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So My Friends At School Make Fun Of Me Why

Why do my friends make fun of me for being a Christian?

I'm a 16 year old girl who was just rededicated and called to be in missions this past week. I've always been a die-hard Christian, but usually kept it to myself for fear of being made fun of. This past weekend I went on a church trip, and it changed my life. I learned how to witness and talk to people about God. I will admit that I am not the type of person that gets on spiritual highs. I thought I always knew what it took to be a Christian, and I didn't. That's why this weekend changed me. I hope to go to college for evangelism and missionary work and teaching. And my friends know this. I came to school today so happy because I felt like never before. I haven't cussed in a month. Go me!! But when I told one friend that I was called to missions he said "who called you? God? What's his number?" I disregarded it. I went to lunch and my bestfriend sat everyone down and said "I need to make an announcement. {insert my name} is a major Christian now so we can't cuss or talk about sex. We just have to listen to her boring christian stories." I wanted to cry. Yes, I know Jesus said we would be persecuted for out faith... But he never warned me those people would be my best friends? It's strange too, because most of them claim to be Christians. I'm starting to worry that I've become "too" Christian. Why do they make fun of me?

My friends make fun of me because of my nose?

Okay so I've always been a fairly confident person, and i know im not exactly the prettiest person around. Before i did used to get some compliments on my looks, but now suddenly I'm getting the opposite.

When I started secondary school, I got myself in a group of friends and i was really happy. However one day one of them made some remark like 'haha you and your big nose' and I was really taken aback by this because its not something I've ever had said. But all my other friends were laughing along which also shocked me. I assumed this would only be a one off and so I said nothing.
However then a couple of days later in PE we were doing stretches to see how far we could go and theme one of them said 'ah you'll reach it easily with your nose' which really annoyed me so i was like "what?" quite defensive and she was like oh nothing..
It's also moved onto my nostrils, and i swear i heard one of them say 'gorilla nose' which really hurt.

I confronted them about it and told them how the one thing i was insecure about is my nose, but they never stop. I even confided in another girl about it and she spoke to them. Did it work? No.

Now another thing they do is when they have photos of me, they"ll zoom in on the nose and start laughing.. they show bad pictures to everyone, making sure everyone at school sees and even to people who are my friends that they barely know!

What im wondering is, are these real friends? If they are my besties then why do this, especially when.i told them how I feel.
They have made me so insecure and in every photo i see of myself I always just look and see this massive nose.. I get so upset.. I've been looking at nose jobs and everything because it just depresses me to think ill have this forever.

I really don't know how to stop them doing this to me? When things are going good they always throw in a joke which ruins It. I hate it. Help.

My friends make fun of me because im rich?

Same thing with me. All my friends are on scholerships, while I live in a nice house. You would never know by looking at my family that we were rich, we are down to earth people who happened to hit the big time.
My friends call me rich all the time and I feel like i can never get excited about any new thing thats a bit expensive because theyll roll their eyes, or i always have to say how i get my clothes cheap from tjmaxx or something (which i actually do)
what i found is just being straight up with them. Is it fair that the good looking kids are so good looking? And point out how you make your OWN money. If they see how down to earth you are, i hope they will take you seriously for YOU not your parents wealth.
(and i always say 'my PARENTS are rich, not ME)
it will always be a bit hard (it still is for me) because you cant get excited about nice things, but you cant feel bad that your parents did so well in life
good luck!

If these people are bullying you, which is what it sounds like, I’d check with the guidance counselor to learn what types of interventions are in place which deal with bullies.I’m sorry they are doggin you. Kids who do these things, are kids who have alot of personal problems in their own lives. I hope you remember that, and don’t believe the negative things they are saying about you.While you feel comp!sson and pity for them, feel sorry for their futures too. Then, be done with them, and find other people to make friends with.

What do you do if your girlfriend's friends make fun of you?

There was this girl I knew throughout high school. She and I never really talked and if we did she usually asked what the homework was since I was a very studious type. One time I overheard her talking about me with her friends and they called me a ,"common nerd who borders upon a loser." It didn't really hurt since I hear that a lot but I just shrugged it off.

I started working out a lot and my acne magically disappeared when I went to college. I also got contacts my senior year. Eventually I went to college and she was there as well. Again we didn't talk but then I go the courage to ask her out on a date since in the end, I really liked her despite her opinion of me. At first she was like, "No... not really interested." Since the men in my family are known to love challenges, I wasn't about to disappoint. I eventually convinced her to go with me to a planetarium show. She said originally she was only going with me to be nice but I took it anyway. She really enjoyed it then we went to more together, and I took her to go rock climbing and to the archery range. She eventually agreed to be my girlfriend.

Her friends however laugh at me all the time even if she tells them to stop. I look nothing like someone who would fit in with them. I keep my hair in an old fashioned Gatsby type with colored sweaters. She jokingly tells me I look like a nerd who shops at Forever 21. Her friends are your stereotypical, "Swaggots." They make fun of the fact that I can't dance or that I know very little about cars. Every time I go with her and her friends are around, they crack a joke when she's not around. They say things like, "Hey man you look like a straight up b*tch you know that?" They even call me a p*ssy or a f*ggot nerd because I like intellectual conversation. I am not a combatant type but I will get physical if I have to but they never did that. It's really hard for me if her friends have a severe dislike for me. What do I do? I really love her and we've been going out for a year now. Should I be more combative to her friends or would that only hurt the relationship?

Here's her tumblr

My dear 13 year old young man,I want you to know that the two people you call your friends, are two very messed up boys with a lottttt of negativitity in them and you must try hard to stay away from that kind of energy and also they're not your friends! You know this already though, don't you?They are bullies; and they don't want anything good to ever happen to you. But then again, if they're 13 then chances are they talk like that about every girl; words like 'slut' and 'hoe' are new and they probably use them often. But that does not mean, its a good thing.You hangout with them and you clearly think its a bad thing. And you are right, they are wrong to say such things about your sister; and your pants. They shouldn't be saying stuff like that about anyone infact!Now what you should be doing is telling your parents and your teacher about them; might seem awkward in the beginning, might even feel like the worst thing to do. But no, it isn't; listening to them repeat this everyday to you would be the worst thing you can do to yourself and indirectly your sister. Do the right thing young man. I already think you're great though! :)Edit : You can wear the same pants how may ever times you please, many people do that; I do that. Pants are meant for repetition. Just keep it hygenic though :)

It sounds like you feel that the situation could have been handled better.You’re not bad people. Everyone has to learn how to handle difficult situations. And, even if you get very good at it, there will always be really hard challenges, which you will get wrong. Then, afterwards, things will occur to you that might have helped resolve the situation.I feel that the way forward is to make an effort, to do a little better next time. You don’t need to take it as the world’s most serious thing. After all, making mistakes is often the only way to learn. But notice where you are using crutches or making excuses that you don’t actually believe. You can be a mature person, even if you are young.It’s very easy to see other peoples’ mistakes. It’s very hard, sometimes, to see your own. It looks like you have noticed the similarity between your own behavior and the thing that upset you. However, just because there are some similarities doesn’t mean there aren’t also very important differences. As you experience more of these confusing situations, you may learn to see more nuances and use your judgement— although again, it is important not to use these things as crutches that you don’t actually need.Often, you will need the crutch for a while, and then you’ll outgrow it. Your level of woke-ness will also depend on the context and community that you are presently in. Sometimes it will be best to go with the flow, but if you have some sway, you will know when it’s time to suggest a new practice for growth in maturity and dignity.If you want to help your friends tone it down, you can start with your own experience. If you say “I don’t choose to make fun of him, I don’t enjoy it”, then they can’t really disagree with that. If you say “We shouldn’t make fun of people” then they will likely be triggered to disagree or misunderstand you.It’s great that you have reached out for help— but even this is not a perfect solution. Not all of the advice you get will be good, and even if it works for them, you are your own and you get to decide what works for you. All the best!

My friends make fun of me for wearing makeup?

I'm in eigth grade and I wear concealer, powder, blush, mascara, and eye shadow. It looks natural and pretty. Other girls in my grade and even some of my friends will sometimes comment about my makeup, not to hurt my feelings, but it still does. They'll say things like, "How much mascara do you put on..?" or "Why are you wearing so much powder?" or "Stop putting on all your makeup.! OMG You look fine you don't need it."
But all my friends are naturally tan and have long eyelashes and don't have a spot on their face. I have lots of dark marks, some ance scars, redness, and freckles. It's not super bad and I'm using things to treat it & and have seen a dermatologist, but I just feel like makeup makes me feel so much prettier and confident. What do I do?

Been there, and probably I'm still there. I'm attending a college full of high achieving, high IQ, hard ( and I mean really hard) working people.I ask a lot of questions during the lecture. On one incident, around the 30th question I asked about the subject, one guy could not take it any more and burst out "And why the hell computers were invented 30 years ago?". Whole class started laughing... On an another incident; after I asked my question,  the young teacher said "Guyz, these are not that hard, don't ask stupid questions!" with a very naive surprise (I'm assuming).I have never been a guy who gets angry when humiliated. I don't know why, but I just do not care. But they should care. Why ? because these people lack interpersonal communication skills. Which is very much required later in life for happiness. They will learn how to behave the hard way. When they realize, later in life, people are usually self absorbed and don't pay attention to others who offend them. Which means those people will have hard time in business, and in their relationships with family members.For give yourself. In my case, I'm surrounded by smartest people in the world and I'm not very bright. And this is okay. Don't get back at people. This will not solve anything. They will continue to break your heart and it will become more frequent. Getting get back at people will make you relaxed and happy for a second. Then what ? Those people will become your enemy. They won't forget how you broke their heart and made them feel. And they will get back at you by breaking your heart every chance they get. Because they are insecure, they feel anger, they are emotional. They are not better than you are and they know it or they feel it ( which is much more worse ). And lastly, do not talk to people who constantly makes fun of you and break your heart. If you have to, be serious, be short in your interactions, and don't laugh at their jokes. They make jokes. Because they want to be loved by other people. Do not give your love to people who do not deserve it by breaking your heart.Wish you all the luck from my heart.