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Should You Care About What People Think About You If It Doesn

What do you call someone who doesn't care what people think of them ?

Independent, strong, self confident

Do you care about what other people think of you?

I don't care what most people think of me. But I do care what my kids think because I want them to respect me (they do) and I want to be a good role model to them (I try!)

Do you care if people hate you?

At one time in my life I did but now I'm happy with who I am and others opinions do effect me.

Are people that say they don't care what others think, lying or just incredibly arrogant & inconsiderate.?

You're right.
If someone says they don't care what others think, I think it is just wishful thinking on their part. If they say it enough, they might start to believe it because it is better to believe your own lies that to be affected by reality.
What other people think should affect you, especially what they think about you, even if you might think that they're too busy thinking about what you think about them to pay attention to you, well, you get my point.
What do you think of my answer? I care to know THAT answer.

Do you care if someone doesn't like you?

yeah I do. I hate it when people are mad at me or hate me. I was picked on as a kid, so it isucks. However, I am learning that I really shouldn't care what people think. It seems like being popular, liked, or beautiful makes up how great a person is. The truth is, none of that matters if that person isn't happy. I would love not to care what people think and just be happy. The only thing I can tell you is, not everyone is going to like you. It sucks, but we can't please everyone all the time. Sometimes people can be just down right rude for no reason. One thing I have noticed, is the less you care what people think, the more you are respected. People like self confident people where respect is earned not given. If it makes you feel any better, I like you so far as a person. Your sensitivity is appreicated. Good luck.