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True Or False The Usa Intelligence Could Of Prevented The 9111 Tragedy But They Didn

What should one do to avoid confusion in life?

Start writing your thoughts down. Tedious task, I know. But, it’s the best remedy for over-thinkers.Once you have written everything down. You mind is free. Now, start asking the relevant questions and start moving towards what you want.You can also try meditation. But, don’t think that meditation is a day or two activity. Practice it daily and once you have gotten a hold on this activity, you practice listening to nagging voice inside your head telling to go for something that not only feels good but makes you feel alive while doing it. (No pun intended)Start searching on google to find answers but always question what you read, not everything you read is true or you might not believe in. It could be someone’s misdirection or have been written from their point of view.Remember that song-”Confusion hi confusion hai, solution kuch pata nhn, solution jo mila, question kya tha pata nhn, dil jo mera baat-baat pe gharayye, dil idiot hai pyar se use samjhaye and bol-”ALL is WeLL” -Nope, this song doesn’t helps but singing does. Music in general does(:P)Science has proved that singing affects our processing in the brain or something( search on google for technical terms) and make us feel relaxed.( Well, depends on the kind of music you listen or sing to)May the force be with you buddy and you find you way. Amen!