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We All Know The News Channels On Yt Where People Talk About Current Events.

Which is the best news channel on Indian television and why?

DD News.According to me DD news is the perfect place to watch news in India. It exactly describes each and every topic like sports,politics,business,agriculture,entertainment etc. Also,the advertisements are short compared to other news channels.You will definitely love the english news from the reporters. Nothing more,nothing less. Other news channels have more debates program which is completely nonsense. Plus the advertisements are long and you lose patience. It’s definitely a best idea to watch DD news daily. You can watch it live here - Home | DD NewsOther than that,if you want more details even after watching DD news you should go for Google News .The post are very nicely sorted in google news. It automatically picks the best news headlines from different websites. A perfect online news platform.-Jaydeep Parmar (JAYDEEP PARMAR BLOG)

Does Liberal hatred of Fox News show how narrow minded they are?

I never want to generalize so this isn't about ALL libs but it is about the vast majority who feel the need to attack Fox at every turn. You see all day about how Fox is "propaganda" and how it's viewers are idiots but not a peep about left leaning networks like CNN or MSNBC. I'll admit that Fox definatly has a right wing leaning but it most certainly isn't propaganda. Anyone who thinks Fox is propaganda needs to get a dictionary and look up the word. Fox's reporting is completley fair and balanced, it is the commentators who are right leaning. I don't watch Fox much, but when I watch any news outlet it isn't what the commentators say that allows me to make up my mind. It is the reporting on the issue that gives me the info to make up my own mind.

So my point here is that Fox reporting just reports on the issues and then the commentators are vastly conservative but even have some liberals mixed on. Does left wing hatred of Fox prove that they just listen to what the commentators say and not about the actual reporting?

And if you are going to say that Fox reporting is bias then you need to get your head out of your *** and go watch a simple youtube video of an example. A reporter will say it exactly like it is and then a right wing commentator might give his right wing opinion. That is where the right wing comes in at Fox, not in the reporting.

Don't you think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is Innocent?

There is SO much evidence that it's a false flag event, one of which is the picture of the man who allegedly lost his legs and how: 
a) His bone/muscle tissue/skin looked so unrealistic compared to pictures of similar injuries. 
b) He stopped bleeding, remained conscious and was able to sit upright and hold one of his legs up while he was being pushed in a wheelchair! If he were truly hurt, he would've blacked out and bled to death in a matter of minutes after losing BOTH legs. You don't need to be a doctor to figure that one out. 
c) The amount of blood on the ground compared to the injuries is very small, and it's color was a bright orangey red. Very, very fake looking. 

That's just one of MANY pieces of evidence that everyone online is talking about that the mainstream media won't address. If we're truly a bunch of "paranoid loonies" like Chris Matthews of Hardball says, and we see things that aren't there, why don't they use their knowledge and expertise to show us and convince us that we're wrong. Not one channel will address it, not liberal MSNBC, nor conservative Fox. What does that tell you? 

I know the majority of people are conditioned to believe the mainstream media's "official story" and automatically dismiss any evidence against the government, because it's easier to let someone else do thinking, but there is so much false info spread by the government-controlled media to confuse us. We have to take ownership of our brains and break free from the herd mentality. Seriously, how can anyone trust the media after the Florida recount of the 2000 election? The FBl has ADMITTED to 17 false flag terrorists events, why should we trust them in telling us the truth now?

The guy in custody right now is a regular college kid, just like you and me. Check out his Twitter, he had absolutely NOTHING to gain from this, why would a 19 year old med student throw his life away like that? He never imagined he'd be in this position, because only bad people go to jail, right? Who knows when the next massacre will be, we all know IT IS coming. Maybe next time, it'll be YOUR face all over CNN and NO ONE will believe you're innocent.