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Was There Anything Important Going On In 1930

How do I determine the worth of old vinyl records from the 1920s and the 1940s?

These records are most likely not vinyl; they were typically made of shellac at that time (if they really are vinyl, like RCA Radio Masters, they are worth quite a bit now!)The value depends on what's recorded on them. If it's classical, opera, big-band jazz, pop (including European), country, spiritual, ethnic -- most likely they aren't really worth anything. Many millions of these discs were printed. The rule of thumb is if you recognize either the performer or the material, it's not worth a dime :) If it's blues, hillbilly, soloist jazz -- they might be worth quite a bit if the condition is good. The more obscure the better, but you'll need to find the right collector. If your shellacs are from 1950s and have early rock-n-roll on them, they might be worth something too.If you think you have something of value, there are many companies that appraise 78rpm shellac recordings. Google's your friend.If, by any chance, your collection includes Russian émigré recordings, or recordings made in the USA by Messrs. Rachmaninov, Prokofiev or Stravinsky themselves during their lifetimes, I would gladly buy them off you at above appraisal value.

Is my fifty dollar bill worth something?

No, it's worth 50 bucks. No more, no less.

I need anything you know about 1930's and 1040's?

The USA was in the middle of the Great Depression throughout the entire 1930's, up until entering World War 2. The giant dustbowl going on in Oklahoma/Texas. Prohibition against liquor was causing more crime than before when it was legal.

All I know about 1040's is they're a form to file with the IRS for single and joint returns on individuals that do not own businesses.

Why did nothing happen on April 18th 1930?

There was actually a tonne of things happening on that day.A hurricane formed off the coast of the Philippines.Two military plane tests were carried out in the Soviet Union.Clive Revill, who played Emperor Palpatine in the original version of The Empire Strikes Back, was born.A petition about segregation was submitted to the American Government.2 Brazilians were executed.33 Chinese soldiers were tried for desertion.So really, the real question is why the BBC didn’t report any of the plentiful news on that day.

Why did Japan enter World War II?

Japan's industries need raw materials, but it's natural resources are nil. She had to import iron scrap and petroleum from U S A. The nearest country which has vast resources was China. However English, French and Duch monopolised exploitation, and vast areas were under the rule of their governments. So Japan occupied Manchuria. In the process vast stretches of China was occupied.To maintain occupational force they need more material, steel and fuel were very much necessary. In this context Japan's line of thinking was that while she was being starved of fuel and raw materials, companies of far of countries are getting the same dam cheap by exploiting vast resources.By the same time Nazis rose to power in Germany and by 1941 - 42 they successfully defeated France remains unstoppable. So the powers that were ruling some Asian countries themselves were defeated. This, Japan thought was the right time to join hands with victorious forces, viz. Nazi Germany and Italy.These developments troubled US. They told Japan to stop aggression on China and announced halt of iron scrap.This infuriated the Japanese government, headed by Tojo, a military general. As the Europe was in turmoil, the attention of US diverted to help UK, it was the right time to destroy American naval ships and air craft carriers at Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack.On the face of it Japanese are in serious discussions with American Government. But Tojo covertly planned a surprise attack. This they did in December.But the attack did not yield desired results as US Air craft carriers were not there.As the American industrial might is is several times of Japanese, eventually they won the war. However a small Asian nation stunned the most powerful nation writing a day of infamy in it's history.

How was life like during the 1930s?

well, this time was the time of the great depression, meaning little to no jobs, slow gas produce, little food to eat, and dangerous streets with desperate people. this was also the time of the worlst draught in american history, and one of the top ten in history! around the world of this time, fashion was important and cool designs came about, which are still around today. also, this one affects america more than anyone, but the food was real! let me explain, some things many people don’t know about our food is before ww2 people grew food without chemicals and sprays. during the war hundreds of scientist came together to invent a product that would keep food good longer, longer than ice, because people can’t keep a ice box with them wherever they go. they came up with the product which is what is in most if not all of our foods today, Gluten! yes gluten did exist but we modified it and now food that is real that would last a day or so can now last up to a month and sometimes more than a year. for example, besides canned food, mcdonalds has been tested to see how long a normal burger could go without molding or rotting away, well they tested it and the burger went without mold or anything on it for nearly a year! thats discusting! yeah the thirties might not of had good toilet paper, but they had good food. thanks for reading. cheers