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What Age Do You Allow Your Child Out The Front Yard With Other Kids Their Age

At what age should kids stop running around naked in the front yard?

My mom said it was normal to see naked kids at the beach or in the front yard swimming or playing the sprinklers when she was growing up.

I don't feel comfortable letting my little one be naked in public anywhere, including the front yard. Too many perverts and sick-os.

At what age did you let your children play out in the yard with minimal supervision?

If you have a fenced, locked, backyard with no pool and lots of windows looking on it, 3.

We live in a guarded military community, (no one except soldiers and their families can come in) and there are rules about this. The children have to be directly supervised until age 5. After five, they have to be within hearing or sight of a parent (like on the front lawn or in the back lawn) up until age ten. My daughter just turned 5, and I only give her about 50 feet of freedom in all directions. I sit right in front of the window and I check on her visually every five to ten minutes. I want to be able to hear her playing, and she needs to hear me if I have to call her inside. One time I see her outside the boundaries I set up with her, and she comes inside for the rest of the day and the next day. (This has never happened, because she knows the consequence!)

It totally depends on the neighborhood you live in and the maturity of your child.

Would you ever let your child (younger than 14) play in the front yard, alone, with you watching him or her from the window, occasionally?

Some US statistics:About 150 kids visit emergency rooms every hour due to injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidentsdrowning is the most common cause of accidental death in kids 1 to 4. Three kids drown every day in the USEvery day more than 300 kids visit the emergency room because of poisoning2 kids die every day from being burned. Every day more than 300 kids visiting the emergency room to treat burn injuriesFalls are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries for kids. 8,000 kids a day visit emergency rooms to get treated for injuries resulting from a fall.How common is it for a kid to be abducted by a stranger? There’s about 115 cases per year.Of course it does happen, but yes, we did let our kids play in the front yard alone well before they were 14. We live in a moderately priced city neighborhood. Lots of people that live here are teachers to give you an idea. As we live not far from a park, there are fair number of strangers using the sidewalks.We also let our kids ride their bikes alone a couple of miles to go to school, meet friends or go to their houses, - probably starting around 10 or 11.As a matter of practice though, our kids usually didn’t play alone in the front yard just because there wasn’t as much to do there. It was a good place to build a snowman.If we are talking about little kids, that would be different. My fear is that they’d chase a ball into the street and get hit or they just might wonder off if they were really young. So I wouldn’t let them be in the front yard unsupervised.But a favorite thing for me to do as a Dad when my wife worked evenings while my son was little was to make a light dinner and bring it out on the front step. We got evening sun in the front yard. My son would eat and play in the front yard at the same time while I watched.

Would you leave your child alone in a tent?

My parents let me sleep in the backyard in a tent around that age (maybe younger). If I felt safe about the neighborhood and had a fenced in yard, I'd probably do the same.

That is, unless she's scared to be alone. Then it's your choice as to whether or not you're willing to be there with her. If you're not, however, be straightforward and tell her 'no', don't just sneak off in the middle of the night.

Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to go places without adult supervision?

I was born in 1974 and grew up in the 80’s. Both parents worked. We had a very strict curfew but otherwise we were allowed to be out pretty much anywhere.This meant we went to the book store, comic store, toy shop, library, our friend’s houses. Even during the height of panic when people were worried about child kidnappings, and serial killers hiding in the parks, we were out in Golden Gate Park. We’d take a bus out there, hang around and walk or bus back home.At one point I walked through Golden Gate Park alone during a school day, but my mother flipped out at me. So clearly there were limits.We’d also go to school by ourselves, walking through the San Francisco morning fog; and walking back home by ourselves.We were allowed to roam freely by the age of 12+. This meant I was 12, my brother 11, my sister 10. The pack of us would be out together, sometimes alone.Even younger than this we were quite independent, doing our own things, as long as we finished out duties.If you teach your children basic safety and street smarts, they can do to be independent; certainly they can be trusted to roam around the neighborhood if you are the worrying type.

What age can a child play in the yard unsupervised?

I'd have to lean towards no age but realistically, I'd have to say 8-10 or older but there's a few factors you have to consider.Is this a front yard or back yard?Is the yard fenced?Does your yard have dangerous critters that make it their home?Will the child be in your view from a window (if you are not out there with them)?Will you be able to hear the child in case there is a problem and get to them in a reasonable amount of time if there is a problem?Similar or pertaining to the first two, will the road be accessible to the child?There is a lot that has to be considered before a child should be left alone in the back or front yard. It really is a case by case basis, but obviously, the older the better, but don't be the helicopter parent either.Other things you should consider:Does your child have a habit of getting into things they shouldn't? Impulsive? Things of that nature and I say that from experience. I played in my backyard alone when I was 7. In my backyard we had some overgrowth where spiders and other things love to play, and where I live, there are black widows and brown recluse. I may have been a smarter child at 7, but I was still poking around in areas I probably should not have.Ultimately, you have to be the one to make that decision. While you can never make it 100% safe as accidents are bound to happen even if you are standing right there next to them, it's better to err on the side of caution.

What age is appropriate for children to play outside alone in 2019 in a relatively safe US suburban setting? (Edited to be more specific)

To me, as others have stated , it really all depends on just where you live , how things are around in your area, etc… . But, to me, where I’ve been & seen things in places like Honduras , Egypt , Bahrain, Sicily, West (yes, I’m that old) Germany, and here in the USA I’d have to say “ Never” .In this day & age, something , anything can happen at anytime , anywhere and can catch you completely off guard and send you for a Loop & shock like you could have never expected. So , treasure every moment with your children, your Nieces & Nephews, your Cousins and any other children you may be able to watch & see and be a part of their lives. You just never know when Life will be cruel and do something that hurts your heart so much that you just could never have expected it .I mean, there was a time when I was younger(10), living in La Mesa, CA , a small Sleepy suburb of San Diego, and I could tell my Mom at noon “I’m going riding with Tom down to the Jackson park” , and she’d give me a kiss & ruffle my hair and say “Ok, but be careful of Traffic and be home before dark. “ . We all know well & good that those days & nights are sadly long gone.I do hope this answer helped , if only a little. :-) SRW

Age child should be before playing in the neighborhood alone?

7-8 years old is when your child can play outside for short periods of time,

12 is the age that most states say kids can be left home alone

My son is now 11 years old

I first let him out ALONE the summer he turned 7 for no more than 20 minutes,
I would set the alarm on his watch to go off every 20 minutes and he would have to come home so i could see him and then i would let him out again

By the end of the summer he could stay out for 1 hour before having to return,

(Oh and I also wanted to say I know the parents of all the children he plays with and NEVER allow him inside any house unless I said it was OK, NO street crossing, and NO bike riding Alone until he was 9, and only around the block)

You should also check you neighborhoods sex predators registry and find out where the pedaphiles live in your area,
you would be surprised,

then at 8 2 hours and have to return

9 I let him walk with friends to a delli on the same side of the street with a group of friends,

and 10 they learn about SEX, and play outside alone for hours on end, ( most of my sons friends have cellphones now)
I make him call me, and come in and see me atleast every 3 hours,

3-7 is VERY early,and frankly dangerous

Don't be foolish

your a good mom

I have told my son ,

The reasson those mothers let their kids out alone is because they don't love their kids as much as I love you

and then I lecture about kids nappers, sex predators, and other scarey things,

eventually he gives in,

you know

you could sign him up for a sport, kids him busy , its cheap , and safe , and supervised, plus he will be around positive kids


What age should a child be able to hang out with friends in a public place?

Children who hang out together in a shop that serves soft drinks aren’t going to get into any trouble are they? This kid of socialization is actually quite good because it introduces them to life and some of the stories about life. It prepares them for the eventual task of being an adult.Parents mean well by keeping their kids in the house where they are safe, but eventually they are going to have to brave the world and keeping them at home and petrified of strangers isn’t going to help them deal with life.They are perfectly safe in groups, at least I’ve never heard of a child snatched up out of a group, and I think it’s safe and a good way to socialize. One of my daughters recently posted a picture of our front lawn when she was growing up in the California suburbs. The lawn was littered with bicycles, skateboards, and evidence that a whole slew of kids were playing in the house or the back yard.Perhaps times have changed but I still think when I see a bunch of bikes parked or lying on a yard that those kids are around somewhere safe.