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What's it like to single-hand a 30-40 foot sailboat in a storm? How bad does it have to get before it becomes impossible?

In a word: Uncomfortable.The reasons it's uncomfortable is that a small boat bobs around a lot and riding on it is... well.... uncomfortable.  Many folks end up quite seasick when there's a storm and that is actually their most significant reason for discomfort.  I'm not really sure what you mean by "impossible".  If you mean that it gets to the point where one won't survive, then it has to get Very VERY bad.  It has to get to hurricane force winds and seas.  You see almost all sailboats of that size are perfectly capable of surviving most storms on their own with no help at all from their crew.  They are designed that way.  During the 1979 Fastnet Race in which a large number of sailors were lost, there were many boats that were abandoned, because the crew was in fear of their lives, and after that crew had perished in a lifeboat the poor boat was found afloat on its own.  If the crew had simply closed the hatches and stayed aboard, they would have lived.  To increase one's chances of survival, it's a good idea to keep sailing the boat and if you can't to at least get the sails down and close the boat up.So, simply put, if you're tough enough to keep sailing you can sail right through a storm and not have a problem.  You will, obviously, have to have selected a reasonably well designed sailboat but that's not difficult.  If you're not tough enough, then go below and close up the boat.  She'll take care of you.  It will almost never get to "impossible" unless you're in a place like the Gulf of Alaska or the path of a hurricane.

What does it feel like to kiss a girl?

If You kiss her with love it is like following joy from the the place where your lips meet into the pleasure of joining.  A Sweet sensation of companionship in which both of you feel chosen and accepted, excited  and special.If by contrast you kiss a girl to try and find enough life to fill the emptiness inside you,You will find only disappointment.Physical love is meant to be a celebration of A level of intimacy that has already grown between two people.  Far too many people think that physical love is a way to create intimacy and this is a terrible error.  If you take time to get to know the other person when you kiss it will fill you from your toes to the top of your head with sweetness.