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Teacher Flipped On My Friend And He Got Suspended Is This Fair

My Son was suspended from school (Details inside)?

Schools have ridiculous policies on fighting nowadays. I know that at my high school, you would get suspended for any sort of fighting even if it was purely self defense. I am 19, and not a father, but I believe you did the right thing by not punishing your son. He has every right to stand up for himself and to teach that kid a lesson, especially since the school didn't give him any disciplining.
You should probably talk to the principal again, but more calmly. By now they aren't going to change their decision unless that kid admits to calling your son the N word, but it will make YOU feel better and I bet it will make your son feel better knowing that his dad is behind him 100%, which seems to be the case. Also, it would be good to make sure that his absence doesn't make him fall way behind in school, so maybe you could get his assignments from his teachers?
It sucks things have to work out like that. You seem like a great guy and I think your son absolutely did the right thing.

Side note: Is it just me, or is it weird that having a zippo is a MUCH more severe sentence than fighting?

2nd side note: Looking at everyone else's answers, I am amazed at how insensitive they are. Of course that kid deserved to get his *** kicked!

Need serious help with a teen PRANK!!?

My daughter is graduating Jr. High and every year they pull a prank on the principal, etc. Last year it was shaving cream under door handles and things like that. PLEASE give me some NEW ideas that are NOT ILLEGAL and that other students will talk about for years!

Is it fair that I got expelled?

Ok this happend to me well over a year ago my teacher was bringing in a tv and we thought we were going to watch something but he said it was for the next class so everyone was "aw..." but I said "aw you suck" and he flipped out so I had to talk to the principal and I tried to explain myself that I was just fooling around and it slipped out but the principal didn't even care neither did the teacher I thought I was going to get a dettention but I get suspended for four days?? Also it wasn't outside suspension it was inschool suspension I know it dosent sound like a big deal but I missed some important homework and tests All I'm saying the punishment didn't fit the crime that's all but what do you guys think?

Funny/embarrassing spider stories?

Well, it wasn't a spider.....
So my family and my inlaws had this progressive dinner for my sister and her husband's we had the appetizers at our house, the real food at the inlaws house, then the dessert at the inlaws other side of the family-'s house. When we were on our way to where the real food is at, my other sister (not the one whose annniversary it was) and her husband and their daughter joined my parents and i for the ten minute drive. Well my sister is 26 and her husband is like 30/31, and their daughter (my sister's STEP daughter) is 10. I'm 14. And so we get there, and when i get out of the car, i accidentally let a moth or mosquito in and im like "CRAP. i let a bug in! oh well, itll die in like 5 minutes.....We get inside the house. we eat, we talk. then rush outta their to head for some dessert at the other side's house. When we are 1 minute down the road, my sister told me to turn the light on in the car to see if her nails got all messed up cause she did SOMETHING idk. then she was done and was gonna turn the light off-reached up- saw a HUMUNGOUS mosquito-moth, and went "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" I looked up and so did my niece and at the same time we were like "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!".....Well, my sister's husband was like "AW you guys are big babies. its a little bug, it aint gonna hurt...." WELL. Mind you, HES A BIGG GUY. He's no wimp. He tries to grab the beast and it falls to the ground. making all of us, but him, SHRIEK. He goes to grab it with his bare hands off the ground and we all scream again. So he's holding it in his hand, then swipes it to the ground, swinging his hands everywhere like "AAAAH!" and we scream AGAIN then go "what?! why'd you throw it?!" and he was all "IT BIT MEEE! OH GOD THAT HURTS.."

Hahahahahahahahahaha this all took place in like 1 minute....sorry its so long though! had to be sorta descriptive:)

Is it a good idea to skip two days of school (a Thursday and a Friday) to go help with Hurricane Michael relief? My church is sending 'weekend' teams to help an area I am very emotionally attached to, but I am worried about my grades.

Talk to your teachers, see if you can arrange an independent study for those two days. You’ll probably have to report on your experience, perhaps write a paper.Here’s a deep secret. The school doesn’t care beans about your not being there, EXCEPT for that fact that they don’t collect state money for the days you’re not. An independent study satisfies the state’s requirements and the school collects their money. I stayed home almost one full year in High School, and read Steinbeck.