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Urgent I Keep Getting Instagram Followers Every Second No Joke

If someone gets flagged/reported by 5 different people on Instagram can anything happen?

Yes.. Instagram can disable your account or they could ban your account. Instagram like any other network reserves the right to do this without prior warning. Furthermore, if your account is disabled, you may still be able to log in from another device or location and if that's the case, then the problem is on the current device that you're using. On the other hand, if you're banned entirely then you won't be able to log in from any location or device and will be left with only one option.. create an entirely new account. Her's a resource that you can use in the event you want to try to "un-disable" your account (e.g. How to Get an Instagram Account Unbanned). However, again in the case of the ban.. there's nothing you can do to reverse that action. Nevertheless, the best thing you can do as anyone would suggest regardless of the network you're on is to always back up your data. If you lose access to your account, you will lose access to any data you've uploaded if you don't regularly back it up.

Tumblr, I keep getting redirected to sexual site when I click a blog?

Now, I'm not really sure what to make of this, but I definitely know I am growing tired of it.
Here is the low down:
Now, I'm a fairly new tumblr user, so I still an a novice when it comes to it, and not at all wildly know. So, when someone reblogs, likes, ect. one of my blogs, I like to check out their own blog. Fair enough. So, I go to click their username that will take me to their blog (I am clicking their name from my blog notes). And, almost every time I click someones' blog this way, I get redirected to a website full of sexual images. I thought it might be a glitch the first time this happened, but it keeps happening, so that can't be it. The website seems to have nothing to do with tumblr, nor the blog I was trying to click, either.
I know this sounds odd, I'm fairly sure this isn't normal, either (since I have Googled the problem, and turned up nothing).
I am really hopeful that perhaps by asking here, one of you may help me to solve this.
It's driving me crazy!

What is the weirdest text message you have ever received?

Well, received a text from almost a stranger.Okay So let's call this person XYZ.XYZ is one of my Instagram follower. And also a family friend of one of my close friend.Today, I randomly got a text from XYZ:XYZ: hey, can you help me?Me(thinking it must be something related to my close friend): sayXYZ: Can you give me some cash, it's urgent.Me ( completely surprised as such we barely know each other and thinking it's a mistake or something) : sorry?(Expecting him to reply why he needs money and why can't he ask anyone else?)Here is the screenshot.XYZ : why, what happened?Now completely baffled by this I contacted my close friend and asked her about this. To which she replied don't give anything. Even I have lent XYZ some money.Me:what does XYZ do with this money?My friend: *fukta hai* ( Smokes)( And was surprised to know that how desperate XYZ is to smoke that he/she is asking to almost strangers for money)Me : XYZ, for what?XYZ: what?( I expected an answer, not a question to my question)Me( trying not to let my anger take over me)ask your parents?XYZ: okay,bbye.This was pretty weird for me. And also kind of sad that how our generation is so much addicted to these things that sometimes they don't know what they are doing.Signing off!Have a good day!

How do you tell your parents that your not a virgin anymore?

Do you HAVE to tell them? I never did until I decided to ask my mom to go with me to get birth control. My dad just knew (I was in a long relationship with an older guy) but we never had any discussion about it.

It was nice to talk to my mom about sex and relationships in general after I got a little more mature about the subject though. It's your call.

I agree that moms are generally understanding. If she isn't "well there's no taking it back now" is really all you can say. =) Good luck!

My daughter Eleanor is having sex with our 3 year old Samoyed?

First of all....."THING"? You are willing to ask this question, but then call his penis his "THING"? If this is true, then the only thing I'd be concerned with is that she will be greatly hurt when she is about 20-25 and Snowflake dies. Is it healthy? Well, there are NO STD's a human can catch from a dog....perhaps other than brucelliosis, which he would have never been exposed to if he'd never mated before. There is no reason to worry about whether it is "normal" since what exactly IS "normal"? That varies from person to person. Whether this activity fits your world view is up to you and since your daughter is only 15 you still can control (to a certain extent) what she does. PLEASE do not make the mistake of thinking that she is somehow emotionally disturbed ONLY due to having sex with her dog. Also, do not believe that this is abuse. How can one force a male dog to mount them?

So, SHE likes this. The DOG obviously likes this. You have to decide if YOU like this, and whether you wish to alienate your daughter by forcing her to give up this close relationship with her dog. BTW--Sammies ARE quite sexy, so I can understand the attraction (:->)

When a guy calls you "Barbie" is it an insult or a compliment?

My friend is friends with this guy and today when I wasn't with them he said to my friend "Where's Barbie?" and she said "what?" and he said "You know, your blonde friend?" (which meant me) sooo just wondering, is that an insult or a compliment?