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Thinking Of Getting A Goat In A Trailer Park

What does the term "Trailer Trash" mean? ?

It is perceived that people who live in trailers are rather uneducated, low-waged people, potentially too ignorant to get a real job or afford a "real" house.

because of their rather nomadic nature, they are alos perceived to have loosened morals and numerous run-ins with the law.

It is a very perjorative term

Is the dialogue from Trailer Park Boys scripted?

That' being memorized by the actors, or do they use story boards and themes with the dialogue partially improvised by the actors?

Just curious because it sounds like a lot of the things said by the characters, such as insults and cursing, are made up on the spot during filming.

What was your favorite gun that you lost in a freak boating accident?

The question was: What was your favorite gun that you lost in a freak boating accident?It were about 1:15 in the morning, and Mama and me was asleep on our genuine tactical camouflage sheets from the Walmart. At least I WAS asleep until she done elbowed me in the ribs and yelled, “Stop that snorin’ ya old goat!”Well, I done roll over dontcha know and then I heared me something in the sittin’ room. I thunk, “What the Devil could be a-makin’ all that ruckus?” So’s I got up and took my trusty old Winchester .30–30 and throwed in a shell, and snuck out to reconn… to riconoi… to rakont… to see what was goin’ on.Now everybody in the trailer park knows I hate cats, and they know it too. They was a half dozen of ’em in the parlor, stacked up like bricks under a busted table leg, and the topmost one was a-liftin’ the old Sears and Roebuck .22 bolt action my daddy give me when I was little. I took a shot at the devil. It was dark and I missed, but them cats scattered like roaches when the kitchen light goes on! He hung onto my rifle though, and they all disappeared out the back door where they come in in the first place.Now that gun ain’t worth nothin’, but my Daddy give it to me and I ain’t a-givin’ it up without no fight. I took off after ‘em, blazin’ away with my deer rifle, but they’s fast and tricky and I couldn’t hit nothin’ in the dark.Now I always thought cats don’t like the water, but they run straight out to the tree where I got my bass boat tied up. And dontcha know they done untied it and stole it? I didn’t even know them cats knowed how to start the motor, but they did and lit out across’n the lake, likkity-spiit.I suppose they knowed how to start the motor, but none of ’em knowed how to steer. Anyways, they’s some old snags out a ways into the lake, and dontcha know they run smack into em? Tored a big rip in my bass boat and started sinkin’, still tearin’ acrosst the lake hell for leather. It sunk out in the deepest part of the lake, where the big bass hangs out. They all swum away, but I lost my boat, my motor, and the rifle my Daddy give me.Come to think on it, it weren’t no freak accident. Everybody knows cats can’t handle a bass boat.

Why do Americans think Africans are poverty stricken and live in the bushes and wear animal skin?

Because that’s what they see. It’s more exotic to show little thatched huts and starving babies on the news and on TV doccies than things like this:That’s Johannesburg, South Africa, by night - I live here.Or this:Maputo, Mozambique. Pretty, isn’t it?Or this:That’s Nairobi, capital of Kenya.Of course, that’s only three cities in three countries, all of them in southern/eastern Africa. There are 54 countries in the continent of Africa - more than a quarter of the 196 countries in the world. There are good news stories and bad news stories in all of our countries, but the Global North seems fixated on the bad news.I’ve only been to a handful of African countries aside from my own, and only one in West Africa, but I can tell you one great thing we all seem to share: music. Fabulous, captivating, danceable music. I leave you with one of our South African icons - and I defy you to sit still…

Yuccies. The term is supposed to stand for Young Urban Creative. But isn't that abbreviation yuc? Aren't they the Yuckies, not the Yuccies?

And considering they were stinky hipsters that smelt like vinegar coffe farts, just a year ago, doesn't "Yuckies," seem like a more authentic term?