Suggest Me A Brand Name For My Business

Suggest me a good new brand name for rice?

Hi! Squadhelp can help you come up with your business name. You can learn more about naming styles here - 5 Styles of Effective, Evocative Names for Your Business. But in the end, your name needs to be a productive communication tool that aligns with your value proposition and your brand.

I am starting a clothing business. Any brand name suggestions? I would like my name 'Isha' to be in the brand name.

I would see if Isha - Meditación y retiros México Uruguay Chile or is for sale.if not then you could try coming up with some good brand about ring to it)good lucksohail roshni

Suggest me some names & a punch line for my business which deals in mattresses, pillows, cushions etc.?

Lavish Plush - we're all about the fluff.

Can you suggest a few names for my brand new mens shoes and accessories company? I am looking for an eye catching brand name which shows some kind of masculinity!

Maybe something like a classic sounding man’s name, such as:Arthur Wright Footwear (half a right, half a left)orMatzeliger - taken from Jan Ernst Matzeliger the inventor of the lasting machine which revolutionised the shoe making industry.Stand Tall (you would be proud to wear Stand Tall shoes)It would have to be something you found suitable also.When I'm not on Quora I often spend my time here - Company, Brand & Business Name Ideas by Experts it's a crowd sourced website which offers brand and company names, logos, domain names and more. Obviously because I'm affiliated with them it will benefit me if you use them. Because they are crowd sourced they have no need to hire professionals yet there are many thousands of very creative people at your disposal. At the end of the day the naming or branding is very important in a competitive market, Squad Help is cheap and has been proven to be very effective.My advise is if you do decide to use this service spend time to communicate with the creatives to get the best results.They also offer free advise on how to come up with you own name, on the site.Best of luck

What can be the brand name for a men's clothing business? I am starting a clothing business and I confused with the brand name. What are some suggested names?

Maybe you can use some ideas like:Use other languages names. For example: “Forte” in portuguese means “strong”. You can use something like: Caverna, Gato, Tronco, etcUse mythological names like: Zeus, Bacco, Apollo, Seth, Rama, Poseidon, etc.Try using your own name (several brands do that i.e. Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, etc). Actually, your name is already a super name for your brand: Yash Vora. Or even Yash V.Try mixing meaningful words: For example, the name of the company where I work is Statusbrew, because we are a platform that helps people to post their status on the social media.Hope you find this useful!

What is the best name for a rice business?

Rice To the TopEarly Ricers1000 of SomethingBet You Can’t Eat Just OneRice and ShineRice GirlsNew Way to WokRice Up Your LifeRice Will SufficeThe Human RiceWok Like a ManMy God Given RiceRice Out the DoorRice to the OccassionWok the Line


A large industrial group is all set to enter into real estate development bussiness that invovles construction of mega housing scheme ,multi storey building etc. Think out of the box and propose a brand name. Easy to verbalize, ambasaddar of the company's vision and mission.

Suggest a business name for new IT (Software Development) company?

we two friends starting a new IT (Software Development) firm. I am much confused to give a business name. I tried many names but all are unavailable.
At final I selected CORIT.COM but it is unavailable.

We provide mainly web and windows based solutions, but in future want to expand to all technologies.

How about Search Engine Friendly common names having "i", "info", "soft", "tech", "data" words as prefix or suffix or in between?

But I want to go with simple and short names.
eye-catching, unique, remember-able, attractive.
Don't bother if it has no meaning but can have above criteria
like Google, Yahoo, Corit, Wipro, Idea, Digg, Orkut, Flicker, Myspace.. etc.

Can u suggest me some nice brand name for shirts?