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Suggestions On Infant Carseat

Where can i get a free infant car seat?

Try going to your local Police Station or Highway Patrol office Sometimes they have child safety programs you can take advantage of. If that dosen'twork,go to your local welfare office and ask them to point you in the right direction. Good Luck.

What is the best way to fly with an infant car seat base?

I'm surprised you're checking the seat, unless maybe this is a lap baby scenario.I would very strongly recommend you wrap it with something at least or keep the padding with you so it won't be made filthy.  I'm sorry I can't recommend or advise against a carrying bag. I know they exist but I've never owned one and I don't know how good they are.Be aware that your stroller and seat may get destroyed.  I'm not saying that will happen, but it's possible, and it's a good idea to have a plan B in that event.  Delta destroyed my nice umbrella stroller and it cost me a lot to replace it in New York, where the cab fare to the store was more than twice what the crappy replacement I got was worth.  They refused to compensate me, too.  If this is domestic travel that may not matter but international involves very very long walks and lines.  It's something to consider.

I need car seat suggestions!?

I have an evenflo infant car seat for my son. It only holds up to 22 LBS. He is now 21.7 LBS and I need to make the transition into a new car seat. Money is a bit tight so I need something under $130. But the real problem is that he is 7 months and won't be able to use a forward facing seat for a year. Our car is also a 2 door and I'm not able to get in the back seat with his car seat in the middle of the car. So, does anyone have any suggestions of something that still has a base and a separate carrier that we can hook him up in before we get into the car? Because we can't get in the back seat to put him in a seat. does that make sense? If you're confused, just ask me..


Which convertible infant car seat fits best in a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

Which convertible infant car seat fits best in a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?My 9 month old son still needs to ride rear- facing until a year old. There is not much room to be able to get him in and out in the graco convertible seat that we purchased. Any suggestions....?

How long does a baby use an infant car seat?

my partner and I bought an infant car seat and stroller travel system and I didn't think about the baby will outgrowing the car seat and then the new car seat will not fit into the stroller so I an not sure of what to do. If he will be able to use the stroller without fussing at the time we get a new car seat I think we will just use what we have, but if he is going to Outgrow the car seat too quickly then we might want to look into the other options. So I guess my question is do they make travel systems with car seats that will last longer then the infant car seat? How long does a baby use an infant car seat? How do you know when your baby has out grown their car seat?

Do infant car seats expire?

Ah, yes, indeed. Do be sure to refrigerate the damn things. Can't tell you how many irresponsible parents I've seen who believe it perfectly acceptable to let their children simply sit in silence as the very plastic of their chair dematerializes into the nearest wormhole. Those things are strong, you know. One shan't be oblivious to the fact that inter-dimensional travel is strictly prohibited in the United States. And what kind of mother would you be if your child grew up speaking Fangmendese (the language of the country from the alternate reality, you ignorant diploid) and spent their entire life attempting to find you, only to discover that you speak simple English? That's what I thought. Buy a new seat already, for Kneebuckler's sake. Your offspring's life is not worth the risk.

What Infant Car Seats are compatible with Eddie Bauer Strollers?

I have an Eddie Bauer Stroller (I got it for a steal at a local consignment sale) but need to find a car seat that it is compatible with because it didn't have a car seat with it. It looks like it was originally part of a travel system so I know that there has to be a compatible car seat for it. Does anyone know what brands are compatible with Eddie Bauer Strollers?

Which airlines will let you use car seat for your "infant in arms" if there's an empty seat next to you?

No matter what you are advised about this-- even if you call the airline and they say its OK to take over the extra seat-/ expect the stewardesses and gate checkers to argue and question it.When I flew with my son I had paperwork demonstrating that my carseat was FAA certified AND I had bought a ticket for my son.  They still tried to force me to check the seat.  My son was 6 months old and wasn't sitting up yet-- it was absurd.  Basically, assume nothing, and don't arrive with too many carryons or an oversize carryons or the pressure to check it will be even greater.You didn't say if you'll be alone but be aware that carrying a baby plus a carseat plus a carryon is probably impossible for one person. Print out any written policy from the airline website and bring it with you.  Also, do not assume this is likely to work out because many planes fly very full these days. Do not assume that other passengers will move over to help you use the extra seat.  Flying brings out the worst in people because its uncomfortable and miserable.In my opinion, you're better off buying your baby a ticket just to avoid the discomfort and stress.  After all, If he pukes or has a diaper blowout, you'll probably both be sitting in it with nowhere to go.