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Was George W Bush A Good President

Was George W bush a good president?

Yes, as good as any of the rest of them. I've never hated him or Obama.
I just want them to do what's best for America and Americans. I think
Bush had to do something drastic after 9/11. He didn't invite terrorists
back by doing nothing. Everyone could see he would counter-attack
anyone who attacks America. That's my kind of President. He never
once had to apologize for America, as Obama has done. He made
mistakes and he says so in his newest book. I don't think Obama
believes he's ever made a mistake no matter how bad his actions
turned out. His "changes you can believe in" has cost America plenty.

Was George W Bush a good president?

History will judge him much more favorably. There should almost be an asterix next to the man's name. No other President since FDR has had to deal with such a complicated Presidency starting, what, 8 months in when 9/11 happened? All the plans he had as President, down the drain, whole new path.

I don't think he was/is a bad man at heart who was brewing hoaxes for oil/$$$ or to "get" Sadaam to avenge his father. He was in an unprecedented situation. And still, still, economically, in his first 6-7 years in office, he would be credited with utter success. Unlike President Obama, whos 2009 Stimulus Package proved to be a complete failure, the Bush Tax Cuts were widely credited and benefited the American People (which is why to this day the Bush Tax Cuts are extended). Under the Bush Tax Cuts, the United States saw a record of 55 CONSECUTIVE months of Job GROWTH. That is the longest amount of time the United States has EVER seen job growth, and yet Bush is the "worst President in History."

Looking back to the entire War on Terror, considering the fact that the war was >10 years ago, it is easy to sit back and simply blame Bush and Cheney for being the only ones wanting to go into war. What Liberals won't tell you is that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry (All Democrats that ran for Presidency) ALL believed that Iraq had WMD's. At the time, there were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who all believed it. The Intelligence Agency and the FBI all backed the claims. And Saddam himself, who was a murderer, constantly provoked the United States and personally did not believe that we would actually attack them.

Yes, we were ultimately wrong about the WMD's, but I put it this way and compare it to a present day scenario: EVERYONE believes Iran has Nuclear Weapons. Let's say President Obama decides to take military action against Iran and it turns out the they never had Nuclear Weapons after all. In a few years from now, will Liberals accuse Obama and hold him accountable just like they still do with Bush? And to conclude, in Bush's first term, his approval rating was 90%...not too shabby for a "terrible President."

Was george bush a good president?

Not even Republicans call him a good president.

He left office with the lowest approvals of any president in history.

Modern Republicans, being a class devoid of honor and accountability - have taken to claiming he was a 'Liberal' - just so they don't have to lay claim to him.

He cost our nation TRILLIONS of dollars of debt - which the Unaccountable Folks of the Tea Party try to shift to President Obama.

His incompetent handling of the Iraq War - and the lies he fabricated with Cheney to involve ourselves in that conflict border on treason.

He adopted polices that we used to ridicule the old Soviet Union for - such as Torture and Gulags.

In short - he personified the Moral Vacancy, Perversion of Christianity, and appalling lack of foresight of Modern Republicanism.

PS: I'm a former Republican - and admirer of Dwight Eisenhower - who famously said: "Beware the Military Industrial Complex."

Hope this helps.

Yes and no.Bush 41 was eminently qualified to be the President. He was a former director of the CIA, he was ambassador to the UN and to China, a two-term Representative from Texas, and for eight years, was a successful and active part of the Reagan Administration as the Vice-President. That he easily won the election to succeed Reagan as President wasn’t a shocker.His problem was, put simply, that while Reagan was the right man at the right time in 1980, Bush wasn’t the right man in 1988. I wrote about this subject in a response to another question: John Cate's answer to Is the conservative era that started with the election of Ronald Reagan over? Without making you read that, the main issue is that people miss the most important aspect of the Reagan Presidency—they focus on the social conservatism, and miss the point that it was more about foreign affairs. Reagan’s policies were the ones that brought the Cold War to a successful conclusion. It didn’t happen until after he’d left office—Bush had already been President for 10 months when the Berlin Wall fell—but the policies that made it happen were Reagan’s, along with those of our allies in Europe. Bush, who knew a lot about the Soviets from his other jobs, played a role in shaping those policies, too.But the world changed in 1989 and 1990, and Bush 41 was thrust into a new era. He was Winston Churchill after V-E Day, a man for another time. He was still 100 percent capable and competent, and Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait gave him a chance to show himself at his best. If that had happened a year later, Bush likely would have won a second term. But it didn’t, and after a decade of expansion, the economy went into a recession. Bush mishandled this situation six ways to Sunday. This sort of thing wasn’t his strong suit, and he didn’t get good advice from those he surrounded himself with. Plus, he didn’t have a George Bush as his VP, he had Dan Quayle.Bill Clinton was a fresh face after 12 years of Reagan and Bush, and he wasn’t the same type of liberal Democrat that they had swamped in 1984 and 1988. Having offered ideas for getting the country out of the recession better than Bush did, and not being so liberal as to be unpalatable to moderate voters, he beat Bush in 1992. Clinton, as it turned out, was also the right man at the right time.A good President, yes. If he had won a second term, things would have turned out fine. Just not the best President for the times he found himself in.

Why is George Bush such a good president?

No.......i've got confidence he became an extremely sturdy President. i've got confidence history will tutor that. He did not start up the Housing Bubble by means of giving out loans to those who could not have sufficient money them. he asked Barbara Boxer on various activities to have oversight of FM&FM. The Democrats wanted all of us to own a house and that they made banks provide out volatile loans or get sued. Speculators have been given in and all became sturdy then the Housing Bust got here and each little thing went to *ell. yet Bush did not create the bubble or the bust, it became the Democrats in Congress. As for the conflict in Iraq he had the appropriate comparable intelligence simply by fact the Democrats who approved us going into Iraq. by means of the time we've been given in Iraq that they had an prolonged time to go any WMD simply by fact they does not enable any of the U.N. human beings pass in and se. The Iraq's pronounced NO. so we are able to basically assume that they had WMD or a minimum of have the cheese to make nuclear weapons. although Iraq is a lots freer united states and girls and young toddlers can now pass to college and not worry Hussein and his brothers killing human beings at will. I additionally lived by way of Reagan,Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and now Obama in my grownup years.

Do You think George W. Bush was a good president?

This answer is coming from a man who must sadly admit he was fooled enough to vote for George W. He has been a disaster. I voted for him because I thought it was the lesser of two evils... but I think this sort of logic is in error. I no longer support the Republicans or Democrats. Both major parties are essentially the same troop of clowns.
-Both believe in and support foreign interventions. For instance, Bush gained wide support from Democrats for his unconstitutional wars. Not only that, Obama has made it clear that he intends to increase forces in the failed Afghanistan campaign, even while doing little different in Iraq for now. In addition, he has spoke glowingly of interventions for humanitarian purposes like in Dar-fur. Such interventions are unconstitutional and dangerous to American liberty and prosperity. We need to mind our own business.
-Both parties ignore the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act and the income tax. Both parties turn a blind eye to the constitution in any number of areas.
-Both parties spend far beyond what the Government can take in in revenues. This causes a huge burden for future generations of Americans.

The list could go on and on and on!

In short, Bush was among the worst Presidents in American history. Our next one may very well out do him... I hope not.

Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?

You know the answer?????? You mean, you have an opinion.

I think the best thing he did was keep the American homeland safe since the attacks of 9/11/01.

President Bush went along with too much Congressional spending, didn't veto enough legislation, signed prescription drug bill, worked too closely with Democrats on key legislation (ie, the education & agriculture bills) and he didn't do nearly enough to reform the education system, enhance border security & reform our immigration policy, reform the tax code, reform social security & reform medicare/medicaid.

But, again, the main duty of the President is to keep the country safe and he did that and confronted our enemies. That is a huge positive for him.

George H. W. Bush, although I will forever hold it against him that he put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.Bush 41 had seen combat in World War II and did not declare the first Gulf War for the sheer exhilaration of being a war president, as his son was to do in 2003. When Saddam Hussein sent the Iraqi army into Kuwait and occupied it, Bush was president and was determined that the invasion had to be reversed. He assembled a coalition of nations whose troops entered Kuwait and drove the Iraqis back into their own country.In spite of enormous pressure from the public, the news media, his own administration (notably his Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney), and even his oldest son and namesake, Bush steadfastly insisted that the coalition’s only goal was the liberation of Kuwait. He said he would not send troops all the way into Iraq to capture Saddam Hussein because removing him, tyrant though he was, would cause Iraq to become dangerously unstable.The passage of time, and the disastrous presidency of his son, proved that Bush 41 was right. Iraq is an artificial country created because the British wanted to drill there for oil; they drew a line in the sand, called the territory inside it “Iraq,” and chose a figurehead king to sign contracts allowing for oil exploration. Comprising so many ethnic and religious groups with centuries-old enmities, Iraq could only be held together by a tyrant. While Saddam was a danger to other Iraqis, he posed no danger to the United States, and Bush 41 did not want to pull the thread that unraveled that particular garment.His son listened to Dick Cheney instead of his own father. As a result, more than 4,000 Americans have lost their lives in Iraq, and the end is still not in sight.