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Well Its Ramadan And My Boyfriend Of A Year Is Being Distant Why

What can I give my Muslim boyfriend this Ramadan?

Well I'm a Buddhist. We've been known each other almost an year. Is there any restriction on giving presents? But our relationship is a bit shaky right now. Anyway I was wondering what I could give him this Ramadan. Any suggestions? Please don't criticize about our relationship.

Well its Ramadan and my boyfriend of a year is being distant why?

He is Muslim. Also I was willing to fast also and he straight out told me its not my religion. Kind of hurt because I thought it was good of me to accept and support his religion. I am christian by the way and his family has met and accept me. They also want me to visit and stay with them. He also isn't on a business trip. He has always been sweet and cared about how I feel now its seems like he doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Its just I have always wanted to support and help him but he doesn't ever except but im suppose to in return. I know im just rambling on and probably not making sence. Its just we have been good together and communicate when we have a problem. Now he doesn't say he loves me anymore or even want to talk to me. I just hope that when Ramadan is over that he will love me again. I miss and love this man but I can't be pushed away all the time. I will give him space and not text but I feel that he isn't playing hard to get just d

Why won't my Muslim fiance even speak to me during Ramadan?

Maybe stuff between you two a little bit not religious and violating Islam's terms and rules (Shari'ah) , I can't really sy so, but if it is, as Ramadan is the month of prayers and Taqwa, he decided to stay a bit away as he regrted the things he has done with you, and trying to repent, so start this matter with him, ask hime what does we do that violates your religion's commands and terms.And keep in mind that Islam totally allows a man speaking to his fiancee, but they're not allowed to touch each other or even speak nasty love words like most of the world does.Ask him and make sure you get his reasons and why he's doing this, and if I aimed right with the above, then offer him you both are going to stop such things for him and his religion, he'll be very happy and pleased with you for doing so.And I wish you well and happiness in both, your life and afterlife.

Ramadan guilt please help?


my boyfriend is muslim and yes i know having a girlfriend is haram. we have been together for 2.5 years and this is the 3rd ramadan i have seen him do.

at first i didn't understand it, cause we are together and stuff, yet during ramadan he acts perfect and (muslim). it really makes me angry because i feel like if your muslim you should follow the rules all year around it should be a life choice and way of living, i feel as if i want to learn more about the religion but its hard to see it for what it is , when all i see is contradictions and hypocrisy!

so he comes up with the fact that we cannot talk during ramadan because its against the rules and , i would like to know is that even apart of the rules??

i have some muslim friends and they told me to try fast to see how they feel and i have for a couple days now , but i still know its not the same because i do not know the prayer and all about the religon. i just need help? opinions plz??

Ramadan is coming. What do you want to tell non-Muslims?

I’m going to write this answer to the non-Muslims that don’t know a whole lot about Ramadan, although I am very aware that there are many non-Muslims who know a ton about it. Thank you to both kinds of people who take the time out of their day to listen or read to try to understand what Ramadan is.The most common comment I get during this time is, “but you can drink water… right?” I’m sorry to dissapoint, but no. I had to explain this concept to most of my teachers every year. Yes, I do get thirsty, especially during the hot, summer days. I won’t die, though. I don’t even come 50% close to that point. Seriously, I’m totally fine.This leads me to my second point: people always tell me that if I eat something in front of them, they won’t tell, or ask me if I secretly eat behind my parents back. Sigh. I mean this with absolute certainty, my parents could stop fasting for Ramadan at any point and I would continue. I don’t do anything I do for my parents in regards for religion. I love them, but all this hard work isn’t for them, which is exactly why it doesn't make sense to secretly break a fast in Ramadan.Now that all that is settled, my last point: don’t feel bad about eating in front of me. I’m used to being around people that are eating. I started fasting all of Ramadan years ago! Year after year, people apologize for eating food when I’m fasting and I kind of appreciate that since I know they’re just being respectful but please don’t stop yourself from eating because I’m around!Once, my close friend was mad at me during Ramadan so she FaceTimed me in the middle of the day. As soon as I picked up, she took a long, cold sip of water from a clear glass, not breaking eye contact the whole time, and then hung up. Now that’s just mean, don’t do that. Just be nice and respectful towards your fellow Muslims. You can even try out fasting for a day (it won’t magically make you Muslim, only eating Shawarma can do that!) if you want, just to see what it’s like.