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Tips On How I Could Starve Myself

I wanna starve myself . Help?

Here's the thing about starving yourself. You may weigh less, but you don't look healthy. Start eating better and working out. If you can't go to a gym then maybe a walk or jog around the neighborhood. Take it from someone who was anorexic for two years. A guy told me I was fat when I was 15. I stopped eating as much and did lose a lot of weight but I scared everyone around me. My 3 year old sister told me I looked like a witch and that she didn't want me around her. By that time, however, it was too late and I needed psychiatric help. Don't let it get to that. If you really want to lose weight, do it the healthy way. And honestly, who gives a **** about what some guy says? If he really cared about your well-being he'd tell you in a nice way that he thinks you aren't at a healthy weight and he just wants to make sure you're not hurting yourself with the way you eat. Believe it or not, there are people out there who just want to make others feel bad about themselves. This guy who told you this probably gets abused, in some way, at home or somewhere else. Don't let what people say get to you. People can be mean and hurtful just for the sake of being mean and hurtful. If you need help losing weight talk to your doctor. And if this guy is persisting, talk to a teacher or your principal. He's bullying you and that is NOT acceptable.

How can i starve myself?

If your ravenous your self on intent considering that you wish to be anorexic, then sure. You do have a few intellectual wellbeing problems happening that want awareness. I had an consuming sickness from age eleven for the duration of age 22 and talking from private enjoy...... theres such a lot of explanations why a individual could wish to come to be anorexic and truthfully act on those suggestions. Do you even discover that there are existence-lengthy disorders that stem from anorexia? Maybe you've gotten heard of them however you dont sound like your relatively conscious in their severity. you'll and can make your self infertile. (which means it is going to be very complex to unimaginable so that you can have youngsters someday) You severly weaken your middle to the factor wherein you're at a seventy five% better hazard of getting a middle assault or stroke than the normal individual. You will wreck all tooth in your enamel- and regardless of how more often than not you sweep them or cross to the dentist- you'll and can constantly get cavaties- if no longer wasting your enamel altogether. Your mind lacks oxygen while you starve your frame and also you might become with moderate to extreme mind harm. to not point out loss of life. considering that that's what anorexia is- an excessively gradual agonizing suicide. Please, in your possess sake, earlier than you get it out of manage search support and be severe approximately it. well success i am hoping this information impacts you to make the proper choice

Tips to starve yourself?

dont take diet pills if youre not eating anything. they really just make your stomach hurt. im not encouraging you not to eat, because if you want to do it.. you will. trust me i know. just be aware of the health issues you may have to deal with...they are not fun to deal with. anyway, if you dont eat, or eat very little for about 3-5 days.. your stomach will 'shrink' and you wont be hungry anymore. please make sure you stay hydrated, and at least eat a meal.. a full meal occasionally. (once a week is better than never) it can jumpstart your metabolism sometimes..
um, a few things you can do to take your mind off of food are:
reading, writing, drawing, sports, anything you can think of!
Please try to be healthy and exercise first though.. it really makes you feel like you have accomplished something.
good luck.. if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free emailing me

edit****** dont listen to anyone giving you crap over this, and also dont listen to anyone who tells you to eat meat. meat really really makes you actually GAIN weight =/
try going vegan! less food options =]

Tips on how I could starve myself?

You're intent on starving yourself, so take some vitamins. Take a Flinstone chewable vitamin everyday. It will give you the nutrients you need to keep going and it has more iron than adult vitamins which you'll need to keep from falling down everytime you stand up.

I know the PC thing is to tell you not to do it, but for an overweight person starving yourself is just as healthy as being overweight is. Neither of them are. Neither is smoking. Neither is binge drinking. Neither is eating McDonald's. You get my point? People do it. It's hypocritical of them to act is if they do everything the healthy way.

With that said, at your weight you need to know when to stop (because 115 does not sound overweight to me) so make sure you are keeping a close eye on the signs your body is giving you. Also, know when to stop. Set a stopping point. Stay hydrated, take a vitamin daily and please don't try to work out. Follow these simple things and you'll be fine.

My husband was prescribed an antidepressant that made him have a suicidal tendencies night…they put him some place where he wouldn't hurt himself…they waited 4 days, until they found out that was the problem…they wouldn't let anyone see him and basically treated him like someone in jail…he refused all meals, not because of a statement, but because he “wasn't hungry.” He had nothing but water for the 4 days and came home 12 pounds lighter…obviously, his stomach shrunk…once all was ok, he was allowed to come home. We went through McDonald's and he couldn't even finish 10 pieces of nuggets…He has tried to go without eating again for that long, but swears that he doesn't have the will power. He said that it's easy to lose weight when someone locks you up for days, because you aren't in control. He wishes someone would lock him in a room again. Maybe I can come up with a lie and get him thrown in jail for a few days, lol! Just kidding, for the record.

How to starve yourself?

I won't lie to you... I'm gonna tell the truth, so I'm not gonna be like "Don't starve yourself" or smth. bc I know what you are talking about. I do starve myself, too. Or did. Well, Right now before christmas people nearly force food into you. But I'll start eating nearly nothing tomorrow again. I have school until 5.30 p.m. on mondays and tuesdays, those are the days where I eat the least. Just like 200 calories, but I should eat 2338. So, in the beginning you get tired and moody a lot, have stomach pains and cramps and just want food. Then, you're going to feel like throwing up sometimes. But after like four days of eating very little and drinking lots of water, you'll kind of "succeed". After my first few days, I was completely full after eating a really tiny small orange, even though I hadn't eaten for like 12 hours. Everytime I felt hungry I just drank lots of water. Judge me, but I think I need to take off weight. I'm like 1,70 m and weight 54 kilos or more. But before starving myself, I had like 59,5, so I took off about 5,5 kilos within only 3 weeks or less. But I think I gained two again, or it's just bc I weighed myself after eating and drinking right after lunch. I feel so bad and fat for eating cookies today, so I decided to starve myself. My goal is less than 50 kilos, I'd love to have 45 or less.

I feel you !

And don't freaking tell me I'm anorexic, cause I'm not! What's wrong about wanting to take off?!

If i Starve myself for 2 months and drink water how much weight do will i lose?

You'll lose LOADS
First you'll lose all that pesky waterweight to make the scales drop in the first TWO DAYS!
As you keep going, your fat stores will be annihilated so you'll get that sexy ''sunken cheeks'' look.
Added benefit! Your muscles will also waste away, everyone loves skeletons!

Then, after you die of starvation and complete and utter stupidity, decomposition will strip away the unneccessary weight from skin and organs and stuff.

A few years down the line you'll be about 30kg of bones - oh it'll be sweeeeet.


Google BMR calculator to find out how many calories you need per day, subtract 20% and eat that to lose weight at a sustainable, healthy rate.
Cut out sugar
Stop snacking - eating 6 small regular meals per day will help
Sleep 6.5 hours per night MINIMUM
Stop drinking calories from sodas, fruit juice (FRUIT JUICE IS BAD, I REPEAT, BAD) and starbucks coffees
Avoid any processed foods like the plague
Get at LEAST 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day - so you need about 150grams of LEAN protein from skinless chicken, tuna, eggs and soy

Final tip:
Breakfast is your most important meal - get lots of protein, a good amount of healthy fats and a small amount of carbs.
40g of oats cooked in water
Stir in 150g fat free greek yoghurt
Top with 10g almonds and 80g blueberries
Serve with a nice tall glass of water.
300kcal, 15g protein along with fibre and a nice kicker of healthy fats to boost weight loss.

I. Have. Spoken