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Similiar Movies In The Sifi Genre

Has Will Smith ruined Sci-Fi movies?

I personally like the original movie version of the "I am Legend".I'm thinking it was called "The Last Man on Earth",with the late,great Vincent Price.I hope I'm right in saying that this was the first movie version of the story,if not my apologies.I didn't care for the one with Charleton Heston in it(The Omega Man) as much though,but it was still a good film in it's own right.Basically what I'm getting at here is that movies evolve over time and while the remakes might not be our favorites,that doesn't make them bad movies.I seen Will smith in quite a few sci-fi movies and I've rarely been disappointed by his performances,except for "Men in Black 2".I just didn't like him in that one,don't really know why,but i didn't.Independence Day and I'Robot were great in my opinion though,so I guess it's just a matter of personal taste.I plan on seeing the movie with him in it that is based on "I am Legend"when it comes out,just to see if they did a good job with the story,not because he's in it.I think he was chosen for the roles he's played because he is considered by the public to be popular and a main stream actor.I'm sure that the could have been other actors(or actresses) who could have also done a great job in those roles as well,but that's why they have auditions,you know.By the way,just out of curiosity,who would you want in those roles?

Which genre of movies do you like the most?

I am a genre lover. I love to watch all kinds of movies from documentaries to fantasies. From animation to motion capture, from love stories to intense action flicks, from horror to intense dramas. I watch everything( at least I try to) until I am connected to the story of the movie.

What movies are similar to Lucy (2014 movie)?

Lucy is about a girl, who overdoses on a drug that unlocks her brain capacity. Slowly, as it reaches 100% we see that she becomes nigh omnipotent. The final scene indicates she becomes sort of an omniscient, and omnipresent AI (sort of like God).An obvious similar movie is Limitless (2011) which has already been mentioned. Other similar movies are:Ex Machina (2015): The story of an AI that gains sentience and consequently, survival instinctsTranscendence (2014): In the search for AI, a scientist becomes one with his creationThe Machine (2013): During the developments of efficient killers cyborg, one becomes sentient.

Any movies like 'Apocalypto' or 'Green Inferno' you can suggest?

Cannibal Holocaust - a must watch, The Green Inferno was inspired by it
Cannibal Ferox

What are some interesting philosophical sci-fi movies like The Matrix, The Terminator, and Minority Report?

I've got two films to put forward as part of my crusade, among many, to trumpet the talents of an up-and-comer who has distinguished herself as an actress and a writer.  Her name is Brit Marling.  She starred in and cowrote both of the following films from 2011.Another Earth-  The film is ostensibly about a second earth that has appeared in our orbit.  It seems to be an almost carbon (wink) copy of our own home.  But like most really good science fiction the film uses a contrivance to examine deeper philosophical questions.  What the story is actually about is the nature of second chances.  It ultimately asks a difficult question:  Are some acts, even accidental ones, beyond redemption?Sound of My Voice-  This is an exciting little thriller and one of the fun aspects of it is that you really won't know if you're watching a science fiction film or a story about a clever and charismatic hustler until the very end.