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What Are Ashes Of Dead People

Why do Hindus release ashes of dead people in Thames River (cremation)?

It's a Hindu custom and it doesn't particularly pollute the river. Ashes could wash into it from anywhere, and they're not poisonous. If we wanted to drink Thames water, it would be treated to remove impurities first, as all our water is.

Whats that thing called that you put dead peoples ashes in?

it's called an U R N.... but it reminds me of a comical story that a divorcee once told me that I would like to share.
This woman and her husband had gone thru a very nasty divorce, and he passed away shortly after the divorce. She told me that he never did anything around the house to help her when he was alive. One day it came an ice storm and she slipped on her steps. She thought for a minute and said out loud to her dead husband..." never did anything for me while you were alive, but by gosh you're going to help me now"...and proceeded to sprinkle his ashes on her steps so that she wouldn't slip again. LOL !!!

Would you separate a dead persons ashes?

First off, I would like to express my sympathy to you in the loss of your mother. I lost my father last summer and the heartache is so great. I think that we mourn the loss of a parent forever in one form or another. In regards to your question I feel that because your loss is still so recent, discussions of this kind can only bring disagreement and hurt.
In defense of your aunt I am going to assume that she is your mother's sister? If this is the case, then I can see giving her some of your mom's ashes..especially if that is so important to her. Your mother was her sister and I am sure that your Aunt is mourning the loss in a different, but still very painful way just as you. If the ashes..even a small amount, can bring some kind of comfort to her in helping her to feel that your mother is once again close by, I would imagine that you would want this for her?
As far as someone not having respect for your wishes, I can see how you feel the way you do and you have a right to feel that way. For your sake, the issue should be adressed with your siblings/family so no other future incidents take place that will cause hard feelings. Obviously, this issue was very important and still is to all involved and whoever gave your aunt the ashes probably felt very strongly about helping your aunt get through her mourning of the loss of her sister as best as possible. Maybe by looking at it this way, it may make this a bit easier for you, but indeed you need to adress this with the family because your feelings are very important...especially in regards to the loss of your mother.
I wish you the best and hope that all turns out well for you and your family.

Why do people keep someone's ashes after cremation?

I have a different opinion than what has been suggested. I feel that the dead need their own resting place. Keeping the ashes in an urn at home or in an apartment is not good, because, there will never be any closure for you nor for the deceased. What happens when you die in your 90's? Most of your relatives will be dead too! There will only be the Great Grand children left and I doubt if they will care about your parents ashes. The ashes will end up in a dumpster. The ashes in the urn can be buried in the ground, or they can be placed in a niche in a Cemetery Mausoleum and you can have a plate made with an inscription i.e.,dates of birth, death, and who the person was when they were alive.

What happens when you smoke a dead person's ashes?

No, a dead person's ashes are not like marijuana or won't get anything but dusty lungs, and I'm not even sure you could smoke them because ashes don't ignite.

I eat my dead granparents ashes, is this wrong?

Hell yeah that's weird YOU'RE EATING THE ASHES OF DEAD PEOPLE. that ain't right. I saw some lady on "my strange addiction" who would eat her dead husband. She had serious issues. Talk to a therapist

Most crematories in operation place a metal disc with an ID number plus name and place of crematory what accompanies remains through the entire process. While it's possible to comingle a small  amount of other remains as they are fine as dust in some cases, the majority of remains return are of one individual.  Funeral homes should do inspections of crematories they contract with to insure the crematory, essentially their agent, is performing cremations with the utmost care and that they meet good ethical standards.

Most of them into the Ganges, others in the river or ocean. Many of the Indians are polluting Ganges in the name of religion.

Is it bad energy to keep the ashes of a deceased loved one in the house?

Both my father and brother have been cremated. My father has been buried in a plot, but my brothers ashes are still at home in a box on the floor in my mother's closet of all places! My brother passed away almost 14 years ago and the ashes haven't found a proper place. We have talked about taking care of it--but nothing is done. Everytime I tell my mom, she gets really sensitive--like she doesn't want to let go. I offered to at least place it in a nice urn--but she doesn't like to see it out. I think I have heard that improper burial creates a heavy energy on the house--they say the family suffers emotionally and financially--all of which are true with us! I don't know what to do. I really believe that it's not good for my brother's spirit and our well being. Anyone know anything--even in your own culture what the right thing is to do?

The other answers are correct, but I thought I would mention that in Japan the body is not reduced completely to ash when cremated as I know it is in the US, and probably other countries. Some pieces of the bones remain. Most of the ash and bones go into the family grave in the urn, but some of the bones are reserved in the butsudan, or the family shrine, in the home (the family shrine gets passed down to the eldest son once both parents have passed).