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The Way To Gain Muscle Fast To Alter Yourself

How to gain muscle mass with a fast matabolism?

I have a fast metabolism and I eat whatever I want and stay at around the same weight no matter what, I don’t eat much. If I carried on my diet that is keeping me at a consistent weight but added more protein to my diet while doing muscle building excersizes at the gym should I notice myself getting bigger? Or do I have to completely cut out bad things in my diet because i drink a lot of fizzy drinks and I eat a lot of chocolate. What foods also help to gain weight the quickest.
Also I have a average body type and i have a slight bit of fat but not anything I want to get rid of infact I’m scared to loose it, can you recommend how to maintain fat and gain muscle?

Can you starve yourself to lose fat but gain muscle?

Don't radically reduce food intake, it will force your body to canibalise the muscles you need for strength and joint stability and thus reduce directly your metabolic rate and increase injury.

It will also alter your bodies response to temporary calorie excesses ~ storing it as fat, rather than as glycogen.

If you want to lose more weight it would actually be worth asking someone who you trust, but who isn't in *modelling* *gymnastics* or other fields where anorexia is the norm. You may see more "fat" than there genuinely is ~ when you look *down* at your belly it always looks as if there is some 'podginess' ~ I am male and flat stomached ~ less than a half inch curvature from the pubis to the base of the sternum, and fairly muscular. I have no concern over the shape of consistency of my body, yet when looking down the curvature looks much more significant than that observed in a mirror or on a photo seen from the side.

If it is considered reasonable to reduce body fat to lower than the normal range (which is around 20% or more for women) then you should do it by eating *at least* 1.2x your BMR (which is roughly 1400 Cals for someone 'our size' ~ I'm 5'6" and 52kg. This means something near to 1700 Cals.

Strength training to use the proteins to build muscle rather than as energy, and thus having more ability to burn energy will help with burning more of the energy even while at rest. You should also do sufficient exercise to use up the food intake (which you probably are), plus to consume stored energy (can be glycogen or fat ~ the body will replenish glycogen stores by using fats if needed later in any case).

Apart from being the building blocks of muscle and other organs there is no difference in energy density or use between proteins and carbohydrates, and fat apart from being twice as energy dense per gram is not intrinsically bad for you and should be eaten within a balanced diet. All calories are equivalent in energy, but it makes sense to eat mostly calories with additional nutritional value rather than 'empty calories' as found in processed sugars, especially alcohol.

The 'fat' you are carrying may actually be 'untoned' superficial muscles, or excessive stores of water.

Can I gain muscle by doing only push ups? If not, what else can I do, just at home?

Of course you canPush ups directly activate your Deltoids (shoulders), triceps (the back of your arms), and your pectorals (chest). Secondarily they affect your abdominal muscles, lower back, upper back, gluteals, and all over your legs. Your secondary muscles are used to maintain the plank position that you hold throughout the push up motion.Even though you might be using your back to stabilize, I wouldn’t ever claim that you will be building muscle mass on your back by doing push ups.Push ups are weight lifting.Something many people assume is that unless you have a plate or external load that you’re not actually weight lifting.They’re willing to give a pass to pull-ups sometimes because you’re lifting more of your body weight. Push ups only use about 60% of your body weight, depending on the push up style and a few other factors.[1]Of course, these people dismiss or handwave the fact that you can change the push up style or add external weight.More over, because of the way that your whole body is engaged, push ups can be more effective at building strength that you will use in every day life.[2]But muscle mass?You don’t have to overload a muscle with a heavy load to overload a muscle. You can do reps to failure, an increasing amount of reps in order to overload them.[3]To hammer this point home, many old school boxers would train through body weight exercises alone under the misconception that lifting weights would slow your punches. Guys like Mike Tyson and Herschel Walker would build their bodies using body weight exercises. They’d do hundreds of push ups daily, along with hundreds of squats and pulls. They’re pretty muscular.Mike Tyson[4]Herschel Walker[5]Yes, push ups can stimulate your body to build muscle.Caveat 1: you must properly fuel your body to grow any muscle. It won’t happen magically. Get lots of protein, carbs, and rest.Caveat 2: you will only increase the muscle you work. To encourage balance you should work your back and legs as well.Footnotes[1] Bart Loews's answer to How much body weight is used on a push up?[2] Bart Loews's answer to Are weighted push-up as effective as bench-press for beginners to build muscle?[3] Bart Loews's answer to Can you build muscle with light weights?[4] Bart Loews's answer to What was Mike Tyson’s training regime?[5] Bart Loews's answer to With Herschel Walker in mind, is it safe to perform 750 push-ups and sit-ups daily to build a healthy body?

Do I need to eat a lot to gain muscle mass?

well what u need to do is change your diet. u can still eat alot but the healthier the food is the more weight u will drop and more muscle u will gain. u could even try to set a limit on th number of calories u intake per day. try to work 3-4 times a week as well with both cardio (running, swimming, etc.) and weight lifting

How to build arm muscle fast?

Below is how i normally practice to build up my arm muscle. If you do it daily you can see result in one week.

1) Target the biceps and triceps. Your upper arms need the most attention. Concentrate on exercises that focus on these two muscles. (Your forearms will benefit from almost any arm exercise.)

2) Practice push-ups and push downs. Push-ups are self-explanatory. Push downs are the exact opposite movement. Start in the push-up position. Lower your body slowly to the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Hold this for a few seconds, and then push yourself up until your arms are extended again.

3) Tone those triceps. Tricep dips will help to increase arm muscle. Find a small chair and sit on the edge. Place your hands at your hips, holding on to the sides of the chair. Using only your arms, lift yourself out of the chair and lower your body below the chair level. Then, lift yourself back into the chair and repeat. Do this 10 to 12 times per session.

There are more exercise can help to build arm muscle fast. You should be able to find on the internet or in some muscle building program.