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Love-lost 8 months ago, felt empty ever since?

get a plant for a year. Then get a dog for a year. After that you can choose which one you want to date.

How much has your body changed after having a baby?

I am 21.

Well, I was a size 7 in jeans before. I was 110 lbs give or take and 4'11". I had a little bit of curves; it was nice.

Now my son is about 13 months old. I am 100 lbs. I am 5' 0" now. I have no curves. My hip bones sticks out a whole lot (weird). I am now a size 1 and 3 in jeans.

All my old clothes are huge on me. I suppose I lost a lot of my muscle during pregnancy since I didn't get to work out. Since then I have been lazy so I have not gained that muscle back. It is weird how I am not voluptuous and curvy like I thought I would be. I do know that everything depends on your DNA. My friend had a baby too and her tummy skin is so stretched out now and she has a ton of stretch marks, while me, myself, and I, have nothing. When I talk to new people and I say "My son....blah blah, whatever," they are like, "Your what?" LOL. Nobody can believe I have a baby. It is nice though, but I do miss my old body somewhat. My breast are not as perky anymore and they are softer, but it's ok. I am learning to love my new body and shape. Everyone else seems to like it, and some hate it, but who cares.

Some women get tons of stretch mark, while others don't. Some women have stretched out skin, while others don't. Some loose everything, while other keep everything.

One thing that can help is to not over-eat. The more you gain, then more you have to lose. I only gained 27 lbs. Just eat right, walk a lot, (I walked a ton until I gave birth), and don't over-eat. You only really need 300 extra calories a day. That is a small snack. I remember people at work telling me I need to eat more and I am not eating enough, but I only eat until I was full. So keep all that in mind. GL

I keep losing weight, even though I am 5 months pregnant. Is that okay?

Unless you're on medicaid (and even then you have options) I'd highly recommend seeing another physician. Your doctor should be your guide in this. While he shouldn't be your best friend, he should respect your concerns and not come across as a complete jerk or an ***.

You may be overweight, but you have a right to express concern. I have known women to lose a little bit of weight until the sixth month and still be okay. Try to get the book "What to Expect While You're Expecting" and "Eating Healthy While You're Expecting" by Heidi Murkoff. Both books contain a pregnancy diet and a good check list of what kinds of nutrition you should be hitting. Its possible you're not getting enough calorie-dense proteins, or perhaps with your morning sick tummy, you couldn't keep anything down.

I'm pregnant right now myself (22 weeks), and I'm not honestly sure how women lose weight while pregnant. I had to stop dieting and eat "normal" food and here I am almost six months along with a 25lb weight gain :(.. ah well. I wasn't exactly slim to begin with either.

No matter what though, find a good doctor. The first doctor I went to was a complete and total bully. She told me how my pregnancy was going to go and if I didn't like it, I could find another doctor. So I did just that. I finally found a terrific doctor - 100 times better than the first - who respects me and has never made me feel like my questions were stupid. In fact, he has gone out of his way to explain things to me.

Also, after you're done breastfeeding/nursing and have had your baby, email me. I lost 136lbs before the pregnancy (thus becoming fertile and now pregnant lol!) and we'll swap stories. I know exactly how tough it is to lose weight. Sometimes I think quitting smoking 10 years ago was easier.

Anyway, Best Regards.

PS > do you know what you're having? we're having a boy :)

Why did he react this way with me? Do you think I changed his feelings for me? PLEASE read and help!?

So I have been best friends and really close to this guy James for just over 2 years. We have crossed the line before but right now are friends due to issues that prevent us from being fully together but we love each other and have remained great friends. I have been dating someone for a short time and confided in my friend James about an argument I had with my boyfriend over the fact he saw a Valentines Day message from a guy I met while I was on vacation a few months back I hadn’t told James about this person but they were no big deal to me and that is why I never said anything. When I told him about the fight and what it started about with my boyfriend James got SO mad at me he was like “you never told me this, how am I supposed to trust you, how do you think this makes me feel – I really don’t understand why you are telling me this or what you want you are not happy with your boyfriend obviously so I really don’t understand you what are you doing I am so pissed I thought we were friends and tell each other everything….I can’t even talk to you right now, I have to cool down I need to go”

I asked to please talk it out with me but he just said “I really don’t want to hang up on you so please respect I have to calm down and go” So we hung up. But I did not expect that response from him I was just trying to vent to him but I felt bad he sound hurt under being so mad so I sent him a message just saying we are friends and while yes I am not completely happy with my boyfriend that what I want it to be with him (James) but that isn’t possible for us right now so what am I supposed to do but told him I do tell him everything that is why I was telling him this and I love him and please do not be upset.

He responded 45 minutes later and said “I’m ok now and just realized that you can do with your body and mind anything you want since I have no right over you at any rate I love you”

Since then we have talked back and forth as everything is fine – but I am lost as to why the REALLY strong reaction from him….we had agreed we could be friends but then his reaction seemed like maybe he was mad at me or why did he respond the way he did?

Money is the biggest desire of our life, every one seeks for money, Even the richest person seeks. It takes drastic change in people.Anyway I will not talk about the richest Person because I do not have any experience of that. I belong to lowest middle class family, where everyday we fight for money. Everyone thinks Money will solve his/her all problems but there is nothing like that even the richest person like Ambani and many are not happy. Money can fulfill your needs but not all needs. We know.Resources are limited and wants are unlimited.Well! Story of mine, till 12th standard I used to have no money. Like all parents my parents used to give me pocket money hardly ₹1000. And that was enough for me. Trust me I used to manage 1 month and that was not so challenging for me. Like all teenage guy I used to be very happy.It's 22 age of mine and it's been more than two years I started earning money. Apart from study I work in MNC. I earn ₹2,50,000 approx ₹20,000 per month. Trust me now it's not enough for me I need more money to fulfill my all needs. Few are pending few have fulfilled.Yes Money does change people. I used to be very happy when my parents gave me pocket money ₹1000 every month. And now I am not happy though I earn ₹1000X20. It became very difficult to manage, somehow I do and to be very honest I do not know money management. I am still learning.

Thinking about divorcing my wife ever since my car wreck nothing seems right....?

I was there after a hit and run got me on the sidewalk. Don't make that same mistake.
It will take 2 or 3 years before you can really accept the changes, at least it did for me, even after a year when I thought that I was doing ok.
And you adjust and accept that hey this is the way it is, and this is where I have to start over from, it starts to get better.
I was having strokes every few months and it just wasn't fair for my husband I thought. Leaving him, and taking away the burden, and my constant lashing out because I was mad at my body, the pain, and the limits my Dr's gave me.
But contrary to what the doctors told me I am walking, riding a bike (the immobility and good care made me 50 lbs heaver, and I've lost 18 of that.
I'll never be the same, and I look back at the lost of the relationship just as much as if it happened today. Even somewhat whole again, we talked of getting back together but I hurt him to much, and he is moved on and happy where he is now, and I'm happy for him. I just wish I'd have waited since I;m as close to the whole me feeling great about life again, more so because I've gotten to see how much of a blessing walking is even when it's painful.
Give it time. Then if you still feel the same leave, but leaving won't change what happened to you, I think in some twisted way I thought it would, crazy right?

How do I get my girlfriend to lose a few pounds?????

I've been dating my girlfriend for a about 2 months. When she was in highschool she played a bunch of sports but since college started the beer has gotten to her stomach and arms. She has very large breasts, but a tight butt and fit legs. As I said she has excess fat on her arms and midsection. If she lost some fat in these areas she would be a real trophy. I am a huge fitness advocate but how do I motivate her to go to the gym. I have to find a way to ask her in a nice way. Somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is my 4 months old not nursing as before?

My son is 4 months and a few days old....i have exclusively breast fed him from the very first day... I breastfeed him every three hours 10-15 minutes on each side. And everything was going along fine until a few days back.
He used to get restless while i was feeding him, then this restless thing started happening at every feed (he was fine a few initial minutes of feeding) this continued for 2-3 days. He nursed fine when he was sleepy though. Now from the past two days he latches on fine but will latch off and starts to cry after 5-7 minutes, he burps sometimes which explains his crying but sometimes he doesn't. And if i try to nurse him again he either starts to cry or if he latches on, will latch off after a few seconds, again takes the nipple in his mouth sucks for a while and then pulls back. He repeats this a few times and then starts to cry. If i start talking to him or play with him he is fine, put if i try to nurse him he starts to cry again. If i latch him on to the other side he repeats the same thing again.
I am worried sick now... why isn't he taking feed as before. I am afraid this will definitely have an affect on my milk supply. Has anyone experience this thing?? What should i do?? Please your opinion will be appreciated a lot. Help Please......