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Sister And Friend Made A Bet

I made out with my best friend's sister?

who your friends sister makes out with is going to happen based on her attraction for the individual she make out with not the association said individual has with her brother.. I bet when her shirt came off her brother was not on either of your minds. if you're a good friend her brother would prefer she date you than another guy anyway.

it is not wrong to like somebody because you know their relative unless their relative consider you a evil person or something but then of course if you were that evil you wouldn't be friends in the first place

Help! i made out with my best friend's sister?

so the other day my friend told me to come over to play basketball. i went to his house first assuming we would walk from there, but he and a couple other of my friends already left. anyway, when i walked in and he wasnt in his room, i asked his sister (shes 15, me and my friends are all 17) where he was. she told me but she also said her parents and him wouldnt be home for a little while. i seemed like kind of a weird comment so i was like "thanks" and was on my way out when she asked if i wanted to chill in her room. so i was like whatever and one thing led to another, she was being really flirty, and we started kissing. anyway, i kind of have a crush on her (shes really cute) but i didnt want anything to go any further (it could have! she was stroking around down there and i think she wanted to give me a bj. and trust me, it was tempting to stay lol but i was afraid my friends would walk in or something). so i got up and awkwardly apologized then just went home. now i dont know what to do! mikey has been my best friend since elementary school and ive known his family forever, i dont want things to be weird now. i dont think his sister will tell anyone, but im over at his house all the time and things will just be uncomfortable now. what should i do? i dont really want to tell him, but i feel kind of gulity. and honestly we didnt go past kissing!

I made out with my friends sister...I NEED HELP!!!!!!?

well my friends sister is HOT and one day i went to his house but he wasnt there his sister was..and she told me he was on his way i i waited she sat on the couch next me and we started talking ....and she told me that she liked me alot and wanted to have sex....and she asked if i wanted to have sex with her and i said yeah but thats my friend i want permission first and she said freak that and she jumped on me and we started making out and then we had sex..... we finished before my friend got back.... so .... i dont know what to do should i tell him? cause i really like her and want to take our relationship farther....what should i do?

Lost a bet with my sisters friend.?

I am a senior and my sister and her friend are both freshman. My sisters friend has a crush on me but i am not really interested in her because she is king of obnoxious and immature. Well my sister and iade a bet on a football game. If i won she would give me 50 bucks, but if i lost i would have to go to homecoming with my sisters friend. Well i was cocky so i said i will take the bet. unfortunity i lost. Now i have to go to homecoming with my sisters friend. Im kind of popular and its going to make me look bad. and im sure she is going to try to embarass me in front of my friends. So what should i do?

He made a bet with his friends on what do I do?

I found out that my boyfriend of 3 weeks bet his friends that he'd sleep with me whlie I was with him Saturday (which I didn't). I found out from his friend's girlfriend that he did this and tonight I'm going to his house and then to a movie with him. Should I give him another chance? He also told me he loved me right before we fooled around on Saturday. I am thinking this is what I'm going to say while we're at his house...
Do you like me?
Do you love me?
Okay. I'm going to give you a chance to explain before I jump to conclusions....
What do you think? I am passed the point of depression that he'd do something like that and now I just want to hit him...Thank you...tell me if you need more information and then put this question on your watch list or whatever...

My friend lost a bet, what should I make her do?

-The become my slave
- Sing to strangers
- ask people for their autograph
- ask people if they have seen her bear (or stuffed bear)
- have her speak in a baby voice for a week (or as long as the bet was...)
- if she hates dresses have her wear a dress everyday at school for a week
- have her wear unmatched DUCKTAPE on her pants
- have her wear ugly makeup (lipstick on forehead, something like that) for a week
- if she has a crush have her ask him out or something
- make her eat her least favorite food for a week
Stuff like that ;) if u choose this as ur best answer plz tell me which one(s) u picked :)

What is a good punishment for losing a bet?

Drink a Gallon of MilkGet a haircut from the winnerbe the winners personal Butler for a day (no weird/sex stuff)Chinese burn till tearseat a spoonful of cinnamonsnort salt up your noseeat a full bag of Haribo Gummy Bears - sugarless gummy bears contain a chemical that has a rather severe diarrhoea effect.forfeit a favourite item of clothing or collectable to be destroyed at the winners discretion$100 cold hard cash is always painfulstand 3m away and let the other person serve 5 ping pong (table tennis) balls at you as hard as they can - misses countThat should get you started…

I was caught in my sisters cloths?

me and my friend were playing b-ball so we made a bet and whoever lost had to wear ballet stuff and run up and down the block once i lost by 4 points and i went into my sisters room and put on her ballet slippers, tights, tutu, and leotard luckliy no one saw me when i was running up the block but when i was coming back into my house my sister had just came home and was standing at the front door. she pulled out her camera and took pictures then she got all mad and started calling me a freak when i was changng out of it my parents came home and i still hadnt took off the tights and slippers. and then my sister showed them the pictures my parents now think i like to wear girls cloths and even asked if i want to wear panties everyday. how do i convince my parents that i do not like wearing girly things

the exact things are was wearing was: tights, leotard, balet slippers, bra, tutu, and panties