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The New Ap Really Worth It

Are AP Classes Worth It?

Yes, AP classes are definitely worth it. I took three AP classes during my high school years and now that I am in college, there are some classes I don't have to take (which saves me a lot of money).

However, I wouldn't suggest taking four AP classes in one year. Why don't you spread them out between your senior and junior years? Not only would you have to spend around 90 dollars for each exam, but it's a large amount of work. You don't want to chance lowering your GPA by getting too overwhelmed by your work load.

Is AP World History worth it ?

I am currently in AP World History but debating if the class is worth my time and frankly, metal health. Let's just say, my teacher makes it well known that it's very slim for people to get A's. This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have trouble adjusting freshman year, leading to my 3.4 GPA ( but 3.9 something HPA.):

This is not my first time taking an AP class, but my teacher last year basically hadn't actually taught the subject before. Despite that, I was one of the few that passed the AP exam and thought that AP World wouldn't be so difficult because the instructor's know what they're doing But so far, the class has absorbed all my time and is affecting my other classes as well. With that said, ( and all the multiple hours spent writing notes and reading chapters) the highest grade I've gotten on a test is an 80. Apparently, this was the easiest test of the year, which is not a great sign.

I talked to my guidance counselor, and she said that not having an AP class sophomore year when I had one freshman year, will not look so great. Then again, if I take one this year, then it will look bad if I don't take one next year and the cycle continues. I am also wondering if it's worth to take it at the expense of all my other classes and GPA. Also, is it required to take AP World in college? Though, I like the teacher and the material is interesting I just don't know if it is worth all the effort. It's not as if the college board will know that my B was one of the highest grades in the class, they'll just see the B. I wouldn't be so freaked out if i didn't need a scholarship and apparently scholarships are based on GPA, not HPA. My plan was to boost up my GPA this year and then take multiple AP classes at once junior year ( to be specific AP US , AP Psychology and probably something else.)
It seems, World History won't fit with this plan.

So, should I stress out to show that i can handle difficulty, or relax a little a bit to boost my GPA and then go on to take multiple AP classes junior year ( which I will do either way.)

Should I take AP Capstone? Is it worth it?

AP Capstone is a great program, but it isn’t for everyone.First, you have to consider the extrinsic value of the course:Is the extra point on your GPA worth it (assuming that you do well and assuming that you need to be worried about your weighted GPA since some universities don’t want a weighted GPA)?Will this count for college credit depending upon where you go? Will it count for the right kind of credit? It counts in most universities in California, but when I last checked it was a “G” requirement (an elective) instead of counting as an English class.If you get the Capstone Diploma, what will that get you? When I piloted the program, we didn’t know much about the diploma.Second, you have to think about the intrinsic value of the course:Most students, upon graduating from high school, haven’t done as much college-level writing as they’re expected to have done. My seniors balk at getting a 1,500 word paper. That astounds me. Some of my Quora answers run that long and take me maybe an hour to write. The Capstone experience gets you writing well beyond that amount.You’ll also be crushing the competition in college when it comes to research. You won’t be using the randomly sourced blog articles or Wikipedia some of your college peers will be laughed at for citing. You’ll understand how to get to the “good” material. You’ll understand how to contextualize your sources in a meaningful way.You’ll also understand how to pace yourself. You’ll be forced to write as a process instead of belching forth a misshapen horror of a paper the way a lot of students do when they scramble at the last second to write a paper.Third, you have to think about the investment you’ll be making:This is a college level course. You’ll be expected to do a lot of reading and writing outside of class.You’ll be using up one of your class slots on your schedule.You run the risk of not passing the assessments and not getting any kind of meaningful reward.Remember that AP courses aren’t necessarily what we think they are. Taking a ton of AP doesn’t mean that you’re getting into the college of your choice, but not taking any courses that challenge you is a sure way not to get into the college of your choice.I had a great group of kids when I taught the class. Even most of the ones who didn’t pass did great work. If it weren’t for the fact that my school does a terrible job of supporting innovative programs, I would still be teaching it today. Alas.

Is taking AP Spanish worth it?

I'm a Junior in high school and right now I'm taking Spanish 2. Last year in my Sophomore year I took Spanish 1 because all of my 8th grade teachers thought it would be a good idea, and was helping up with our Schedule for our Freshmen year of high school. Now, I kind of regret not taking Spanish 1 my freshmen year because I have to either Skip Spanish 3 or go Straight to AP Spanish. Right now, I'm getting tried of Spanish. Plus, the teacher isn't very good. Which makes it difficult, yeah she's nice. But she's not good. It's mostly the nice teachers who aren't too good at my school. But the strict nice teachers they teach you well. I know it's strange, but it's seems true.
So, is taking AP Spanish worth it? Will I have to take it again in College? I'm not majoring in Spanish. I'm going into the technology field.

BQ: Will taking AP Government be worth it too? But to get in the class we have to do Community Service over our Summer vacation or during the school year to finish early.
If I don't take AP Government in high school will it come back to haunt me in college?
As in will I have to take a Government class in college and will I have to do court cases along with it?
Thanks in advanced.

Is it worth joining the VIT AP for the CSE?

Yes you can go for it. But remember you will get a very tough competition from Chennai and Vellore campus students. So if you have decided then it's really a good choice because if you will perform exceptionally brilliant in your field then being a CSE student you can get much more than other students. It's correct that campus is preferred and it matters a lot but you have faith and confidence in yourself and in your academics and skills then you can also give them a tough competition. The main thing is that look straight forward towards your aim and tool hard for it.Hope this helps. All the best.

Is AP Human Geography worth it?

Right now, I'm starting to choose my high school courses.

I want to take AP Human Geography next year in 9th grade, but I don't know if it's worth it. If I do take it, I'll have a smaller chance of having room to take AP Chemistry. Iif I don't take AP Human Geography, I'll definitely be able to take AP Chem in senior year. However, there's another part. I want to test out of Japanese 1 so I only need to take 3 years of Japanese to get to Japanese 4. If I do take AP Human Geography, I'll most likely take the test next year instead, which gives me a higher chance of passing. If I don't take AP Human Geography, then I'll take the test out test in about a month, and I'm not sure if I'll pass or not.

Also, my counselor tells me that colleges recommend 4 years of social studies; our school requirement is 3. If I drop AP Human Geography, I'll have 3 years of social studies. Do you think that matters?

Thanks for any answers!

Is it even worth it taking AP classes senior year?

There are a few main reasons to take AP courses:
1. To learn more and be challenged. (good at any grade level)
2. To pad your GPA if you school/district gives weighted grades for AP courses. (less helpful for seniors as only the first semester will be seen before admissions)
3. To earn college credit for your high school class.(good for any grade level)
4. To impress colleges with the difficulty of your schedule. (good for any grade level)

Colleges definitely give credit to seniors just like any other grade (juniors, sophomores)

AP scores are not really used much in the admissions process, but are used to determine whether you can get college credit for your AP class. Whether you get credit or not depends on several factors: the course, your score, the college and your major. You can check out the policies of the schools you are interested in here,

In order to get credit you need to score well on the exam so it is important to study hard for the exams. I have put together a collection of the best AP books for each exam at http://www.APReviewBooks,com. In addition to the books each exam's page has information about the exam format and links to released questions from previous exams.

Good luck with your classes next year.