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Weird Pain In Shin Area

"Shin Splints" for 4 weeks, is it something else?

So I started spring track for the first time. I'm a sprinter (but I also started with high jumps) and only after a week of practice I had to go to the trainer for excessive tightening of my calf muscles. I also found out there that the weird feeling in my shins were shin splints. So I've been doing their shin splint workout for about a month... and usually people at school do it for a few days. They made me go to the orthopedic and got me orthodics (but the trainer was surprised he didn't want an MRI). It used to hurt when I would just walk but it had gotten a lot better recently. So the trainer let me run 2 laps and it was really good and felt great to run again :). So the next day she told me to try 4 laps and now my shins are in extreme pain just when I walk. It is in both of them (but was in the left more before) on the 'inside' side of my leg. Tender and jolts of pain in a pinpoint area on my shins near my tibia. How can I still have shin splints?? Could it be something else? My trainer said he thought it would be micro-fractures but I never got the MRI. Help? :)

Weird feeling in my leg ?

I work with doctors all day, I highly recommend going to see one tomorrow. I don't think its anything to be overly alarmed about because after all you are fine right now. If it continues to "swell" I would consider the ER. Blood clots are not as bad as you may think they are because the American Medical system has a way of portraying everything as either good or death. Blood clots happen all the time. Now lets address one more issue, when you go to yahoo answers to potentially make a health decision, don't listen to people with names that include grumpy. Seriously a pinched nerve thats mushy, do you even know what your saying? Do you know what a nerve looks like or anything? Ill give it to you its late in the united states but really, a pinched nerve? I think you pinched a few when you were younger. He has a better chance of claiming its a heart attack. Anyway best of luck and when in doubt, go to your doctor, also try to ice it.

Weird pain above ankle, hurts...freaking me out?

Okay its like above my ankle to the left of my lower, lower shin. It really, hurts when I flex/walk on it. When I press on it, it hurts. There is no discolouration on it. It doesn't hurt when I've been off it for a while. My whole leg feels weak sometimes. A little freaked out. Its okay right? Not something really bad?

Why would someone feel pain in their lower legs if they do not eat their normal amount?

Both answers from Karen Tiede and James Alexander are correct.  I have experienced both.  Pain is more often due to dehydration.  Lack of Potassium or Magnesium causes cramps with severe pain in the middle of sleep.

Experiencing pain/numbness/tingling in my legs?

It could be something as simple as poor circulation especially if you start feeling it while sitting down. It could be your legs falling asleep. The weird feeling you are experiencing could be the rush of blood flowing back into your legs after the circulation was reduced. Now, on another note, it could be something a bit more serious like a pinched nerve in your lower back. Often times, pinched nerves can lead to leg pain and numbness. I included an article that might help you out!

Calf pain after concert?

Your description doesn't derive whether any blunt force trauma occurred to the calf region. (IE: Someone kicking you in your calves extremely hard).

Nonetheless,.. This is VERY unlikely to be serious, and you should use Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation for the next day or so..

Stay off the legs as much as possible while the pain resides,.. and a bit of ibuprofen wouldn't hurt for inflammation and pain reduction. (Take as instructed on bottle/box).

This , in laymans terms, is more than likely a pulled/strained muscle(s).

3-10 days for healing. If you experience significant discomfort after 7 days do see your doctor. You do not want to let a soft tissue injury persist any longer than this.

Feel better,

I'm 23 and I get growing pains in my legs. Should I see a doctor?

It depends on how bad the pain is and how long it’s lasted. It’s normal to feel sore after a workout, or when you’re becoming more physically active, like when you start a new job. If you put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints, you can get sore, but it might be harmless soreness. I once had an issue with muscle soreness, which I solved when I realized I had started walking three miles a day instead of one, and hadn’t increased my protein intake to compensate. (Most people in the US eat enough protein; too much, in fact. But my own diet tends toward the low end of the protein range because I don’t eat very much meat.)On the other hand, if the pain is severe or lasts a long time or isn’t associated with exercise, yes, seeing a doctor makes sense. Injury or inflammation to your joints or muscles might need treatment. If you were sixty and were getting mild pains in your joints, I’d be saying oh, it’s probably just arthritis; mention it at your next doctor’s appointment. But you’re 23, so the possibility that you’ve injured yourself is there.Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I’ve studied the human body, but I really can’t give you medical advice. Follow your gut—you’ve lived in your body for 23 years, and if it doesn’t feel right to you, go to the doctor.

Can coccyx pain cause a pins-and-needles feeling on the legs?

As the coccyx has nerve supplies from the sacrococcygeal plexus SI—S4 (?) and while such pain may arise from pressure on nerves supplying the coccyx, but also the “saddle” area of the pelvic floor, such nerve connections only reveal the dermatomal distribution of the sacrococcygeal nerve network. Myotomal and osteotomal innervation from the same nerve networks can produce vasoconstriction of circulation to the tissues of the legs and thus to the blood supply of lower limb nerves via the autonomic nervous system—such an effect can create hypoxia of the nerves that may explain “pins and needles” in the legs! If you have ever sat too long and compressed a blood vessel or nerve to an area long enough to create numbness, then upon removing the compression, on recovery, “pins and needles” are a frequent reaction!

Whenever I sit with my legs folded, it pains my knees after a certain time. What could be the cause and a remedy?

There are many reasons behind the knee pain eg - ligament issue / muscle pain / bones pain / nerve pain. Best way to find out is various tests on the knees and then get a clear answer as assumption is mother of all $crew ups.Any knee pain to be cured i would have to examine myself personally to assist but general way to make knee healthy if there is level 1 pain,sit on chair or sofa where your back of the knees are connected to sofa/chair & with your inhalation lift the leg up & exhaling leg down.This shall strengthen the knee muscles & practicing everyday for 5mins with small breaks upto 1 month will give you awesome results.Namasteronak