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What Animal Am I Essay

What are some persuasive essay topics about animals?

Here are some various topics about animals that you can consider for a persuasive essay topic:Medical animal testing is ethically wrongMedical animal testing is justifiableAnimal testing is justifiable in some cases (e.g., medical), but not in others (e.g., cosmetics)Zoos are good for animalsKeeping animals in zoos is inhumaneProtecting the Giant Panda is ecologically importantProtecting endangered animal species is importantEuthanizing stray animals is a humane solutionEuthanizing stray animals is unethicalCompanion animals can help people who are lonelyFish should not be kept in goldfish bowls without filters or temperature controlHunting for sport is a normal, acceptable passtimeHunting for sport is unethical and inhumaneConserving some endangered animals is more important than conserving others, due to their respective ecological rolesIt’s irrational to be afraid of spiders, since most of them are harmlessFactory farm treatment of animals is inhumaneChaining or tethering dogs outside is unethical, inhumane, and a form of animal neglectFactory farm conditions are conducive to the spread of avian influenza among chickens and other domestic fowlKeeping wild-caught exotic pets is inhumaneFoxes should be bred into companion animalsFoxes should not be bred into companion animalsIt is necessary and acceptable to use higher animals, such as monkeys and chimpanzees, in laboratory researchPrimates and other sophisticated vertebrates should not be used in laboratory researchPets should be spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation

Animal Cruelty Essay Help?

I would look up statistics of how many pets are seized each year by law enforcement, how many cases of abuse, the number of pets residing in shelters. Also speak about the associations that are trying to prevent and end animal cruelty. You might also want to include suggestions about what people can do to end animal cruelty.

How can I write an essay on animal cruelty?

First, do research on animal cruelty. How is it defined? You’ll discover there isn’t complete agreement. Are tests on animals to determine whether certain drugs have side effects cruel? Or are those factors outweighed by the benefits? The same applies to testing foods. I was reading a study this morning about how people with paraplegia have been helped by a neuromuscular device. Was it animal cruelty that some animals had their spinal cords cut so that scientists could better understand the mechanism of nerve transmission?As I say, there are gray areas. You have to determine your own position.Once you’ve accumulated sufficient knowledge about animal cruelty and have decided your position, then you start writing. You’ve already figured out the conclusion—whether animal cruelty is ever justified and perhaps the penalty for people who are cruel to animals.But begin from the beginning. Try to begin with an anecdote—a story that will help you illustrate your conclusion. Then move into some facts and figures, as well as the definition (the one that best aligns with yours) of animal cruelty. Explore the range of possible animal cruelty.Now get into the heart of your argument. Based on the definition you’ve chosen, how extensive is animal cruelty? (You might consider—though briefly—views in foreign countries. Example: In the U.S., we eat cows and pigs. But we don’t eat dogs, cats, or horses. Does that constitute animal cruelty?) Read about Temple Grandin. Is it possible to slaughter cows humanely? Typically, what are the punishments for animal cruelty? Should society even be concerned about animal cruelty when (you might argue) there’s so much cruelty inflicted on fellow human beings? Should society’s efforts be channeled into helping humans before helping animals?Head into your conclusion. Based on what you’ve presented, where do you come down on animal cruelty? What is/is not animal cruelty? Are different punishments or methods of preventing or dealing with animal cruelty needed?And that’s how you write an essay on animal cruelty.

Title for Animal Farm essay?

definite, the following is my answer, if it facilitates: " Animal Farm isn't only a fantasy about animals who overthrow their human oppressors and set up their personal self sufficient farm, somewhat, it truly is a cautionary tale depending on the very actual activities of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, and the betrayal of that revolution by technique of Stalin and his keen accomplices, who in George Orwell's tale are portrayed as pigs.In both revolutions, actual and imaginary, social equality replaced into no longer the in effortless words objective of those who grew to grow to be the recent leaders, taking administration of the monetary existence and the protection of the recent political gadget in any respect prices hostile to those who had to revert the farm again to its previous administration replaced into more desirable major."

I need a good introduction for my essay about Animal Testing.?

I would suggest starting with some really strong imagery. Describe a situation of animal testing that would cause an emotional response in the reader. For example: Fear filled his eyes as the tiny white mouse stared out of his barren cage and into the face of the big man with the lab coat. Something describing a situation like that would be effective because it tugs on the readers heart strings. Few people can disregard that type of an appeal.

I am writing an english essay about animal cruelty?

Hello Kate,
The topic of animal cruelty is one of great importance to the wold today. Why
we humans have the right reserved to treat animals as lesser individuals is
beyond me. Animals are fulfilling their part in the ecosystems and communities
of the earth, and to the best extent that they are able. For example, a spider
is being the best possible spider that it can be, spinning webs and working
diligently at what it knows best, not bothering any creatures of the earth
besides the ones which it needs to capture for food. We, as humans, decided that
we are a much advanced life form and can basically treat anything else in this
world in ways which we cannot imagine being treated. As a result the threads
holding our earth together tightly in the balance are being slowly unraveled to
lead into ultimate self-destruction.

In 1988, 16, 989 animals died in laboratories in the United Kingdom. This was
due to such tests as acute and chronic toxicity experiments, where the animals
are forced to consume substances such as perfume, make-up and other beauty
products and are often literally poisoned, their systems literally overloaded by
the substance in question. Another testing method is the Lethal Dose 50 percent
test or LD50. In this procedure at least half of the animals must die in order
for the government to figure out how much a human can ingest without dying.

In one such test some animals were fed 4. lb. of lipstick and one ended up
dying of intestinal obstruction. In another, 7 pints of melted eye shadow was
fed to rats. In yet another, mice were wrapped in tin foil and grilled in
ultraviolet light to test a sun block cream for a total of 96 hours. The results
of the test were that the longer the mice stayed in the rays, the more sunburnt
they got.

But that is not all. A wax product used in many cosmetics was dosed into
animals by a stomach tube. Read more here:

Why we should love animals?

Because each one represents the cumulative desperate struggle of millions of generations of animals since the dawn of life over 4.2 billion years ago. Each one surviving pandemic diseases, volcanic ice ages, huge changes in atmospheric composition, and comet impacts that make nuclear bombs look like farts.I am a meat eating, pet owning, animal testing human.I love animals because I am selfish, I want to be able to see the alien flight of a hummingbird, the powerful beauty of a tiger, and the incredible complexity of a spiders web, and if you cant love them for that, then you might as well be just another animal.

Cons on animal testing?

The main objection I have, besides the fact that animals are killed, is that in the case of frogs, for instance, they're grown to be killed. And fetal pigs are birthed right after their mom is slain. Cats are purchased from "Class B" dealers, who get their animals anyway they can- "free to good home", strays, pets- they don't care. As far as testing goes, mice have no protection and they are killed by the 10,000 every year, rats and rabbits also. Scientist still perform what is called the LD-50 test whereby they keep increasing the dose until 50% of the test animals have died. The cats, dogs and chimps get no attention or exercise. Holes are drilled through their skills so that scientific experiments can be made- and forget anesthetic! Rabbits have their eyes clamped open and all manner of liquids are put into their eyes to see what happens. The chimps stay in facilities for 30 years at a time. So, whether it's dissection or testing, it's cruel and harmful and does little good. Vioxx was tested on animals and approved by the FDA and now they find it's killing people. So what good are the animal tests? To keep the $$$'s rolling in.

Writing an argumentative essay on animal rights?

I am writing a paper on how i am for animal rights. It's an argumentative essay. How should I format the essay? What should I write in my outline?
I understand how it's:
Body paragraphs

But what should I put in each body paragraph? Should I just cite quotes from articles that are against animal rights then argue about it? What exactly do I write?
This essay has to be 6-8 pages, and I need 4-5 sources
Thank you!

What are some topics on animal abuse?

Something I posted on Facebook after surfing through social media*Caution, Strong words used***RANT**Pardon my French.Social media has produced a bunch of hippos(hypocrites),I see posts about how Avni the tigeress was murdered and how we humans are so careless about other "lower" beings, yes it is true, what happened was a shame! But the same bunch of sanctimonious losers will never speak about the meat they consume everyday.The same bag of shit holes celebrate the slaughter of animals on certain "auspicious" occasions. We can share posts of how, the yulin festival is horrendous, where is your love for animals when you eat them? How is a dog different from a cow, goat or a chicken? Are they not cute enough? "Oh no! We can't help it they taste so good". PATHETIC!Who are you to wave your finger?So full of it.Eyeballs deep in muddy waters.Fuckin' hypocrite - The Pot by Tool