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Can girls beat competetive boys at volleyball?

Take the guess. Its a satisfaction situation, and that they in all probability won't play lower back besides. the reality: the girls folk in all probability did beat the adult men. exceedingly in the event that they performed on a womens top internet the place the two communities are waiting to attack the ball. ladies take extra satisfaction in ball administration than boys. Their consistent play in all probability resulted in the lads having a superb style of unforced blunders. purely a gaggle of guesses, yet take the guess. If the adult men group does play and lose, you could purely make relaxing of them.

About 6′1–6′2. The tallest player on the current roster is opposite, Liz McMahon at 6′7, while the shortest player is libero, Kristen Hahn at 5′6.

An explanation of love is that the scoring system was copied from the game sphairistike, which was played by British officers in India during the 19th century. That game's scoring system was based on the different gun calibres of the British naval ships. When firing a salute, the ships first fired their 15-pound guns on the main deck, followed by the 30-pound guns of the middle deck, and finally by the 40-pound lower gun deck.Also, it can be traced to the 17th-century expression "play for love," meaning 'to play without any wager, for nothing'. It is this meaning of 'nothing' that love takes on when used in tennis--and in certain card games, as well as in the occasional British football commentary. The proper way to describe a score of zero to zero is to say love-all.Some people like to think that “love” is a corruption of the French “l’oeuf” (“the egg”), because the figure zero looks like an egg. But so far as I know, nobody can produce an authentic use of “l’oeuf” in this sense in French.

The player with a different jersey on a volleyball court is called a libero.He’s got one main role: reenforcing the defensive back row.His jersey is different because he can come in and out of the court as many time as he wants and without the head coach has to ask for a substitution. So with a different jersey the judge see that the substitution is allowed even if it’s not asked.The libero only plays on defense. His job is to make the most beautiful reception so his setter can put his attaquant in the best conditions to score the point.A libero must respect few special rules :-He can substitute anybody but only on the 3 back row position.-He can’t serve-He can send the ball back on the adverse side only if it’s under the net. That’s mean that he can’t attack or block.-He can set for an attaquant but he has to be off the 3 meters zone. If he is in the 3 meters zone he is not allowed to do an over head set.-A libero can’t be his team’s captain because in volleyball there has to be one captain on the court and as the libero always come in and out of the court you can’t put him captain.To be a good libero, you have to be quick, precise, with a lot of technique and reflexes. The job is to maintain the ball in the game and defense all the adverse attacks.This special post allows small people to play volleyball as a professional level. Indeed volleyball players are usually tall because of the high of the net (2m43).In 2016, the best libero in the world was french and named Jenia Grebennikov. He plays in Italie for the club Association Sportive Volley Lube.

Spiritually speaking, how did jumping on a trampoline become an olympic event?

Most countries don't play softball ;] America likes to make up it's own sports 'cause it can't master the ones the rest of Earth is playing.
Oh and trampolining is incredibly hard and requires a lot of skill - more than hitting a ball and running round bases, darling.

The words "game" and "set" are used interchangeably in modern volleyball, although there is no true set as in tennis. A set is the second touch of a point where a person sets up another player for a hit. The first touch is normally called a pass.A game or set is won when a team reaches 25 points and wins by at least two points, 15 in the case of a five-game or five-set match. However, a game or set is called a duce game once a game is tied 23. This means that the first team to take a two-point lead wins the game or set.Some leagues play first to win two games or sets, and some play first to win three. First to two is a normal format in youth leagues or in large tournaments, sometimes with groupings of teams called "pools" where a round-robin format is used. Once teams emerge from pools, games switch to first to three in a single-elimination format.

To Church of God or Pentecostal Church members: Do you make your daughters wear dresses?

my wife is in injesusname07 and she brought up a point is it ok for a man to dress in heels and a dress? would that be ok if one of your male students dressed like that? if not why? if woman can wear jeans and etc why cant a man wear a dress? history has proven pants were made for men. it wasnt till the womens lib that women started wearing them more and more. the bible doesnt change the times do in them times men wore certain garments and women wore another but the verse has not changed but the time has now it is more known for a woman to wear a dress skirt etc and a man to wear pants why do u think bathrooms always have a woman in a skirt on the door ? and why do so many ppl get offended by men wearing dresses? if u think its ok for ladies to wear pants dont be 2 faced says its ok for men to wear dresses and heels rofl which i know many would not agree to men dressing like that

As mentioned, their primary role is defense. They're the middle linebacker of the defense, they point fingers and tell people what to do when a hit or serve is on its way. They have to be on their toes at all times, if another player shanks a serve receive or dig he/she needs to be prepared to react. Liberos are typically one of the shortest if not the shortest player on the team because height isn't necessarily a benefit for a libero and because a shorter person can naturally get lower to the ground. A player with substantial height is going to be used on the front row, plain and simple. Liberos cannot hit a ball that is entirely above the height of the net and they are restricted to back row positions. They can pass or set a ball that is in the front zone but a hitter cannot hit a finger set by the libero if the libero is in the front zone.Liberos have the most position specific rules than all other positions, however they only have one responsibility: Don't let the ball hit the floor. Your volleyball IQ, speed, reflexes and instincts need to be A+ to play this position, but it's a whole lot of fun digging all those otherworldly hits that makes everyone oooooo and ahhh while you pass it like it's too easy. Cheers.

Girl football player???

You need to try out with the boys, even if they mock you, you have to show them and the coach that you are tough enough, you don't care what they think, and that you deserve the same amount of respect!! You can't show signs of weakness, b/c then they will mock you even more!! I mean other guys on opposing teams are going to most likely laugh @ u and target u on and off the field!! SO u better get accustomed to ignoring it!!!

By the way, I applaud u, b/c it's so sexist that they say girls can't play football!! I mean ggirls are tough enough to risk their lives fighting in Iraq alongside men, but not to play foobal!?!?

A question for mormons/lds: WHY BASKETBALL?

The "basketball courts" you refer to are located in chapels that have a room called the "cultural hall." The cultural hall is rather large, and can support the size of a basketball court. As the name implies, the cultural hall is used for things other than basketball. There can be any number of other events that take place in a local cultural hall, including but not limited to: theatrical plays and other productions, banquets and dinners, boy scouting meetings, dances, wedding receptions, and other large gatherings.

Basketball is only one of many possible uses. The LDS church believes in keeping yourself healthy and in eating good foods. Basketball, being a physical activity, can be a way of helping members maintain good health.