Universe Fine Tuning.

Is life fine-tuned to the Universe or is the Universe fine-tuned for life?

The reason we're here living in the "Goldilocks Zone" ("Just right!"), talking about it is because this is one of the places and times in which we can exist. We were and are part of the universe, and we exist in it where and when we can. So our mental and instinctual mapping of reality, without special equipment and the benefit of theory and the higher mathematics employed by quantum physicists, would necessarily appear ordered; because we’re in the environment where we can be. If the environment were different, the probability is that we just wouldn't be here.

We might have to continue to have the humility to admit that we don't know everything for a very long time - perhaps forever; and I prefer this instead of hanging onto the kind of pride that won't admit we don't know it all and invokes supernatural beings, which I don't consider plausible.

What are some of the best examples of the fine-tuning of our universe?

If you assume a single universe, then Yaahov's answer nails it precisely. However if you assume a many-worlds scenario then this perception of fine-tuning is a conceptual illusion arising from our vantage point within the totality of reality.It is easy to see why this is so. Imagine there's a multitude of universes exactly like ours except that in each one of them their Earth is at a slightly different distance from their Sun. In most of them Earth is either too hot or too cold, and hence life never developed. As such there's no human beings in the surface of either one of those to ask about the fine tuning of their universe.From all the universes in which Earth is at the right distance from the Sun, in the majority the chemical reactions that started life never happened, and hence they too are lifeless. In others life started, but never advanced beyond the unicellular stage, so there are no human beings to ask the question either. And so on and so forth, until you reach the universes in which humans exist and can question it.Going backwards you have an immense number of universes where the Sun never formed, or our galaxy, or where the basic physical constants are slightly different so that there's no matter or they've collapsed into black holes right after appearing etc.Thus the fine tuning isn't really there. It's just that among all the infinite myriad of random tunings the non-special tuning of ours happens to provide for the arising of intelligent life, intelligent life who then becomes able to notice how odd it is for them to exist, and thus to wonder why.This doesn't mean there isn't a reason though, just that trying to find it by way of looking at these specific numbers doesn't work.

Why is the universe fine-tuned for life?

The fine-tuning here is beyond comprehension. Having an accuracy of even one part out of 10 to the 60th is like firing a bullet toward the other side of the observable universe, 20 billion light-years away, and nailing a one-inch target!

The examples of fine-tuning are so many and so various that they aren't likely to disappear with the advance of science. Like it or not, fine-tuning is just a fact of life that is scientifically well established.

How do atheists explain fine tuning of the universe?

"It is a fact that the universe has characteristics that appear to be fine tuned."

Key word: appear

" If just one of the constants is changed just a bit, life is not possible, or at least complex life is not."

In cosmic terms, "a little bit" is a HUGE margin.

Bottom line: There is no "fine tuning" of the universe.

See Douglas Adams' parable of the puddle.

What is your stance on the apparent fine-tuning of the universe?

It is not apparent to me, in fact, the opposite, life barely hangs in there. It would be more credible a claim if life were all over the place, but it isn’t.Fine tuning implies a fine tuner, doesn’t it. That would violate the 1st law of thermodynamics - aka conservation of energy - which clearly, unambiguously explains that energy cannot be created (or destroyed) under any circumstances, and as our universe consists of energy in one form or another, it cannot be a creation.No creation = no creator / fine tuner.The fine tune argument is in support of a supernatural cause for life. Life is just another inevitable result of existence being what it is, like water, or any other cosmic formation. It is inevitable, given the right ingredients and conditions.

How's a fine tuned universe evidence for a god?

It's only evidence for a fine tuned universe. We already know carbon based life can only sustain itself in a very VERY small amount of conditions in the universe. Nothing miraculous or divine about it.

Why do atheist try to deny the fine-tuning of our universe?

Yes. I agree that there is no way around it.

You're essentially illustrating that evidence has nothing to do with their decision to reject God.