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Skyrim Ps3 Language Change

Skyrim Dawnguard in another language. How can I change this?

Are you on PC, Xbox or PS3? Have you tried looking on Youtube for a tutorial? Or checking the Steam forums? (If you're on PC.) I've heard that in order to get an English version, you have to buy it from the US or UK. To get it in French or Spanish, you have to buy the European version. But I don't know if that's true. On console, though, there should be a "settings" option that will change it.

How to change language in Skyrim on the PS3?


I speak english and german. I live in germany. I bought the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim in germany, and started playing. Now, my PS3 was set to english, and when i started playing i noticed it was in FRENCH. So i kinda solved that problem by setting my PS3 to german, reinstalling the game-and then it was in german. Obviously the game doesnt have english, so when it noticed that my PS3 was set to english, it changed its language to the "second best" thing-french. So that was solved by setting my PS3 to german.

However, i would really prefer to play the game in english-my mother tongue- and german dubbing is just plain horrible in my opinion.

So my question is: is it possible to somehow download language packs or change the language some other way-WITHOUT sending the game back?

I will choose best answer carefully.

Thanks in advance.

Can you change the language in a PAL Skyrim PS3?

There's a cheap Skyrim online that I want to buy, but it's in French :/. Can I change the language to English, and will it work on NTSC despite being PAL?

How do i change ps3 game language?

i recently got skyrim and batman arkham city for ps3 from switzerland and the covers are in french and im not sure if the game would actually be in french or english and if i could even change them so can you please tell me if i could change the language or should i just return them, still havent opened tem without proper confirmation

How do I change the language in a game from Russian to English especially if the language as a value does not exist in the game subkey in Regedit?

Well every game has a different model for this so coming up with a universal solution is tough. Though all games read the language data from the registry. This trick here should change a program's default language right inside the registry so it should work with the most of the games. Follow the steps: Start > Run > regedit Find Folder named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > WOW64Node (something) Now you have to look for your game here {It will be easy if your lucky} Find entry name "Language" (duh!) and change it to "English" and "Local" to "EN" (it will be RU if the game is currently in Russian). This works with all the games I've played but I don't play that much I can be wrong. Cheers :)

Xbox 360: Is there possible to change language in Skyrim? (Im buying from

Hey I did a bit of looking around and apparently you can NOT change the language in skyrim for Xbox 360. Only on PC or on Steam.

Some guy on a forum wrote this:

"It seems that this isn't possible on the Xbox 360.

There is speculation that the language is actually on the disc but remains inactive. Bethesda has not officially commented on any of this though."

Better just buy an English copy. :)

EDIT: Also these other guys wrote this which makes a bit of sense:

"I wonder if they left this off accidentally in their efforts to get things compressed down enough to fit on a single disc for the 360. – Doozer Blake Nov 21 '11 at 20:06

Seems likely, the installation sizes are as follows: PC - 5.6GB, PS3 - 5.5GB, XBOX360 - 3.8GB. However, it doesn't seem a lot to ask for a subtitle translation. I'm unsure of the status of the PS3 languages, but I do know when selecting a new language for the PC version on Steam that it requires a 1.4GB download. I've not verified whether this is additional or a replacement, but as it seems there is no language selection option then I assume it's a replacement as I had to go through a verify/re-download of English game files to fix it also. – IttyBrittyGirlGamer Nov 21 '11 at 20:49"

So maybe there is not enough room on the disc for multiple languages?

Well here is a very cheap digital download for skyrim in ENGLISH LOL if you want to have a look:

It is ebay australia but they send you a code in email to download it on your xbox. :)

Can language be changed to English for Japan bought PS4 games?

This list is always updated, so you can visit this for reference.PS4 Japanese release games - English support list For the notes, most third party games from western developers support English/Japanese language, which means you can choose English as the game language. However, indie games might not get the same treatment, so some games will only have Japanese.

Possible race change for Skyrim on the xbox 360?

It is possible as i have found out but you have to extract the savegame.dat from the .exs file using either horizon or some other program and then open in hex workshop and you will see for instance "NORDRACE" then using an online hex converter find out the code for whatever in this case "HIGHELFRACE" then replace the code for nord with the high elf and save then inject back into the .dxs file and using any program you like rehash and resign. Hope this helps ya!