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We Know About Female Beauty But What About Male Facial Beauty

What is the male equivalent of female beauty?

The reason why these women are beautiful has more to do with evolution than you think it does.Look at the waist hip ration, as well as the boobs and thighs.For the hips, 7:10 is the most pleasing. In both pictures, it’s either very close or same as 7:10. It’s related to childbirth; wide hips indicates easier birth. Same with thighs, it’s easier to carry the weight of the child when your thighs are relatively thick. While the boobs are for the food of the baby.As for the face, small but puffy red lips shows health and well nurtured. Shiny and long hair is very attractive because it's a sign of health and fertility.The men equivalent of that would be waist-to-hip ratio of 9:10. The jaw should be big, and the chin should be broad. As well as a stubble on the face or beards. All these show a ‘bigger’ person in a sense, what I mean by that is a protective.EDIT: Here’s a picture of a face that’s considered beautiful according to male equivalentHere’s the bodyThis is mostly unconscious.

How is it that humans have evolved beautiful females, whereas in animals, the male is beautiful and woos the females?

Humans are hairless apes.  They're really quite hideous, every single one of them.  Kind of like naked mole rats.  We think we're attractive because we're humans.  Obviously, our instincts and cultural upbringing tell us what features are attractive in a mate, so males think females are beautiful, but hetero women would much rather look at a gorgeous man than a gorgeous woman, so they disagree.  To a peacock, a peahen is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.  Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder.Now, why do female humans appear to work harder to draw attractive males, rather than the other way around?  I think this is your REAL question.  The answer is complicated.  First, humans are semi-monogamous, not polygamous the way our closest ape relatives are.  When one strong male serves a group of females, the females don't have to try to get his attention.  Second, males are not quite as sturdy as females, and are more aggressive and prone to warring.  This leads to a situation where, perhaps more often than not, there are fewer males than there are females.  That inspires competition among the females, who all want the best male to stay with them.Now, males want to attract the best female, too, so they also dress up, and preen, and pose, and brag, and display their fitness.  So it's really not just females trying to attract males, it works both ways.The other thing is purely about language itself.  Females are said to be beautiful, while the words we use to describe males are 'handsome, rugged, hot, etc".  Handsome means exactly the same thing as beautiful.Finally, males are visually oriented, and females are mentally oriented.  That is why men look at porn, and women read romance novels.  Believe me, they are exactly the same thing, lol.  So, men will watch a beauty pageant, and women will watch Beaches.  Or something.  You get the point.  It's not that women don't like to look at hot men, because they do - it's just not at the top of their priority list, the way it is for males.

Do you think a male can be "beautiful"?

beautiful is universal to both genders and it applies to them very well. handsome and pretty could apply to both genders and are often are under any situation
example: pretty for a man "he has such pretty eyes"
example: handsome for a woman "her handsome golden hair danced in the wind and brushed my check this morning"
most people associate handsome is for men only and pretty is for women which is not always the case

Are Turkish women known for their beauty?

Nah.There are, of course, very beautiful women, which is normal for every population. There is a distribution from really beautiful to 'gudubet', ie hobgoblin.The average Turkish women, the majority, is neither beautiful nor terrible. She is short and more often has pear shaped body, the curse of being Mediterranean. She does not have the prominent cheekbones that give the Iranian women that character filled proud face, which keeps a women in good shape when gravity drags the muscles down with age. The lips are thin, so do not look for sexiness in the face either. Thus what is left is the prettiness of youth which unfortunately diminishes fast beyond 30s.Training and sports is also missing from everyday life, which might compensate what is missing naturally. The result is many Turkish men getting married to girls from Ukrainia and other Baltic countries.

How important is beauty when selecting a woman for marriage? I am a well settled guy and have more than 40 photos from prospective brides to select from. How much importance should beauty and figure be given?

I would be lying if I said ‘beauty doesn't matter.’And people who say beauty doesn't matter should seriously be judged.Back to the question, yes beauty matters while selecting a girl for marriage and a guy should be handsome enough for a girl to marry.But it's not the only thing that matters. I would like my future wife to be career oriented, kind hearted, decent looking, should have a physique comparable to mine, but the most important thing that I want in my future wife and I guess most guys want in a girl is that the girl should respect the guy's parents. If the girl respects my parents and treats my family like her own, then I have 70% selected that girl as my wife.And if the girl loves and cares for my parents, then why wouldn't I do the same for her parents?So yes beauty is important but not the only thing to be seen while selecting your prospective partners.

Are indian woman beautiful?

Indians have all variety. Most beautifil and most ugly are Indians.

Why do women insist on moles being beauty marks?

Maybe they should be forced to look at old ladies with moles to see what is gonna happen to the supposed beauty mark. When it is pretruding out of their face and has those 2, inch long hairs growing out of it. Or just show them what skin cancer looks like and how all those people had little beauty marks on their faces too. It's all thanks to Cindy croford and others who convinced theese woman it was sexy. Mean while most of the woman with them are far from sexy.

Why is male beauty underrated? Why are women always thought as more pleasing to the eye?

you obviously haven't spent much time around a group of women oggling male models in magazines.... ryan gosling, brad pitt, george cloney, robert pattison or teenagers screaming and swooning over one direction! etc.

Why does everyone talk about women's beauty but not about men's?

Because society taught us to value women's beauty, but a man's character.That's why girls are said to be "so pretty" and boys are "so smart" when they're young. Listen up next time you're around a toddler or even a crawling baby. It just happens. Girls are given makeup related play items, boys are given things that are more active like cars. The entire toy store can be separated by color.This is changing, to a certain degree. But it is deep, and persists in society. On a side note, I try to do the opposite, so at least I know I'm one person changing it up. I call my fiancé beautiful, even though he is a man. And if I see a girl child, I will call her smart. Just my little bit into the world. Nothing will change overnight.You know, I like to think people in general are beautiful. I don't like to think in terms of gender. I dislike mass generalizations, especially if they tend to be sexist.

Why do men always want to marry beautiful women?

Men don't (don't) want to marry beautiful women.Men want (want) to sleep with beautiful women.What is more, they would like to sleep with lots of beautiful womenWhat is more they would like to sleep with lots of beautiful women, and in most cases never see them again.Yes, I agree with what you are thinkingbut that's what men are like.There are problems with beautiful womenThey need more attention than less beautiful onesThey are more expensive than other womenThey are more unfaithful than other womenThey are commonly high maintenanceThey use their beauty to manipulate peopleNot always, but commonly enough to make most men who have experienced them, wary.We are, of course, talking about  physically beautiful women.Women can be beautiful in many ways though.They are beautiful when they areSupportiveKindReassuringDependableFunnyTolerantTalentedFriendlySexyInterestingHonestReliableGenerousTrustworthyLovableAdorableCute CharmingCaptivatingEnchantingWinsomeAppealingSweetAttractiveEndearingAffectionateCuddlySympatheticFetchingBewitchingBreathtakingAppealingIf you want to include those attributes as beautifulthen men do want to marry/couple with beautiful womenAnd most do.