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Urgent - Tattoo Translation Help


1) aetas difficilis autem potest esse beata
Difficult times however can be blessed times.

2) Quam brevis erat dulcis vita eius
How brief was his (her) sweet life.

3) In omni terra viros feminasque fortes videbitis
You will see brave men and women in every land.

4) Pericula ingentia paucis horis superavimus
We have overcome great dangers in a few hours.

5) itaque auditores acres poetae potenti mentes commiserunt
And so the sharp listeners engaged the minds of the powerful poet.

6) inter amicos nihil est nimium difficile
Among friends nothing is too difficult.

7) ille vir fortis animalia acria ex porta urbis iecit
That brave (strong) man threw the vigorous animals out the city gates.

8) omnes stulti laborem pro vita facili vitabant
All fool avoid work for an easy life.

PLEASE help with latin translation? urgent!!?

Well, it either means ' When we don't have latin homework, we will cry for a long time"

"When the houshold does not have an allotment of wool to spin, we will cry for a long time"

I think its probally the homework one.

Urgent! Japanese translation help!!!?

"more importantly, how would you like me to call you?" (the name you prefer)

てか is ていうか which is an expression that means:

- i mean...
- moreover...
- more importantly...
- you see..

it's a term used when emphasizing a topic more important (to the speaker/answerer) over the current topic thus kind of changing the flow of the story/topic.

Urgent Latin Translated Tattoo Help!?

Ad astra = To the stars
Felicitas hic habitat = Happiness lives here.


carro is ablative, so on a cart rather than to it. If you're interested, which you have no need to be really, carrum is used normally of Gaulish vehicles; Lewis and Short (one of the most respected Latin dictionaries) asserts it is four wheeled or two wheeled, depending which version you get (elementary and full editions respectively).


Your tattoo needs to be clean. You must take off the cling film, and wash off the plasma. No submerging, no direct streams of water, splash rinse it only.
You must wash your hands 1st, then wash the tattoo gently with clean fingers. You should use antibacterial soap (liquid) if possible.
You then pat it dry with clean paper towel. No cloth towels, no rubbing.
Let it air out a bit.
Apply a light coating of a white unscented no dye lotion like Lubriderm or Curel.
Do not use a petroleum or lanolin product.
If you do use an ointment (like A & D), switch to Lubriderm after 3 days.
Pat off any seepage/ink transfer whenever you see it to avoid scabbing.
Wash and care for your tattoo this way 3 - 5Xs a day for as long as it takes to heal (2 - 4 weeks or more).
Do not bandage, do not use plastic wrap, do not mess with it in any way other than good aftercare.
No sun. No sunblock until it is completely and totally healed and feels and looks like regular skin and does not hurt when you bump it.
Your tattoo will go through many phases while healing, and it won't look good again until it is healed.
Don't scratch it or pick at it.



I am currently learning Spanish in school and am struggling. Can someone with good Spanish grammar skills translate the following for me to help me. I truly, greatly appreciate it and owe you my life if you do. MUCHOS GRACIAS:)
and PLEASE DONT USE ANY TRANSLATION WEBSITES... they don't work very well. plez

The government must combat AIDS because AIDS is growing and is taking the life of millions of people each year. AIDS and HIV need to be combated by three ways. These three ways are prevention, intervention and treatment. A strategy needs to be put in place to combat the deadly disease which affects nearly a billion people each year throughout the world.

First and foremost the government needs to raise public awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, which is vital to prevent the disease from spreading wider. When more people will be informed of how AIDS is transmitted, they can avoid doing such actions and prevent the disease from spreading. The government needs to target and get outreach to the high-risk groups who include blood sellers, drug abusers, prostitutes and homosexuals.

The second thing the government needs to do is, to identify as many HIV carriers as soon as possible. Without knowing who the carriers are, how can governments provide the sufferers with a comprehensive care project? By identifying the people with the disease, the government can treat those people and help them.

The government also needs to offer free medicine for HIV carriers, free and anonymous HIV tests, free education for orphans of HIV/AIDS victims and free prenatal treatment of infected pregnant women. Elderly people who have lost children to AIDS should receive free care.

In the photo, the tattoo is written wrongly in Arabic.What is written is “أحب نفسك أول” which I assume should've been “ًأحب نفسك أولا” which means love yourself first. The tattoo maker translated the sentence literally word to word into Arabic (love yourself first) :Love = أحب / حبYourself = نفسكFirst = أولBut for it to be in right grammar, “tanween” should be written in the last letter of the word “أول” so it turns into “ًأولا”, sadly I don't have tanween in my Arabic keyboard but this is how it should've looked like mostly.I hope this answered your question.


Durante varias décadas las drogas han sido uno de los principales problemas de la sociedad. Hay aumento de los costos se han gastado en la guerra contra las drogas y un sinnúmero de dólares gastados en la rehabilitación, pero el problema sigue existiendo. No sólo el problema de las drogas ha aumentado, pero los problemas relacionados con la droga van en aumento. El uso indebido de drogas es una causa de muerte en nuestro país. Algunos nacen adictos, mientras que otros se los usuarios.

Muchos creen que la legalización de las drogas disminuiría la delincuencia. Señalan que la legalización de las drogas sería disuadir futuros actos delictivos. También hacen hincapié en la prohibición y el contraste. Cuando el público se dio cuenta de que la prohibición no se podía cumplir la ley fue derogada. A partir de esto, se puede deducir el mismo de la legalización de las drogas. La legalización de alcohol no aumentó el alcoholismo, así que ¿por qué las drogas que aumentan el uso indebido de drogas?

Sin embargo, las drogas no debe ser legalizado porque habría un aumento en el uso indebido de drogas debido a su disponibilidad. Una vez legalizados, los medicamentos se convertiría en más barato y más accesible a las personas que anteriormente no había probado drogas, debido a su alto precio o el riesgo jurídico. El uso indebido de drogas cohete! Toxicómanos, que tienden a detener, no por elección, sino porque los medicamentos no son accesibles ahora pienso que si la adicción a las drogas se hicieron legales.

Aunque la gente cree que la legalización de las drogas disminuiría la delincuencia, las drogas debe seguir siendo ilegal en los EE.UU. porque habría un aumento del uso indebido de drogas y un rápido aumento de enfermedades como el SIDA. Los Estados Unidos no puede permitirse este problema. Se ha convertido en una potencia mundial mediante el fortalecimiento de su pueblo por no matarlos. El uso indebido de drogas ha empeorado, con sus efectos sobre los bebés de crack, los drogadictos, y la IV usuario. Debe haber educación para la supervivencia de esta nación, no la legalización