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Tips For Moving Out At 18 During Senior Year

Tips when moving out at age 18?

Hmmm one thing I can maybe advice you since this is what I did, is to move in with a couple of other people that need help paying rent in an apartment, like roomates. Its super EXPENSIVE to get a nice apartment in L.A.( since you mentioned becoming an actress i'm guessing you want to move to Hollywood) and well yeah, i'm in college and I tried to get my own place but it was a very runned down apartment in a very ugly area that I seriously just did like 2 weeks there and had to get the hell out and not only that, I was paying 800 dollars for rent for a piece of garbage! So I got wise and in my college I heard about these girls that needed another roomate and well I met up with them and they were my year so it was cool and they lived in an okayish apartment area so I had to do it and move in with them, helping them with the rent. I was still paying a lot and it was 650 in my part. All my work money really goes to rent and well sometimes I do ask for help from my parents since I come from a wealthy ish family, they come down and help me and stock up our cabinets and fridge with food haha, I work at a Wet seal and don't get enough hours in so i need a new job that will give me more money cause I really hate asking for money all the time. I wish that I woulda done the whole, College paying me to go thing cause it sucks having to pay so much to go and to not be able to shop for clothes and stuff like I use to. Anyways, good luck but It will be tough..

Any tips for moving on from a guy i liked for a year? ...?

There is this guy who i have really liked for 1 year
i have tried to move on from him/ forget him
but it really hasn't worked.
I also was foolish i told him how i felt about him about 2 months ago but he had a girlfriend.
He said that he needed time to think and was confused.
I told him cause i thought i new that he felt the same as he wanted to hang out with me day after day and we were on the phone to each other for hours untill early hours of the morning. I really thought i understood him and had him figure out.
But he then met up with me and told me that we shouldnt be friends because of what i had told him and it would be easier for me to forget him,
So i was really upset about this but thought okay lets try it.
He then phoned me the next day and said i think we should be friends cause you might be able to get over me better.
(btw i no this is long winded nearly finished)
I met my friend and then we met this guy..
he was being really off with me.. ad kept on giving me evils .. and i meant proper evils... so i walked out a shop just to cool off and he came over to me and said are you ok .. i really wasnt but i was like yeh and he was like ok.
I then sore him at a concert and he just blanked me.
I then sent him a text say maybe you were right we shouldnt be friends and should delete every form of contact.
I deleted his number .. him on facebook and him on msn.
I had a sick feeling in my tummy once i had done this...
Any tips for moving on from him?
ccause i still really like him after everything i've been through with him.
help pleasse x

Moving tips?

Best tip I can give is don't move to Vegas. That town will chew you up, spit you out & chew you up again. Rentals are very expensive. The ones that are affordable are in very bad areas of town. There is such a vagrant population it is hard to get & keep a job. They do not care about firing you because they have another 100 people waiting for a job.

If you do go. Do not take much with you. Shipping a lot of belongings will cost an arm & a leg. There are 100s of discount & used stores to get what you need after you move.

As others stated. Moving without a job is not smart & likely not possible unless you stay in an extended stay hotel until you get a job. Landlords will not rent to you without a job. Your total combined household income with your friend will need to be 3x the rent. Many places will not rent to 2 young people. You will have no credit or rental history. Those that will typically charge a larger deposit or require a cosigner. 2 people in a studio is also ill-advised unless you are a couple.

I know this sounds like a grand advneture but Vegas is a very hard place to survive.

What are some tips for moving out of your parents' house?

Plan ahead. Hopefully you have their support in making this move. That will make the transition easier.  The biggest area is finances. Be sure you have enough income to cover all your expenses including housing , utilities, transportation, food, clothing, furniture, etc. Don'r forget the basics that need to be replaced periodically like cleaning supplies, soap, paper goods, etc. They can add up. Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Know that while you will gain certain freedoms in making this move you will replace others with responsibilities you didn't have previously. Like paying rent and utilities.  In looking for a place to live be aware of things like crime rate, convenience to work/school, be sure it has all the appliances and storage space you'll need, is in good repair and check into the landlord's reputation. If you'll have roommates get everything in writing as to who will be responsible for what. Regardless of how close a friend they are.   This will prevent ant misunderstandings or arguments going forward.  Once you have all that covered have fun. It can be a great experience and will be a great move toward independence.

Tips on moving to Secondary School?

It's really not a massive deal like some people think it is, I've made a few tips but you will probably do just fine without them.

1. Talk and get to know people who are sat next to you in lessons, especially if you don't know many people in your form.

2. Bring lots of stationary (2 pens, eraser, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, maths equipment etc) The teachers won't mind as much early on but some do go wild if you don't have the correct equipment.

3. Year 7 is the youngest year group in the school, don't go in there like you are the best, there is a totem pole.

4. For some reason lots of the older kids dislike year 7's, ignore this as everyone gets it at some point.

5. Don't go to the dinner queue earlier than your allotted time, and especially don't lie about your year group, it just pisses the older kids off.

Just a few tips for you starting, it may sound really awful from the way I have worded it but you will soon enjoy it much more than your primary years.

Moving to the UK during high school?

You've got a lot of incorrect answers here. The UK is made up of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland has it's own education system to the rest of the UK.

Here is the grades (which are known as years in Scotland):

No equivalent = Primary 1 (P1)
Grade 1 = Primary 2 (P2)
Grade 2 = Primary 3 (P3)
Grade 3 = Primary 4 (P4)
Grade 4 = Primary 5 (P5)
Grade 5 = Primary 6 (P6)
Grade 6 = Primary 7 (P7)
Grade 7 = Secondary 1 (S1)
Grade 8 = Secondary 2 (S2)
Grade 9 = Secondary 3 (S3)
Grade 10 = Secondary 4 (S4)
Grade 11 = Secondary 5 (S5)
Grade 12 = Secondary 6 (S6)

- If you come to Scotland next year, you will start school on 16th August 2010 and it ends on 24th June 2011. You would need to be here then if you don't want to miss any work.
- To apply to university, you need about four/five Highers in required subjects (depends on the course you are interested in).
- The AVERAGE student in Scotland takes five Highers in S5 (Grade 11). However, you could easily do this in S6 (Grade 12) which would enable you to go to university.
- Depending on your age you may be put into S5 when you arrive though, but it's up to the school.
- There are different Highers such as Maths, English, Physics, History etc.
- In Scotland, S5 (or Grade 11) is considered the most important year.
- A-levels and GCSEs are only taken in England. Very few private schools may offer them in Scotland.
- The exams taken in Scotland; are Standard Grades/Intermediates, Highers and Advanced Highers.
- You can still apply for university, don't worry!

Hope this helps.

What are the tips for moving to a new place?

I definitely agree with what most people have said so far: Throw out, sell, or donate things you don't need! I only say this because I inherited the ability to hang on to useless bits of junk for seemingly no reason from my mother; I know exactly what it means to have too much stuff. When I (recently) moved into my first apartment I threw out so much junk that I had no reason to keep. Now here I am in my apartment and I still have a bunch of junk that I have no reason to keep- I suspect it'll all be disposed of someday, but it will be a constant cycle. Save yourself the effort of packing it and then unpacking it by deciding what you need beforehand.Also, as others have said, don't be afraid to buy boxes, you'll thank yourself later. Buying them means they will be uniform which is great for stacking/efficiency, and it means you get the kind of boxes you want in good condition. No worrying about whether you'll have enough boxes or if they're little old and weak or the tape is giving out on the bottom. They aren't expensive either.As far as packing the truck, you should consider thinking about what large items need to get past other rooms. For example, if the family room is in the back, past the kitchen, you should plan for that. Make sure furniture is packed in the reverse order you want to take it out. Get the couch and other furniture for the family room out first, then put in the kitchen table so it's not in your way. You usually don't have this problem with boxes, but as others have said, labeling them by room can be helpful. I like the idea Debra had about giving boxes numbers and keeping a log of what they mean. Maybe You could come up with a system where you label boxes 1-A, 1-B etc. for room 1, 2-A, 2-B etc. for room 2 and so on. Whatever system you think works best for you is what I would recommend.Finally, start early with everything! Pack up everything you can as soon as you can- spread the work out and make it easier. On moving day, start as early as you can so you can finish early. You'll get more done and you'll feel better about finishing early.Good luck!

What are some tips for moving offices?

Moving offices can be a big a job. Whether it's a small startup or a business of 100 people there are computers, printers, equipment, chairs, stock and desks to move, and that's before you get to staff belongings and the stationery cupboard! Below are our practical tips for selecting the right office removalist for you.Always look at the online reviews and get recommendations where possible. Check that they are business registered and legit.Get a referenceCheck out the vehicles they intend to use. Are they roadworthy and large enough for minimal trips?Your business is your life, ensure that your removalists have adequate insurances to protect your goods in the moveIf you have a unique item such as a piano or office equipment, search for a removalist who has experience in moving these itemsCall them up. If you get a good impression and a helpful manner, you're halfway there. Ask them how they will protect your equipment from damage and how they intend to plan the day.Ask about their extra services or any added value. For example; will they loan moving boxes and take them away after the move, do they guarantee delivery times, will they wrap and protect your equipment for you?Searching through lots of office removalist websites, directories and Facebook pages can be tiresome, ecoloads takes the hassle out moving office.Post your job Tell us what you need delivered and receive instant quotes from competing transport companies, Australia-wide.Review competing offersSelect the best suited quote and your job is done!DeliveredYour nominated transporter picks-up and delivers your item and ecoloads Pay provides third-party protection.

What are some tips for moving breakable items?

When it comes to packing breakable items then I think we must hire professional packers to do it for you. It requires a lot of professional skills to handle such type of items. But if you can’t afford to hire professional services to do it, and decide to do it on your own then you must follow a few helpful tips to take care of such Fragile Items. Here I am going to share a few tips with you that how to take care of Fragile Items or breakable items while packing:1. First off, don’t forget to warp you breakable items, if you have breakable items like glass or ceramic dishes then you can use bubble wrap Instead of bubble wrap you can also use clothing or towels it will help you to save money.2. Packing Plates?? When it comes to pack plates people always make mistake by stacking them one on top of another. That’s wrong way you shouldn’t pack plates in that way instead of it you can pack your plates vertically into boxes, they will be less likely to break than simply stacking them one on top of another.3. How to protect Makeup items? When it comes to pack your make up stuffs. Choose extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.4. Use the Original Box: I mean to say that if you have still the original box for your TV, computer or other electronics are available you can use them for proper packing. If you don’t have then make sure when choose boxes to pack such items are only slightly bigger than the object to keep it from getting banged around in its container.5. Don’t forget to label “Breakable items” on the packing boxes so that movers can pay more attention to them when moving.I hope that these packing tips will be helpful for you. We keep publishing helpful article on moving, packing tips. If you want, can visit it herePlease let me know if these tips are helpful for you.

At what point during the interview did you realize you weren't getting the job?

I had to go anonymous for this because I’m still on a stealth job hunt that is, unfortunately, taking longer than I anticipated. This is the back story because it explains why the rejection was so painful.I interviewed for a job with an agency I’ve wanted to work for for over 6 years. It’s in another state and would require a massive relocation that I am EAGER to complete, but don’t want to be unemployed and searching. I have followed their cases, looked into the positions taken in press briefings, and stalked their mentions in job forums.I have applied to the 4 jobs that have come up for which I was even marginally qualified in the last two years and have kept working as hard as I can at my current job to build transferable skill.I got a call two months ago about an application I had submitted two months before that. I had assumed I would not hear from them and was ecstatic.The interview was a week away and the woman I spoke to stated that it was an initial interview, would only be 30 minutes, and they only had x number of slots left (I don’t remember the exact number now). I accepted an early afternoon slot and immediately booked a flight getting in two hours before the interview and leaving two hours after the interview.****None of the former is really relevant, but it was backstory for my answer****The second in charge of the division, and only male in the interview, never made eye contact with me and I could sense that he was completely checked out to my presence. He looked as though he was daydreaming. About sleeping.At the time, I rationalized that perhaps he’d had a large lunch.This is when I really knew.The senior person in the interview asked me “whether I was going to visit my family on this trip.” I had already made clear that I was only in town for the interview, though they didn’t know just how tight my turnaround was. I kind of wish I had gone to see my family, but the only available interviews were Tuesday and Wednesday and I couldn’t take that much time off of work. She felt sorry for me. Oh God. I guess that’s going to be a dream deferred/dead… we shall see. I don’t give up, but I might have to there.I guess the sole takeaway here is: Don’t take an overnight cross-country flight in coach prior to an interview and try to make up for lack of sleep with Red Bull. You’ll come across weird and it will be a complete waste of your time.

Does anyone have any tips on being frugal/ I am moving out at 18 and could really use the tips :D.?

I moved from the super city to a small city and distinctly much had a coronary heart attack. each thing replaced into a minimum of two-4 money extra right here. Wow - what a ask your self!! i began out sticking to sales - I had a distinctly sturdy gadget interior the city the place I did the comparable so if it somewhat is on sale right here and is the comparable fee because of the fact the city - i will purchase. in any different case i bypass to the city for 80% of our groceries. I accept as true with paying for bulk. Laundry cleansing soap, bathroom paper, leap sheets, rubbish luggage - all those little issues you many times seem to run out of - replenish. This facilitates with the weekly funds. (super fee prematurely yet beats paying at times double once you run out and it is not on sale) ingredient of beef is a sturdy concept. returned - super prematurely fee yet your freezer would be complete for an prolonged time. I spend somewhat extra basically because of the fact we delight in our sparkling culmination and vegetables (different than for what we can get from the backyard) We consume diverse wild meat too so as that facilitates (deer, elk) I additionally do no longer cook dinner extra effective than we can consume. i replaced into infamous for making too plenty, letting the leftovers advance legs interior the refrigerator and throwing it out. LOL. Now i attempt to make "basically adequate" and if the toddlers are hungry later - i will provide them a snack till now mattress (cookies and milk, carrot sticks - regardless of I certainly have available). you additionally can attempt (and that i'm making plans on it this winter) is doubling or quadrupling recipes and freezing them for a later time. this protects on the "oh guy I forgot to take out supper" or enable's order pizza frenzy.....LOL (and pizza for 7 (2 older childrens who can consume as much as an person) can upload up actual speedy)

Any tips on moving to Canada at age 18?

To go to a Canadian college or university, you need a Study Permit from the Canadian Government.
To get one, you have to meet their eligibility requirements.
Those include apply to and being accepted by a college or university.
Link -

Now let's skip forward a couple years.
Say you make it to Canada, life is good, and you're nearly finished your degree.
Normally, foreign students have to leave Canada once they graduate.
But for those who want to stay, the Canadian Government has a special immigration option.
It's called Canadian Experience Class:
Link -

If you can meet those eligibility requirements, you'll be granted Permanent Resident status.
That's the Canadian version of a US Green Card.

PR status means you can live in Canada the rest of your life, but with limited rights.
If you want to make the jump to full Canadian citizenship, there's eligibility requirements for that.
If you meet those, then you'll be a full-fledged Canadian citizen and get all the benefits of that.
Link -

It takes literally years for foreign kids to go from students to citizens.
But what the hell, you've got your whole life ahead of you so why not?
It's definitely worth it:
Canada's Constitution provides more rights & freedoms than America's does.
We have national healthcare that, by law, provides all medically-necessary healthcare paid for by governments out of taxes, not by patients out of their own pockets.
And Canada's far more politically, economically and societally stable than the US is.
Not to mention safer, more peaceful, happier and tons of other good stuff according to international researchers that keep track of such things.

But whatever you do and wherever you end up: Best wishes for your future success in life.


Hey it's not all that uncommon to leave california. Unless you're from the central valley of California, living here has become nearly impossible to do without an insanely good job to keep one afloat. It's awful.

I was born and raised in the central valley and moved to LA when I was 18. I love LA (forever an SoCal guy!) but man its stupid-expensive to live there now.

My parents in the valley complain, "WHY DONT YOU GET A HOUSE ALREADY?!" (I'm nearly 30 now) and I just dont think they understand that when they purchased their home 30 years ago, California was cheap and livable. Now however its damn-near impossible to stay afloat even with a well paying job, so renting is the only option and I've heard that the renting 'bubble' is going to burst soon here because rent is so insanely expensive now that its far beyond the income of most californians. What a stupid thing to do.

Ranting aside...
As for you moving, take the essentials! It's definitely going to be a culture shock for you, leaving to a new state (I travel a lot now), I've been to Kansas city, Mississippi, and Wisconsin, each state has its own unique things to do. I say check out the downtown, that's a first! go to a nice place to eat, talk to the locals to see what's different or unique. Take a camera with you and snap some photos, they'll be your memories to last a lifetime!

If you end up getting the job, if Louisiana is a nice place to live, go for it! Certainly going to be a lot more sustainable to live there than it is to live here. The California economy is on the cusp of some very serious problems coming soon.

What are some tips and tricks you have for a freshly turned 18-year-old in the US?

Establish your credit. By any means possible.It used to be said that “cash is king”. That’s not nearly as true as it once was. Your credit score is EVERYTHING and, once established, should be protected with a vengeance.Establish PAYMENT history…both revolving and installment.Revolving: Get a credit card, and make the payments. ON TIME.Installment: Buy something (a car comes to mind) and make the payments. ON TIME.If you pay off one credit card, get another one…and KEEP THE OLD ONE! Part of your credit score is based on your ratio of current balance to available credit. Tearing up old cards and closing accounts just because you don’t use them lowers your AVAILABLE credit, hence increases the ratio…which lowers your score.Keep your debt-to-income ratio (monthly income/monthly debt payments) as low as possible. Preferably below 25%Your efforts will pay off when it comes time to buy your first house, and you will continue to realize the benefits for the rest of your life.

I set my sixteen year old daughter’s bedtime at 9pm, is this unfair?

Hi there. First I wish to let you know I am not a medical professional. I am the mom of an amazing 22 year old young lady and former public school teacher. Years ago, our new administration decided to revamp our start schedules. We were going to have our high schools start at 7, followed by middle schools at 8 and elementary schools at 9. A sleep neurologist chimed in at the public debate to tell us that we had it all wrong. Because of the times natural circadian rhythms fluctuate due to age, elementary students should start at 7 with high schools at 9. He calmly explained that it doesn’t matter what time the students had to get up, their brains would not shut down until much later at the oldest age, so it was best to let them start later. Of course, what did he know, so our new superintendent proceeded as planned.Fast forward a few years and I was recruited to a very high performing neighboring school system. Guess what? They followed the schedule set forth by the sleep neurologist because they did their research. I learned that not only do older teens need to sleep later, but no matter how early they are put to bed, their minds do not start winding down until around 11pm. I also learned that electronics with screens do not allow one’s mind to shut down for 30–60 minutes no matter the age! So for my daughter in elementary school at the time, all electronics were off at 8pm, bedtime was at 9. She went to sleep almost immediately. I did the same to set the example, opening my laptop back up only after I was sure she was asleep. When she entered middle school, all times were adjusted to one hour later and I added 10–10:30 with a lamp to read only. Therefore in high school, all electronics were off by 10 and sleep could come at anytime thereafter with mandatory lights off/lamp for reading only at 11pm. Usually, I’d check in around 11:30-midnight to cut off her lamp.As a result, my daughter was a top performer in all areas of her life including that of “not fussing over bedtime.” I realize her intelligence played a role in her academic success but so did turning off all screens and NOT having a screaming match at bedtime every night. I am so thankful I followed the most current neurological data rather than some notion based on nothing more than my say-so because “I’m your Momma”.Hope this helps!

My mom is cheating on my dad. I told my dad about it. My mom is mad and she said they're fighting because of me. She said that I should say goodbye to my college next year. Did I do the right thing? What should I do?

Friend,First of all, I would like to tell you that you did a great a job. You chose the right path of honesty and believe me your father deserved that. And I personally want to believe that whatever your mom said was out of anger and due to being ashamed of her act before her family. But what if…..She believes that she did everything right.Cheating :If something is not good with a couples, they go to marriage counsellor or involve the family members to sort out the problem. So, Problem is quite obvious here. She never thought of her children, her marriage and she opted for the cheating. As from your age,I can see that your mom is married to your dad for a long time and at this stage of marriage parents only care for their progeny. But She cheated and she is not embarrassed of it.Her madness on you:After all of this, Did she care about the feelings erupted in the mind of her little angle about the marriage, love, trust and all? Did she care about the message she is giving to her daughter for future? Did she care about the image of hers, her love towards the husband and the her bonding in family? Of course NO. Instead she is mad at you.Fighting for what?:After all that happened she scolded you and blaming all of it on you. What a great job she is doing! She shouldn’t have been fighting, she should have been apologizing. And Yeah you are the scapegoat here for blaming.Threatening you:The worst thing I expected here was threatening to ruin your future. Very good! After ruining you she will feel relieved. That is not supposed from a mom. Believe me.Your Mom and Dad married, made a family and they are responsible for your future.After what happened, you chose the honest path and told the dad. Believe me Truth can never be hid for a long time. If you haven’t told your father, He still would have known the truth and then he would have seen you as a daughter who supported her mom in cheating. You chose truth dear. You should not be blaming yourself. You are not responsible for anything bad but for all good you did to your dad. Your Mom is an adult, she knew the consequences of it so if you have talked to the mom in the first place, It wouldn’t have done something good.Your relation with your mom is precious but from your story Your mom don’t behave like a mature mom. I know it is very hard to see this situation where you have to chose from among the loved one’s. But…You should never apologize to your mother. Talk to your father please.

Someone wanted to know what age do you graduate high school. The answer is you graduate high school at age 19. Sometimes 18 if yourbirthday?

Is in the summer.
Kindergarten you start of as 6 during that year you have a birthday and become a year older example my birthday March 26th
All the way up to 12th grade /senior year in high school. You start of as 18 most turn 19 during that grade and graduate at 19. Summer born in late May-July will graduate at 18.

Am I too young or small to lift weights?

I started lifting weights my freshmen year for high school football....and I was 2 months shy of turning 14 also. It didn't hinder my growth...I was 5'11'' as a senior, 177lbs, my max bench press reached 305lbs (just a 1 time lift to become a member of our schools 300 pound Beach Press Club (I know, but I was 16 and things like that seemed cool at the time). Some 30 years later I still work out (but to a lesser degree) and I am now 6' 0" and 185lbs. My son started lifting at age 14 1/2 and to day he his 25 years old, 6'2" and can actually intimidate people because of his build. But he is the nicest, friendliest guy you'd ever want to know....but the last person you'd want to piss off.

So when you turn 14...start lifting...but with proper supervision...a coach or your dad...I taught my son the fundamentals and it was a lot of fun working out together.

How did the "cool kids" from your high school turn out?

Decided to respond since mine is unusual only that I graduated from HS over 45 years ago, early 70’s. Generation of the Hippies SF Bay Area Marin County Ca. 80% were rich & I came from lower middle income. Those 80% were all given new muscle cars, sports cars when they turned 16, I drove a 1960 VW bug bought myself had to push it in reverse.Quarterback & Prom King - successful Gay Rights lawyer & GayPrettiest Girl - She was always nice to everyone went to work & made a career at Lucas studio’s, never married.Cheerleaders - none of them accomplished anything remarkable, most married multiple times had kids & are middle class. Only 1 remained attractive & she had married maybe 5 times.Rocky - extremely nice guy - friends with everyone, took over & expanded the family business made $$$’millions.Jocks - none of them attained a measure of athletic success, no professionals. None even played for any universities. Many became middle level managers working SF financial district.Hippies & Dopers - none achieved success, most of the them still living are under-employed & live in less expensive areas where they cultivate their own.School Bully - became a biker, died young. We fought once, he decided to be friendly afterward. He was actually really nice but had been continually abused by his father.Homely girl gossip not in the cool crowd - married very well drives new red convertible sports cars shuns the former cool crowd.Me - the homely poor kid skinny athlete anti-bully who worked after school jobs & never fit in with any crowd - no money for college, went to work at rock bottom drilling oil wells in Louisiana put on 60lbs of muscle, ended up living all over the globe for 4 decades then retired early as a Supt over ultra deepwater drillships.Attended the 40 year Class Reunion, don’t do FakeBook so what I learned was from the 3 weeks we spent on vacation back in that area. The main topics of conversation ranged from their lack of spendable income due to the excessive housing costs, State of Calif taxes both income & property & inability to save enough to retire.We haven’t bothered to attend any more Class Reunions since even after 40 years I didn’t still did not fit in & the guys were fearful of me for whatever reason. Plus SF has become not a friendly tourist destination.