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Sounds Stupid But I Dont Know What Kind Of Television Package I Have With Uverse How Do I Find Out

I dont know if this opportunity still exists but 7 years ago NASN - The North American Sports Network launched in Europe.  Initially, they were able to secure rights to broadcast some college football and NHL in Europe along with some less popular sports.  Eventually this was sold to ESPN and its now known as ESPN America in Europe.  Are their markets that major sports leagues don't have access to today?  Maybe not but I haven't really looked at it.I forgot to add this at the time but there is a UK-based company called Perform that has been buying up obscure rights to popular and obscure sports leagues.  For example, they are able to buy the online rights for the English Premier League in Ghana or other countries that follow the EPL heavily.  Any of these rights individually aren't worth very much but a portfolio of these rights across dozens of sports and geographies become very interesting.

It’s hard to evaluate presidents these days now with Trump. On the other hand Obama was coronated because of his awesome potential. “Potential” simply because he had no qualifications or experience. And yet he was given a Nobel Prize for what he “would do.”And in the end what he did was jack shit. Liberals tripped over themselves saying how he was a transcending figure. That he was the only one who could work with Republicans. And when he got in office to the shock of his disciples he didn’t have the skills to do anything. Yeah Republicans were obstructionist. Um. Well no shit. That fact wasn’t a mystery to anyone with any sense. That’s what they do.Obama was a decent person albeit a little too enamamored with his own greatness. But he was a mediocre president. His only legislative accomplishment was Obamacare and that’s a cobbled together barely coherent plan that gave more people insurance at the involuntary expense of the people who actually had good insurance. It was a good deal for the folks who couldn’t get their shit together enough to get insurance. Bad for everyone else.I thought Bill Clinton was an immoral imperfect person. But he was a far better president than Obama. Clinton thought he knew everything, did know everything, and more importantly knew how to get it. Obama thought he knew everything, didn’t, and didn’t know how to accomplish anything of substance.Obama is given sainthood today simply because the distance in humanity between him and the Orange Oompa Loompa is so vast. But he doesn’t deserve those accolades. Being a good man, father, and husband is not enough. I’m all of that. But being a good president is doing the work that needs to be done. He didn’t do it. And it doesn’t matter how much his still fawning disciples keep comparing him to Trump. That’s simply not the measure. Richard Nixon and LBJ were both loathsome human beings. But outside Watergate for Nixon and Vietnam for LBJ they were very good presidents policy and legislative wise. So under that kind of measure they are far ahead of dignified, moral do nothing Obama.