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Tips On How To Write A Werwolf Transformation From A First Person Perspective

Werewolf transformation...?

Okay, here are things you need to keep in mind when describing a werewolf transformation:

- The person's muscles should be stretching meaning the persons growing.
- Fur should be sprouting so probably a prickly feeling
- The bone structure shifts so this is a painful process. The readers should be able to literally hear the bones bending and shifting in sickening cracks.
- Claws would jut out of the finger tips and the person should suddenly collapse steady him/herself. By now, the person is extremely weak and maybe even collapses in his/her first transformation. Maybe even before the persons done changing.
- The persons' senses should turn off then suddenly snap back into proportion! This werewolf can smell everything and she/he is probably startled as they're vision snaps and every detail around them is totally clear. It's scary so if this is a first time transformation make sure to explain how freaked out this person is.
- The whole tail thing is probably something you'd want to leave out. That'd just be weird.

- Monica Kyler

Writing from a villains perspective?

I'm writing a chapter from my villain's perspective and was wondering what a villain would be like. I don't want to make him seem cliche.

Here's a little background on his life before the current event in my story...

He's of a humanoid wolf species in my story (Not a werewolf) and he just recently on his home planet got over-elected by the mate of my female humanoid wolf who is his daughter. A few months after getting over-elected he decided that he didn't like the changes _______ was making because they would put him out of politics for good. I'm not exactly clear on what these changes are. (Don't need or want help with this.) _______ decides to hire an assassin to take down the President. President catches ________'s assassin and gets information on ________. A lot happens to lead up to where I'm at. Their past is covered throughout dialogue and dreams ( Maybe, Maybe not.)


He's a pure genius but is maniacal in a very dangerous way. He treats his top officers okay but will snap on them instantly if they fail him on something really important. That's all I got. Hope someone can help.

Describe me a werewolf transformation?

nicely, there are a huge quantity of gramatical and spelling mistakes which takes faraway from the style of the tale. In different words, they are quite distracting. the concept of the tale is thrilling, your prepare of idea is often harder to persist with. i imagine the plot needs more beneficial progression, otherwise the tale merely appears like a jumble of concepts positioned down on paper. you're saying the nature observed the bullet with her eyes. That could were a slow bullet. Olivia stuffs the gun into her should probable change that to holster, because stuffing a gun into your pocket merely looks awkward and unsafe, and those are meant to be experts properly? the finest element you are able to do to strengthen your writing is to study plenty. look at how different authors develop their characters and plot. Grammar and spelling ARE substantial, or you gained't look like a reputable author. That 2d paragraph has too many concepts in it, so it will be chop up into seperate paragraphs. those "first 2" paragraphs of your tale look like they ought to move someplace in the middle as a replace because you factor out distinct issues that no human being is everyday with about. who're the characters, why are they doing what they do, why is the numerous personality on countless hit lists, who're the "communities", the position does your tale even happen 0.o...nicely very few concepts...Proofread a minimum of a few times

Can werewolves transform by will?

There are 2 distinct schools of thought on the subject. — The first being that each person inflicted by the curse of the Werewolf are under the sway of the rising full moon. This satellite to Earth asserts its influence, then (cloud-cover or not) the person bearing twin soul of mortal human and spirit essence wolf experience fusion, with the lupine ascendant and transformation resulting. Such a person is possessed and unknowing, while the wolven aspect roams, ravages, and feeds where it might. Morning light reveals a bloodied & bewildered man, woman, or child in some forlorn place with little or nothing for clothing. They either may or may not know specifics which they can only assume were the result of their transformed alter-identity causing damage or destruction, injury or horrid slaughter. Such a person walks alone in this life for fear of harming those innocents or those closest to him while in shape and aspect of the wolven side.— The second is the partial awareness of themselves, as though the integration of spirit halves allow a meager portion of control. In this, there is the conjoining of brethren - whence a pack comes to the infected person (in human form for explanation, instruction & invitation) or is lured by the innate need to join with others of the same ilk. By sight while searching, perhaps hearing the baying of one or more others - the one bearing the curse is brought before others. Then comes either a ferocious testing, with being consumed as forfeiting worthiness of strength or failing to submit to the laws of the pack. Such communal bonding allows the Werewolf to be free and wild, while observing the ways of his / her peers. Such a one can learn over time and with much guided overseeing to control the transformation . . . when, what triggers must be recognized (such as extreme emotion or imminent, perceived danger), and how to change - including partial transformation between the human to full Werewolf aspect. This second element is dependent on geographic locality, odds of a pack accepting rogue males or breeding females, etc.It all relies on time and place, this alchemical cause & effect state of existing between the primal world & the world of perhaps a more viscous civilized world of mankind. -_END-_Note: Image = Werewolf-by-Night _ 1970's comic book cover

How would you describe transforming into a wolf?

Are you writing in first person or third person?
Anyway for first person:
The most dangerous things are usually beautiful to watch like an Anglerfish's"lantern" drawing you closer when you should be far,far away,and like that,his transformation was beautiful in a scary way.I could see that he was in indescribable pain,it seemed like he was metamorphosing,it sort of reminded me of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly only,much,much faster.His whole body was covered in a thick mat of fur in just a few minutes,and he had become inflated like he was a balloon and someone had suddenly blown air into him.His arms had grown to form his two front legs and his legs had grown a little longer.His eyes too had changed,they had become wider and resembled pebbles,their colour,an island of dark gold surrounded by black,and there was no trace of the humane look they had once been home to,the look of a predator on the hunt had replaced it.His nails had become claws as sharp as knives and he had grown two fangs that saliva dripped from.All at once,my curiosity and excitement were extinguished by a fiery fear that had crept into my very being.

If you are writing in the third person just change every "I" into a "her".I hope I helped.Good luck with your story!

How can I effectively introduce a protagonist teen male first by being competent and driven, and second by being a prankster?

Your character is undergoing a substantial   transformation, which must happen over a specific period of time and can be depicted through  multiple small incidents that would have larger underlying theme of troubled change.First you can start with him being good in common activities that are expected of a senior high school kid, additionally you can show him as a person with active social life, a person with a good sense of humour and a person not necessarily loved but liked by all. A particular incident involving his bravado during search operation would add the element of  competence to his character.But all happy things have cloudy linings and dark consequences. An accident involving his brother would shatter his life. Sense of guilt would overwhelm his behaviour. Subsequently, he would be developing, in his mind, consciously as well as subconsciously, millions of arguments and counter arguments to justfy his innocence. Obviously this sort of inner struggle would destroy his sense of stability thus he would start reacting to almost everything and would be seen getting irritated at small incidents, would be insulting and hurting family, friends and colleagues. He would eventually isolate himself from others. His earlier guilt of somehow being involved in his brother's death would be compounded by the guilt of having hurt the people who care for him. Since he is naturally a responsible person, he would realise his mistake and would try to compensate his misbehaviour with what he presumes a light hearted prank but unfortunately due to bad timing would end up only in alienating himself from the same people he was trying to get close to.I guess the idea should be to use small incidents, according to your larger plots, subplots and other characters, to depict his behavioural change.

I want to write a story where the main character has multiple-personality disorder. What are some things I should be aware of?

First of all, the modern term is disassociative personality disorder, and this is the best term to use when searching the Web for info.Secondly, writing about such an alien experience to you requires a lot of research and you should read a lot and take lots of notes to learn about this complex disability as well as you can. Answers served to you cannot replace personal research. Read both medical descriptions and personal experiences from people with DPD and people who have witnessed DPD up close, whether as professionals or friends/family. Actual books (quick, to the library, Robin!) may help you form a more complete image too.I can offer one personal anecdote: a close friend of mine dated for nearly two years someone who had DPD. This person had at least two distinct personalities; the problem was, only one of them was dating my friend. The other one didn’t even know her, much less trusted her, and was alarmed to find her inexplicably in her home whenever the switch was triggered unexpectedly. Because none of them had any idea what might trigger the switch (it seemed totally random, entirely unconnected to moods or situations), this made maintaining the relationship very challenging.

I'm writing a Werewolf story and need ideas?

The name Stone Creek is good for the town and the town should have a forest called Trails Of Death where the werewolf lives and the werewolf's name should be Brook his blonde has blue eyes and his tall and there should be a girl that he has a crush on her name should be Mona or Erica she's secretly a vampire and the problem could be that there is one guy who knows their secrets and his threatening to tell the town and the town forbids or murders those creatures so they have to do so on so to be kept a secret and at the end Mona or Erica finds out his a werewolf and Brook finds out she's a vampire.
i have a project like yours so i want to concentrate on my story but this is what i got.

How to write in the point of view of a crazy person?

I'm finishing up a series of novels, but i dont think i have this one thing right. this is the situation,

there is this guy who drank an elixir to become more powerful to save his family from a band of evil ghosts. what he didn't know was that the elixir was an experiment and the vile was tainted so his power (to be a werewolf) became permanent instead of wearing off in three days like it should have. he couldn't control his animalistic urges and took some wolfsbane (a plant used to ward off werewolves) injections to keep his werewolf side under control but the wolfsbane reacted with the elixir in his blood which turns his blood into poison and very slowly kills him. so far he's losing control of his senses, he has violent outbursts, he cant control when he becomes a werewolf anymore, and hes very weak. he has these moments where "it feels like his soul leaves his body" and he just goes off to destroy something and wakes up without realizing he's done it. how to i write from the point of view? i'm not sure what a crazy person thinks or how the reader would know what's going on

Writing a story and I need help to describe a werewolf transformation and back to human.?

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You have numerous errors in what you've posted which do tend to detract from the actual context of the story; for instance: threw should be through; vains should be veins; your should be you're; lbs should be written as pounds; nees should be knees; lied should be lay; 50% should be fifty per cent; threw again should be through; grousum should be gruesome; metal should be medal; littery should be literally. Additionally, you need to proofread for omissions -- words which you've left out. When you write dialogue, you must make a new paragraph for each instance or whenever the speaker changes. After the speech ends, begin a new paragraph again. Your writing reads as if written by someone very young and inexperienced. Your describing of Ryan in the middle of the werewolf killings seems a bit contrived. However, if you are committed to your proposed plot, do continue writing it. The accomplishment will be good experience for you. When you're finished, try to have it critiqued by someone qualified who will be objective and also, hopefully, will assist you with corrections and editing. If your aspiration is to write for publication, be aware that it will be very difficult to achieve that as a young unknown and previously unpublished writer. However, if you are just writing for your own amusement or to entertain your friends, why not keep writing? Whatever your ambitions, I wish you good luck!