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Why don't guys talk to me?

I'v heard like a million times that I'm pretty so I don't think that's the problem (I don't mean to brag or anything cause I'm not bragging :P). But most guys my age kind of ignore me. I'm kind of shy so I don't really like hanging out with guys that I don't know so much alone. I need to have a friend with me. But when I say something it's like he doesn't really listen, he just looks away and says something to someone else. I don't know what to do. What can I do to make them notice me? Thanks :) <3

How to talk to a guy you don't know?

So there's this boy that I really like but there's one problem... I don't know him and have barely talked to him. He sits close to me or even by me sometimes at lunch every day because our groups sit by each other but I just can't build up the guts to strike up a conversation. Any advice?

Guys don't approach me?

I have always been the quiet nerdy girl throughout middle school but once I got into high school I started to wear contacts and curl my hair and also wear makeup. A lot of girls that I have made friends with keep telling me how pretty I am (I don't ask). I get called cute a lot and I think I'm pretty nice. I don't gossip or start drama. I'm pretty chill but guys just don't approach me or compliment me like they do to other girls.The worst thing is I actually have a lot more in common with these guys then they do sometimes. They always compliment the other girls and not me for some reason and I feel like maybe my friends are just trying to make me feel better but I'm actually ugly. =/
Could that be true ?
I don't understand.

Why don't guys like being called cute?

For me, when I say a guy is hot it's someone that sexually excites me, but since I'm not looking to have sexual relations with said guy, I don't think anything of it.

I would call a guy I like cute, but now I'm starting to think that might be a turn off .__. But I don't wanna call him hot or sexy when I don't want a sexual relationship (at this point).

Im bisexual but don't want to have sex with guys.?

Don't think having sex with guys means you have to get it up the butt. That's why there are different roles while having sex. Top & Bottom. Top is the dominant, where they give anal sex. (ie. They never get penetrated, they give penetration...) Bottom is where they get penetrated. You're not the only one.
Also, a girls vagina looks like taco meat.

How do you approach a guy you don't know?

Step one: Make eye contact
Step two: Smile
Step three: walk in a straight sturdy line towards him
step four: Say hello
Step five: strike up conversation by something you noticed about him or say something simple like "How are you"
Step six: after a while say something smooth like "So I was wondering if you wanted to get bite to eat sometime?" And hope for the best.

Really it's only a guy. Just pretend he'll be another one of your girl friends and go for it :D What's the worst he can do? Say no? Pshh I'm sure you've heard no a couple times in your life by idk everyone. xP

Step out of your comfort zone a little. Guys like confidence.

Do girls like guys who don't masturbate?

Masturbation can be a fun and safer alternative to having sex with a willing partner. However, there are some guys who truly do NOT enjoy masturbating. I'm one of them. The problem is that the whole "fantasy" side of masturbation is tough for me. I don't get turned on easily unless there is some (real human female) external stimulation. Even if I'm watching porn, it is tough for me to get turned on, as I know (at some level) that there is little chance of me actually having sex soon. And lesbian porn does NOTHING for me, unlike most men. My problem with porn in general is that I know it's not real. My problem with lesbian porn is...even if it WAS real (which it isn't) I can't insert my fantasy self into a sexual situation that includes ONLY females. In other words, I can't imagine that I'm one of the females in the lesbian sex scene. I don't have the right equipment to be a part of that fantasy scene...

1) Girls like guys who provide them with the physical affection (hugs, kisses, cuddling and sex) that they need. Whether a guy masturbates or not, does not fit into that equation at all...
2) There are definitely other guys out there who don't enjoy masturbating. I find it kind of boring. And I have a FANTASTIC sex life, usually. So my problem with masturbation is not a medical problem or a sexual performance issue. It's just a form of sex that I do not enjoy...even though I get great pleasure in other forms of sex. FREQUENTLY.
3) I can't tell you why you have no interest in masturbation. I can only speak from my own experience, and I do understand that masturbation can (for some guys) truly not be enjoyable.

Now, you will have no problem AT ALL finding a girlfriend or even a wife, being a guy who does not like to masturbate.

The only issue even remotely related to your girlfriend/wife/whatever is...
SOME girls will get extremely turned on if a guy is brave enough (or open enough) to masturbate with their girlfriend watching them. For the exact same reason, most guys will get extremely turned on by watching their girlfriend masturbate.

But this issue won't effect your relationships with women, at all. If you don't enjoy masturbating, you can simply ask your female partner for a little help. HaHa...

Are there any hot girls who don't get approached by guys?

My best friend from high school is gorgeous.Drop dead gorgeous. I’m quite pretty myself, but if I went anywhere with her, all of the attention was always on her, I didn’t exist. Guys would approach her everywhere we went and mostly ignore me because she is so beautiful.Guys approached her at Starbucks. Men tried to talk to her when we went to the pool. She was hit on at every bar we went to. Men would even approach her at restaurants. The stream of men coming on to her was endless, and she loved every second of it. It got kind of annoying.Two years ago, she got married. They really love each other and they had a baby together almost immediately. However, her genetics are so good she still has abs after her first baby. She’s still breathtaking.Over the summer, I went out dancing with her. We went to a two-stepping bar in Houston, Texas. Not a single man approached her to dance. Nobody looked at her. Just two years ago men had swarmed at her at every angle in the same bar. I could tell she was upset. She wanted to leave.My best friend didn’t get any less gorgeous, one thing changed. She stopped acting available. She used to smile at every man she saw. She used to make eye contact with every guy she found attractive. She used to laugh and dance and invite men over to talk to her.She stopped acting available. My best friend was now happily taken and that made all the difference.Being hot doesn’t get men to approach you. Being available does.Sure, a certain level of attractiveness is needed for a man to initially take interest. But, some of the most average girls I know pull the most men I’ve ever seen just because they act so available.