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Traveling With Big Dogs To San Juan Pr. Best Options Or Tips.

What are some tips for an American planning a trip to Cuba?

FIND A CUBAN TO TAKE YOU AROUND.My 14-year old son and I visited Cuba the last week of August 2015, for my 3rd trip, his first. Neither of us speaks Spanish. We traveled illegally:  through Nassau from NYC. Nassau was the only island we could fly in an out of (without an overnight stay) in one day.  This trip was by far my favorite, thanks to a 26-year old Cuban named Ernesto. We met him our 2nd day and spent close to a week with him and his adorable friend "Chowy" (the owner of the beautiful '54 Chevrolet Bel Air that took us everywhere, including a 2-day side trip to Vinales!) We paid the two of them roughly $100-125/day to show us their world. They would've taken less and I would’ve paid more. Above all else, Ernesto is unfailingly honest, reliable and resourceful, just what you want in a guide. But he's also very charming, entertaining, fun and upbeat -- and easy on the eyes.  We wanted to see weird stuff, so they took us to their local  hospital (if you can call it that, incredible!), a nightclub, local markets, the grave of St. Amelia in Colon Cemetery, the Havana forest where they perform Santeria ceremonies, Fusterlandia and the Hammel Alley Rumba Festival – all worth it if you have the time. But the highlight of the trip may have been spending time with Ernesto’s and Chowy’s extended family and neighbors. We were invited to dinner and spent a night talking politics and playing dominoes.  We also did all the typical stuff (Obispo Street, Museo de Chocolate, Camera Obscura, Ambos Mundos rooftop – all in Old Havana; Revolution Square, Revolution Museum, US Embassy, Museo Missile Crisis, Morrow Castle, Fusterlandia, Ernest Hemingway's Finca Vigia, Malecon, Miramar, etc.)  VINALES: We also took the beautiful drive to Vinales, stopping in La Terrazza so we could all go zip-lining, guides included. I taunted Ernesto and Chowy to join us, and they spent the rest of the week telling all their friends about how they flew through the sky. We went swimming in the San Juan River at a popular spot for locals, went horseback-riding around the valley and visited a farm where they grow and dry tobacco leaves where we bought hand-rolled cigars. We stopped at the waterfalls in Soroa, not only visited the Prehistoric Wall, but climbed it to the top!!, visited the Indian caves, went swimming in River Sagua with the locals.  I'm happy to pass on his contact information to anyone who requests it. I have no dogs in this race, I just would love to help these guys out.

How to travel from Mandaluyong City to Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila?

Super sorry talaga, but Quiapo Church to FEU Gym is a longer walk than coming from UST daw. :[

I actually wanted to opt for the one passing by España because FEU's Gym is along R. Papa.

If the jeepney I ride passes through España, it would be much much easier walk because I would only have to get off at the southern tip of España then walk through Nicanor Reyes until I get to the corner of R. Papa (the one with Jollibee daw).

Now, what is the way to ride a jeepney that passes through España Blvd. from Mandaluyong? No problem if I need to ride from Shaw, or Kalentong or EDSA, I just need to know a way to ride a jeepney that passes through España Blvd., even if I need to change more than one ride on the way if I'm coming from any major point you could suggest in Mandaluyong.

Thanks Thanks. :]

How can i get to Greenhills San Juan from Marikina?

You can get there two ways.

I just can't remember the details for I haven't back in Manila in many years.

First you need to go to EDSA from your place that would be via Aurora. Then at EDSA you get a ride from any BUS going to Makati, Pasay, Alabang, it doesn't matter just as long as it would pass by Ortigas. Ortigas is the key place that you need to go to. Then from there get a ride from a bus or a jeep going to Greenhills & to San Juan in general.

You can also take the MRT of course.

Then as I have said, you either go down at Ortigas or at a bus stop fronting Gate 4 of Camp Aguinaldo. It is called Gate 5 as far as I know, & there used to be a gasoline station over there. Then there should be jeeps going to the Greenhills Shopping Center if that is where you are going to, so that is the quicker/easier way to do it.

The other way is to just go to Ortigas, I do not know where you are in Marikina but there are lot of jeeps that would take you there, possible to Rosario or to Junction or to whatever part of Ortigas. Then from there you can get a ride to San Juan by bus or jeep.