Things To Do Any Ideas

Teens, I need to do something crazy. Any ideas?

I have no idea why, how, or what, but I seriously need to do something crazy. Not illegal (well, okay, nothing you could be jailed for), just crazy.

Ever felt this way? Any ideas?

I am going to blindfold my boyfriend, any ideas on things to do that would really pleasure him?

I strongly recommend you rent the movie "9 1/2 weeks". That movie will spark a lot of ideas. ;-)

When you take away one of the human senses, in this case sight, you want to tempt the other senses. I'd say make him touch something soft and silky, make him taste something sweet, make him feel something really warm (or cold) in a sensitive area of his body, have him smell something that will turn him on and of course have him hear something - maybe a moan, or a sound that he can identify as intimate.

Have lots of fun! :)

What are some fun things to do in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an adventure travel paradise, and there are no shortage of things to do.

My top 5 list goes like this:

1. Learn to surf in Tamarindo
2. Go scuba diving in Playas del Coco
3. Do a canopy tour in Monteverde (zip lines through the jungle)
4. Fish for sailfish out of Quepos
5. Visit Arenal Volcano and see the night fireworks, er lavaworks ;-)

There are loads more things to do, this is just a starter.

Check out the Adventure Travel "To Do" List below for some good ideas.

What can I do to get creative ideas for drawing?

Hi, Inspiration can be an elusive beast, it also doesnt help when staring at a stark white canvas, under the choking constraints of 'artists-block'. We have all encountered this feeling atleast once during the execution of our hobbies, but dont panic, there are ways to side step this challenge and re-ignite your creative mind.First, When starting to draw, understand that it will be a process of evolution. Your first image is very unlikely to be your best! Even your 2nd or third iteration of the same image might not be great. So give yourself a break, accept the fact that both What you draw and How you draw it doesnt need to be a masterpiece each time. Drawing is meant to be fun, so step one is to relax and let it come.Second, relax. It might sound obvious but if you approach a drawing session with undue pressure and self imposed expectations, then you will immediately stiffle your creative mind. Instead, See it as fun, feel free to draw rubbish, scribble, add strange appendages to your stick figures (we have all done it ;-) Find a comfortable location, somewhere warm, not too bright or too dark, surround your self with objects that inspire imagination, invoke an emotive response, or that you just consider cool. It will all help the ideas flow.Third, Play vs Plan. If you are approaching your drawing session as a piece of 'work' perhaps you need to create a new logo or you have been tasked with redesigning a brochure etc. Then you need to have a plan of attack. You should make a list of your expectations upfront. For example, you might include a, must have a 2x3 logo b, must be black and white c, must be clear.... etc. This way you are giving yourself a bench mark that you can check against in order to decide if you are reaching your goals. Now, if you are approaching this session as play, then you don't need to plan, you can experiment, try new ideas, explore new techniques, copy old masters etc. It now becomes more about the experience and less about the about.Fourth, Imagination. If you are looking for new ideas vs practicing, then you are now ready to start exploring. There are many 'games' that you can play in order to bring forth creativity and they might include:Random MarksShapes in CloudsLayer modesTurn images upside downClose your eyes and drawIf you liked this answer and found it useful, don't forget to upvote and share the love. If you would like me to go further, let me know. Peace.

What should I do if I don't have any business ideas?

If you have zero idea then I'm really curious of why you're even asking your question. Do you still want to run a business despite this? Is that what you mean? Or are you just conducting a simple survey? I believe that ideas come from the entrepreneur's interests and passion: what he wants to give, what he wants to do. Top 1 on my list before starting a business is DO NOT get involved in a business you don't even understand. Thus, if you don't have anything in your mind right now, STOP right there kid! WANDER. EXPLORE the world. Look for things you love to do. Find your personal interests. And from those things, you will find out what you want. Business isn't a school project that you do it now, submit it tomorrow, then you'll get a passing grade, and that's it, it's over. It's not like that.Managing a business is a continuous process of exploration and improvement. You will have to pour yourself into it, becoming the lungs that will enable it to breathe and  live. What should you do if you don't have any business ideas?Learn.

My bf likes different things to do during sex. Any ideas?

keep in mind these are graphic please make sure no one under age reviews these sites! :) have fun!

positions 101 homepage:

personal faves:


oh and my boo added some humor to the mix and mentioned:
hang from the ceiling (like Spiderman's kiss) and pleasure him orally
--he add's "IF YOU'RE LIMBER."

HAVE FUN!!! ;)

I'm really struggling for ideas of things to do in London on Tuesday for my girlfriend's birthday. Anyone have any ideas that won't break the bank since I've already spent quite a bit on presents?

I haven't been to London for a few years, but a picnic in Regents Park could be a good idea and fairly inexpensive if you make the sandwiches at home and have two cupcakes with a candle in one. The company is what is important, and you have already spent money on pressies, so just get out there and enjoy yourselves. If it's raining, the Tate Gallery is an oldie but a goodie!!