been. Trump is their mouthpiece for what they already believe. They support Trump because he believes it too. When Trump stops believing it, they will toss him aside and choose another.So the only way to convince a supporter of your anti-Trump views, is if Trump himself crosses the line.

What -- specifically -- are the objections/concerns of conservatives about a potentially majority-liberal SCOTUS?

I distinguish between progressives and liberals so watch the bouncing ball closely.Progressives have a moral relativists viewpoint. That is all other moral systems (religions, laws, constitutions) are equally stupid. The only moral standard that matters, is the one the individual views as right, for himself. Nothing else matters. Certainly not silly religious superstitions, and nothing older than we are.This is extreme consequentialism.It also renders not just the Constitution meaningless, but it renders all law meaningless. They have not figured out that when they get to power, all the mini relativists they have seeded, won’t pay any more attention to their new laws, than they were instructed to do with the “old” Constitution.Words have meaning, and laws have more meaning. Progressives just want to tear down precedent, to indulge in the latest transient cause.True liberals, stick to the original meaning and context. Which by the way, is clearer than the gibberish of today. The men of letters back then, expressed far more eloquently, than we do today.I question the motives of progressives when they target a textualist like Anton Scalia who declared gay marriage a liberty in all 50 states by virtue of it not being mentioned in the Declaration or Constitution at all. His reasoning is by default; gay marriage is legal because of the 9th Amendment. 12 Must-Read Quotes From Scalia’s Blistering Same-Sex Marriage DissentThe truth is progressives have other plans for our very liberal U.S. Constitution .Every man belongs to a class or race each to be treated differentlyLimited speech PCLimited rights to defend oneself, gun controlSovereign governmentLimited property rights primarily through taxation and eminent domainA ”life of Julia” cradle to grave entitlement systemImprisonment or death for threatening the UnionSelective enforcement of the law)Possible exception Sharia)Open borders, multiculturalism, globalismSuppression of religion, (possible exception Islam) substituting progressive agenda as an article of faithSuppress charity, assume it as a government function

What's the mood in the U.S. now that Trump has been declared victorious?

(This is coming from a 16 year old living in California. Most of what I'm writing will be about what I've observed specifically at school.)Shock.I'm shocked and bewildered. If anything, we were all initially rooting for Sanders. Since he didn't make the nomination, the majority of the kids at my school thought Clinton would win (with a few people rooting for Johnson). Underclassmen are coming up to me and asking me what went wrong. I don't know. None of us expected Trump to clinch the presidency.Solemn.It's been tense at school, with some students being very vocal about the outcome, and others keeping to themselves. Teachers are equally surprised, and they've been going easy on us in light of what has happened. This morning I saw two cars with “Trump 2016” written all over the windows pull up to my school and drop kids off. What is going on?Fearful.Everyone on Snapchat has been going crazy. Someone at another high school proposed a #blackout where everyone would wear black to protest Trump. We know that it's not going to change the fact that he is now the 45th president, but it's a sign of solidarity amongst students who are in disbelief. On Instagram, people are disappointed in our political system. There are so many pictures with captions containing paragraphs full of hurt. It's terrifying. Earlier this morning I saw people crying. One of my black friends said, “I'm scared to wear my skin today.”I can’t believe it actually happened. I'm afraid for all my minority friends. I'm worried about my friends in the LGBT+ community. My anxiety levels are soaring.I'm scared that some people will take the vitriol that's being spewed as validation for their beliefs and act upon their hatred. I don't know.I have offers from friends in Canada and South Africa and China who are giving me a place to stay if I really do want to leave. I honestly don't know what's happening. There's too much noise.