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What Are 12 Tribes Of Israel

Who are the lost 12 tribes of Israel?

According to

These are the 12 israeli tribes (sons of Jacob):
In addition tothese two tribes which make the total 14 :
Ephraim (son of Joseph)
Manasseh (son of Joseph)

The following are the 10 tribes that were captured and slaved by the Assyrians by 720 BC.marking the end of the Jewish kingdom and there is no trace for them

In addition, some members of Tribe of Levi, who had no land allocation

Who are the 12 tribes of Israel today?

It depends on which you're talking about. After King Solomon died the kingdom was broken up into the Northern Kingdom, called Israel, and the Southern Kingdom, called Judah.

The Jews today trace their ancestry back to the kingdom of Judah.

The people of the kingdom of Israel were exiled and vanished; their descendants are scattered among all the peoples of the world. That is why St. Paul said that the Christian Church fulfills God's promises to Israel: It is not, as some wrongly assume, a doctrine of the Church "replacing" Israel. Rather, the very people of Israel to whom God made His promises, are actually found within the Church.

The 12 tribes of israel?


Only portions of 10 of those tribes have been "lost".

The story: the kingdom of Israel divided into two kingdoms - the southern kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel. The northern kingdom included the territory given to 10 of the tribes; the southern kingdom included the territory given to 2 of the tribes. According to the Bible, many of the people of the northern 10 tribes (and almost all of the Levites - the 13th tribe) relocated to Judah when the split occurred (because the temple was located in Judah).

Fast forward several hundred years: the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom and took the residents (those that were left alive) into captivity. They were never heard from again. The Jewish people captured and enslaved by the Assyrians never returned, and no Jewish communities are known historically to have formed in Assyria. These are the "lost tribes" - all of the Jewish people that the Assyrians deported, Jewish people of the 10 northern tribes.

Most likely they were sold off as slaves throughout the Assyrian empire and their cultural identity died within one or two generations. Some believe that they retained their cultural identity but relocated after the fall of Assyria and forgot the location and name of their cultural homeland.

Conclusion: traditionally, only 10 of the 13 tribes of Israel were "lost", and not all of the members of those 10 tribes. Claims of the discovery of these lost tribes are generally based on extremely weak and unconvincing evidence.

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How many people were in each 12 tribes of israel?

Moses and Aaron counted the men who were 20 years old or more who were able to serve in the army.

Reuben - 46,500.
Simeon - 59,300
Gad - 45,650
Judah - 74,600
Issachar - 54,400
Zebulun - 57,400
Ephraim - 40,500
Manasseh - 32,200
Benjamin - 35,400
Dan - 62,700
Asher - 41,500
Naphtali - 53,400

Total for the 12 tribes = 603,550 men age 20 and older able to serve in the army.

What was the occupation of each of the 12 tribes of israel?

Great question. There is a simple answer, and the more complex one.
Complexly, you must compare two sources. Start with the blessings of Yaakov to his children in Genesis 47. This foretells of the strength of the son and how it inculcates the progeny he will produce. Next comes the assignments of "Marching Orders" by Moshe in Numbers (refer to your favorite translation for the chapter and verse). The place of the tribe reflects the strengths and roles in the society. Finally, and what I think you are looking for most, it the division of the Holy Land, and the blessings of Moshe. Look in the last few pages of Deuteronomy.

Simply, the tribes had things they were famous for, trades, crops, etc. That is not to say that a member of the tribe of Gad could not be a candle-maker or wheelwright, even though they were known for their cattle.