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So This Is The Life Of A Man

What do you want to be in your next life - a man or a woman or anything else and why?

A cat. Taylor Swift's cat.It's no secret that Taylor Swift is a proud cat lady. She often takes Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson with her when she ventures out, and she documents their lives on her social media accounts. And those pictures and videos give us just a glimpse at how much Taylor loves her kitties and gives them a life of luxury. Rides on a private jet?Monogrammed kennels? Cuddles with Taylor's cute brother, Austin? Where do we sign up?1 That moment Olivia got adopted and realized her life got a whole lot better2 When Olivia got to ride in Taylor's private jet3 When they let Taylor take vintage-style photos of them4 When their kennels were more stylish than any of your handbags5 When Meredith's namesake left Instagram comments for Taylor about her6 When Olivia got to (not actually) wake up like this7 When Meredith got to hang out in a shoe collection that costs more than your yearly rent8 When Olivia got to snuggle up with Taylor's adorable brother, Austin9 When Meredith gets to hang out with Taylor on the regular11 When Meredith came home with Taylor and got to be her new roomie12 When Meredith gets to take tons of selfies for Taylor's millions of fans to see13 When Meredith got to hang out with even more expensive shoes14 When Meredith got to spend a lazy day like this15 When Meredith got to watch TV on a giant screen in a beautiful room16 When Meredith gets to spend her days rolling around on Taylor's plush bed17 When Meredith got face to face with musical genius Ed Sheeran18 When they get to hang out in Taylor's Christmas wonderland19 When Olivia curled up in a chair more beautiful than anything you own.20 When Meredith gets to hear all Taylor's music in progress before anyone else21 When Meredith and Olivia got to hang out with Calvin HarrisCan't I be so lucky?I'm a cat person and I love Taylor Swift too. So for me being her cat is a dream and that's what I want to become in my next life.Image sources:Instagram User: Taylor_SwiftTwitter User: AustinSwift7

How can I become a rich man from a very poor life?

Okay, so you are living a poor life but you want to know how to become a rich man?? I would first start with your job what skills do you possess where you could earn significantly more money a year?? You need to find a job that will increase your paychecks. Than you should start investing your money in a mutual fund and own stocks, make sure to do your research. I highly recommend that you save some money as well. Don’t try any get rich schemes either. If it sounds to good to be true than it’s probably a scam. Try to circulate around other very wealthy successful people and you can learn a lot from them about business and how they increase their own money.

Would you prefer to come back in your next life as a man or a woman? Why?

I again want to come back as a man , if coming back is really real and if I will be the same person at heart :) The reasons are.I am not as strong as a woman needs to be .I am not as tolerant as a woman has to be in this society. I cannot afford to get married at the age of below 25I cannot afford to get killed in my mother's womb.I cannot endure a scenario where nobody likes my existence as everybody wished a male child.I cannot grasp the fact that I can't marry again if my husband is dead.I cannot tolerate anyone speaking to me - “Education is not your thing. You must learn cooking.”I don't want to suffer acid attacks. I don't want to get raped. I don't want to be treated brutally.Hats off to women. They tolerate so much right away from their birth. This is something incredible. Our society is so cruel. Yet I wish to be a man again. I already said, I am not as strong as a woman needs to be :(

I feel so depressed because there's no man in my life?

at 18 i dint have a bf, i dindt have a real bf until i was 21...

enjoy your teens, why get messed up by a guy so early....

men are overrated, if i was 18 again, im 29...i would be focusing on school, what i want to do with my life, and men woudl be the LAST thing on my mind...they are really overrated...

men dont make you happy, this i know after have 3 long term bfs...they dont make youhappy....

enjoy being single ans 18, go travel, part a little bit, get good will fall into your lap in time....NEVER EVER appear desperate, dont call them let them call you and if you meet someone who you like and see him and he doenst call you, dont call him a million times...make him want you.

Who Carries the seed of life the man or the woman?

we have an argument going on here my wife says that women are the bearers of life but I say that men are ,,,the sperm of a man actually swims around and are alive already,,,, the woman only Carry's an unfertilized egg and it has no life so who's right me or her?

Why is life so unfair for men & boys?

With respect to human males (men and boys),

We're seen as objects to be used & thrown. We're the ones meant to sacrifice our lives
for the society. We're the ones who are considered to be the biologically disposable and
evolutionarily expendable gender. We're the ones who HAVE to be successful and have
accomplishments on highly-paying fields. We're the ones who have to provide resources
for the family, irrespective of whether the female spouse makes more money or not. We're
the ones who DIE THE MOST, be it in wars, in battlefields, in violent protests & clashes,
in hospitals, through diseases, through protecting & sacrificing, etc.

We're seen as ''sperm packets'' by modern women, girls and feminists. The divorce &
custody courts are stacked against us. We get more punishments than women for the
SAME crime committed. When we earn less than women; when discrimination happens
to us; when male fetuses are PURPOSEFULLY aborted by women; when special quotas,
laws, affirmative action policies & single-gender facilities for women & girls, HEAVILY
OUTNUMBER those for men & boys, we're just told to suck it up & suppress our feelings
& emotions, without even being able to ask for our genuine needs & rights.

Women STILL have value for their lives. If they're not successful but have good looks,
they can marry a rich person & settle down. If they have neither, they have their
reproductive ability to bank upon for their ''usefulness'' in society.